Lost Girl Recap S2E5: BrotherFae of the Wolves

The girls go to Dyson for the use of his sniffer to help out with their latest case, and Kenzi makes quite the revelation, Dyson is his own police dog. She kills me. Dyson concludes its blood on the item, but neither of the people they suspected. Dyson heads off, going all wolfy, but it has nothing to do with the girls. He’s got company, Bo turns the hose on the boys rough housing, and turns out he’s an old friend of Dyson, a former packmate.

Dyson catches up with Cayden, and he is hot. They have several hundred years of friendship between them. Flashback time, they boys were a part of a fierce warrior pack. Trick doesn’t know the whole story, but he does know that normally wolves serve their king until his death. The king is dead, and Cayden is now a mercenary, he’s missed Dyson. Dyson asks about his old packmates, and a girl, Kiera, who apparently killed herself. Dyson doesn’t believe she killed herself. Sounds like Dyson had a soft spot for the girl. She cared for the pack’s wounds, and was the wife of his best mate, Stephen.

Bo gets an SOS from Lauren. The Ash plans to lock all the humans away, and she bolted. Bo immediately goes into Ash-kicking mode, and Lauren cautions her. Bo tells her that her home is a safe haven, and Kenzi doesn’t sound optimistic.

Dyson gets down to the nitty gritty, knowing Cayden came for something. He’s after a weapon in the territory. He can’t help but thinks Bo may be able to. Dyson comes in for a favor, and Lauren feels all awkward. Cayden spills on the weapon that he’s after, and Kenzi learns about the Fae Black market. Finally Bo understands why the boys have come to her for help, the weapon is in dark fae territory.

Bo makes a little visit to a fae arms dealer. She’s less than knowledgable about Fae weaponry, and she charms the dealer. The unaligned succubus is quite the celebrity. Dyson worries about sending Bo in, but Cayden isn’t worried.

In the past Dyson worries over his friend going to see the King alone. He’s accepted his fate, but Dyson isn’t ready to give up yet. He goes to the Norn, he asks her to save Stephen, but the task is very difficult. She asks for his wolf in turn for the sacrifice, and he is unwilling to part with it.

The dealer asks how she knows about the Mongolian death worm, but she doesn’t spill. He drops a net on Bo, and subdues her with his toys, as the boys sit outside. Dyson worries over the rules, and Cayden springs into action. Cayden strong arms the dealer, and Bo gets free. The dealer offers them double whatever anyone else does if they find the deathworm. Cayden takes care of the dealer, and Bo remains very testy, refusing to allow Dyson to help her heal. Once home, she has no reservations with letting Cayden heal her. Healed, he’s not done playing, and although she shows restraint he has none, and gets down to business, hot, sexy business.

Bo has quite the bounce in her step. And while she was “healing” Lauren was baking cupcakes, and Kenzi and Dyson did some research. Lauren is clearly missing the lab, and wants to go back, but Bo refuses to let her go. Kenzi hacks her way, and the girls plan to be buyers, while the boys get to be their bodyguards. Cayden takes point in the shadows, while Hale and Dyson stay with Bo and Kenzi. The Mongolian death worm is not as impressive looking as her title insists. Velma is an elderly chainsmoker, obsessed with TV. They do a little demonstration, She obliterates on command when her TV is taken from her. The bidding starts and quickly takes off, and the dealer Bo had her run in with before, Cumberbatch,  circles the floor before losing interest. Kenzi gets a little bid crazy, but Bo still wins the auction.

Bo and Dyson come to claim their prize, but they don’t plan to pay for it. The Auction runner thinks he’s outsmarted them, but Cayden gets the upperhand. Cayden and the man are old friends, in fact they stole the worm together, and were suppose to sell it together until he reneged on the deal. Dyson and Bo watch as Cayden leave with the death worm, but its not over, or maybe it is.

Bo, Dyson, Hale and Kenzi  regroup, and Bo suspects that Cayden plans to cut a deal with Cumberbatch.

Cumberbatch pays for Velma with diamonds. Hale and Bo catch them before they can get away with Velma. Dyson and Cayden duke it out, for real this time. Cumberbatch tries to throw his way into the fight, but Velma nearly blasts him when her TV is taken. Bo gets Velma her TV back, but Cayden, wounded, gets away.

In the past Dyson arrived too late to save Stephen. He tells Dyson to take care of Ciara before he dies. Dyson returns to the pack with the bad news, but Ciara is gone. The King sent Stephen to his death so that he could claim Ciara as his bride. Dyson severs his alliagance with the king rather than to fight his brothers.

Dyson tracks down Cayden, he’s dying. He tells him that he had it right, to strike out as a lone wolf, but dyson tells him that it just took him a while to find his new pack. Cayden confesses that they almost got away, that he she would have loved him eventually. Bo checks the back of the van, and finds a prisoner, Ciara. She thanks Dyson for saving her, even though it was Bo who did the saving. Bo is curious about the girl from Dyson’s past, and I instantly hate all her gushing. Cayden of course gets away, and Ciara looks on the bright side.

Bo turns over Velma to the Ash. He tells her to invoice him, and she tries to get him to treat Velma with kindness and respect. Lachlan asks her what he would get out of it, and she tells him that it would make her friends very happy. Oh the game these two play. Lachlan can be a total pain, but he’s very easy on the eyes. He asks about Lauren, and Bo lies, telling him that she hasn’t spoken to her for day. The Ask lets it go, offering Velma a hand. I have a feeling he’s not such a bad guy, and I think Bo sees it too.

Dyson makes Ciara at home in his home, giving her the bed as he takes the floor. She kisses him, and Dyson tells her that he can’t. She thinks its because of Stephen, but it has to be about Bo too. She lets him, but he dives in with both eyes closed.

Kenzi is enjoying Lauren’s baking skills way too much. Bo gives up her room for Lauren. She wants to take care of Lauren, and Lauren lets her, but takes the couch anyways.


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