Game of Thrones Recap: A Man Without Honor

Theron awakens to find his little playmate gone. He’s upset to see that the cripple is gone, and learns that Hodor is gone as well, which does not please him in then least. He's lost his best captives. One of his men throw in his face that the two escaped with the wildling that he was banging, and he bangs the man’s head a bit before releasing the hounds and horses after the missing party. The Magister goes along for the ride, and Theron makes more promises that he’s not likely to keep, claiming that he won't hurt the boys if he finds them soon. The hounds have the scent and off they go.

Rickon, Bran, Hodor and Osha continue on, trying to outrun the hounds.

Jon Snow awakens next to Ygritte with morning wood. He makes haste to be on their way, and Ygritte realizes that he’s never been with a girl. He takes his prisoner and begins their trek, but Ygritte won’t drop the subject of Snow’s sex life or lack thereof. They talk of the first men, and the wall. Ygritte questions the reason for fighting against each other.

Tywin looks over the assassin’s arrow, thinking that the arrow was meant for him. Arya listens to every word as she sets the table. Tywin looks to punish the people for supporting the wrong side. Arya serves mutton, which Tywin doesn’t like and he forces Arya to eat. He tells her that this shall be his last war, and she asks if he’s ever lost. He says that he has not, but this is the one that he’ll be remembered for. Arya has  an opportunity to strike Tywin, but she does not, as she listens to him go on about long gone rulers. Harrenhal was built to withstand an attack on land, but when dragons were brought into the war, they stood no chance. Arya speaks of the Targaryen’s history, and Tywin is impressed. He catches her in her lie, but she continues the ruse, and he enjoys her company.

Sansa thanks the Hound for saving her, and he instills more fear in her. He means to protect her, even if he must be hateful.

Xaro tries to gain Daenerys trust back. He did not steal her dragons, and he will get them back for her. She cares not for his words.

Ygritte tells Jon that her people chose Mance, and he could be free too. She offers to teach him a few tricks, and he turns her down.

Cersei’s cousin comes with his news for Rob. He gives him the information, and Rob keeps to his word and places the man with the Kingslayer. Talisa asks Rob for more supplies to treat the wounded.

Theron cannot find the missing Starks, Hodor and Osha. He refuses to give up the search when he finds a clue, the walnut shells that Hodor was eating. They send the Magister back, and he presses on.

Jorah returns, Daenerys cries over her dead people, especially her hand maidens. Jorah regrets leaving her with the people of Qarth. She has no people, and she trusts no one. She takes offense with how familiar Jorah has become, and he begs her to let him help her. She gives a simple command. “Find My Dragons.”

Ygritte asks how long until they find the rest of Snow’s party. Ygritte makes a great show, she plans to tell his superiors that they had sex, and she taunts him all the more. Jon looks to giving in, and Ygritte makes another get away, but this time, she actually does get away, and he finds himself surrounded by her people.

Sansa dreams of her near rape, and panicks when she finds blood in her bed. She fears if the Queen should find out. As Shae tries to help her cover it up, they are seen by another maid. Shae goes to threaten the maid, but its too late, because the Hound is there. Cersei talks with Sansa about her menstruation, and Cersei notes that Sansa is less than delighted about the prospect that she was once begging for. Cersei tells her that Robert was never there for her births, only Jaime was. Cersei tells her that Joffery will not show her the devotion that Jaime showed her, and though she may not love the king she will her children. Sansa tells her she loves Joffery, but Cersei tells her that it’s a weakness, and she should only love her children.

Speaking of Jamie, the Kingslayer is still in the pen, and he tries to get to the bottom of his cellmate’s lineage. He finally remembers the boy, and they talk about their history. Jamie tells him that he isn’t well suited for imprisonment, and Jamie makes his move, first killing the boy, then the jailer dumb enough to  check on him.

Jorah goes to visit the masked woman, Quaithe,in search of the dragons. She asks if he will betray her again, and when he says never. She tells  him that the thief is with her now.

Daenerys is with the 13, begging for the dragons’ lives. The house of the undying has them. They were procured by the king of Qarth, Xaros. He plans to open the gates of city. The Spice Lord is the only one that complains openly, and one of the wizards of the house of the undying tells the men that she will be reunited with her children and they will thrive by her side forever. Their men then kill all of the 13. Jorah comes to her rescue, with one of the khalessi’s men but the house of the undying extends their invitation once more.

The Kingslayer didn’t get very far, and the men nearly rip him apart. Catlyn intervenes. She forces them to stand down. Jamie thanks her help, but Catlyn bound and gags him.

Cersei lights her own candles, hateful of her handmaidens. Tyrion brings her the latest news, and Cersei is banking too much on the Wildfire. Cersei finally admits that she cannot control Joffery. She had hoped Joffery would be like Jaime but he was not. The Targaryens wed brother and sister for century, but she still feels that Joffery’s cruelty is her punishment for her sins.

Brienne councils Catelyn, the men are drinking, and the more that they do, the greater the chance that Jamie will not survive. Catelyn goes to the Kingslayer to speak alone with him.  They speak of oaths, and duties, and honor. He throws Ned’s indiscretions in her face, and it riles Catelyn into asking for Brienne’s sword.

Theron shows his handy work. Killing children, two burnt crisp children and the Magister is less than pleased.


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