True Blood Season Five Teaser

The new season for True Blood doesn't until June, but it's not too early to start rolling out the teasers. The first has arrived.

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Sookie and Lafayette burying someone, could it be Tara and her new maker?
Terry looks a little spooky, and I'm loving it.
Who is the hottie with Jessica? It's definitely not Jason or Hoyt.
Was that Eric getting a smooch in the flames, and who was the brunette? His sister?
Jason let Steve Newland in, and he's giving him sex eyes. Love it.
Is Pam in Sookie's kitchen, could she be Tara's maker?
And what is being fed? A crazed new vampire Tara perhaps?
The fangs are coming out, and the shirts are coming off.
Bill and Eric look to be teaming up, along with Eric's sister?
I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff, anyone see anything else? Any ideas?


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