Game of Thrones Recap: The Old Gods and New

Winterfell is under siege, and Bran’s guardian manages to get a raven off before the knights can stop him. Theron tells Bran that he’s taken Winterfell. Theron tries to do what is right for the people, he tells the boy that he cannot fight for Robb and his father, poor stupid Theron trying to impress hi. Theron tells Bran to yield to save the people, and Bran asks him if he’s hated them the entire time. Bran yields, but the people do not take Theron’s betrayal lightly. Osha asks to serve Theron, to put a spear in her hand, and Theron denies her. Osha tells Bran that this is his dream become reality, and she does not wish to be swallowed by the sea. Ser Rodrik is captured, and they are divided where they stand. When Rodrik disrespect him, his men urge him to make the man pay the iron price. Theron oversteps, and goes back on his word that no one would be harmed if Bran surrendered. Ser Rodrik is beheaded, in a slow process because Theron isn’t strong enough for the single blow. Theron may have been treated and raised as a Stark, but he was never strong enough to be a Stark.  

Jon Snow and Qhorin Half-Hand talk about Benjen Stark, many Rangers have gone missing in the Haunted Forrest. Jon is still holding out hope for his uncle, and Qhorin tells him that there are many places that a man can hide beyond the wall. There’s still hope yet.

Tywin continues his meeting. His people are making stupid mistakes, sending messages to the wrong people. The last communication went to a house that is aligned with the Starks. Littlefinger has come to visit. They talk of Renley, and dark forces that may have been to blame. Tywin is less optimistic than he is about using the death for advantage. House Tyrrell rebelled against the Iron Throne, but Baelish believes that since Margaery wishes to be Queen they can easily use it to their advantage. He asks to speak for the Lannisters to negotiate a treaty, and does a double take when he sees Arya.

Jon and company sneak up on some Wildling Sentries. They easily overtake the Wildlings, killing all but a girl Ygritte. She tells the men they should burn those that they killed, but that would require a big fire, and be quite the beacon. Quorin Half-hand tries to get more info from the girl, and she gives little information, and when Half-hand goes to kill the girl, Snow says that he will do it. Ygritte taunts him, thinking his stalling as a weakness. She asks if he’ll burn her after he kills her, and he tells him he cannot. She tells him to strike hard and true, or she’ll haunt him. With the blade upon her neck, she’s prepared for death, but when he misses, she gets a chance to get away. Snow follows her, and catches her, but his friends are long gone.

Princess Myrcella is sent off, its for her own safety, and it secures allies, but Cersei is very unhappy about selling off her daughter. As Cersei watches her daughter leave, she threatens Tyrion. She plans to take away someone he loves dearly when he least expects it. Should Shae be worried? He did warn her they’d ventured into a viper’s nest. Joffery is as pleasant as ever, and on the way back to the castle, things get a little hostile. A villager throws a cow pie at the King, and he orders the man’s death, though he doesn’t know who threw the offending pie, he wants blood to be spilled, lots of it. The king is not a loved man, and soon rioting and dismemberment occurs, all because of a petulant child. Tyrion pauses for a moment, looking to make sure that Sansa is ok. She becomes separated from the rest of the royals in the chaos, and is chased through the streets by some villagers. Tyrion wants to send men out for Sansa, but Joffery is too stupid to understand that not everything is about him, king or not. Tyrion slaps Joffery, which is always a highlight and tries to send guards to look for Sansa. He’s the only one who understands her worth, without Sansa Rob has no reason to keep Jamie alive, and he may like her just a smidge. Sansa meanwhile, is being savaged by some roughians, and Joffery refuses to give assistance, refuses to even let his guards look for the girl. And I feel sorry to the guard who refused Tyrion’s order, he’s likely to be dealt with later. The Hound on the otherhand has other ideas, and saves his little bird, Sansa. The rioting continues, but the Hound brings her in relative safety. He’s a monster of a man, and no one even tries to stop him.

Xaro continues to try to woo Danenerys into marrying him. She refuses to give into his proposal. The Spice King, who tried to keep her out of Qarth now tries to woo Dany with his pretty words. He tells her that he will give her heart’s desire. She tells him that she wishes to have the Iron Throne, but she needs his ships. He pokes all kinds of holes into her argument, refusing to support her cause because he doesn’t really want to help her, just have her dragons but she will not give up. Her dreams come true, she took dragon eggs thought to be petrified, and brought to life the dragons inside, something no one else could have done. He admires her passion, but will not give her ships. She tells him she will take what is hers with fire and blood.

Arya sees the missive that Tywin had written, and he catches her. He begins to ask questions about her father, and she tries to throw him off. Her answers though quick, leave him with more questions. She tells him that her father was a stone mason, who taught himself to read, and was killed. She then asks about his father, as she steals the message. The message contains their next point of attack, and she knows how much that information could help her brother. She’s stopped, caught with the message, and her lies don’t hold water this time. She is forced to run and hide, though that won’t help if Tywin finds out her theft. She finds Jaqen and gives him a second name, and tells him to hurry. He tells her that the man does not take order from the girl, but she urges him to hurry since her life is on the line. Unseen, he kills the man as he reaches Tywin’s door.

Robb finds the nurse from the battlefield. He believes the girl to be of royal birth, and though she dances around the subject it doesn’t change the answer. Robb clearly likes the girl, and asks her to join him later, his mother arrives interrupting them. Lady Talisa of Volantis excuses herself, and Robb catches up with his mother. Catelyn reminds Robb that he is already promised to another for marriage, and the Raven’s message arrives.

Snow finds that his brothers have deserted him, and Ygritte tries to get him to light a fire once again. She’s convinces him to stay close for warmth, and he reluctantly gets close. As they lay close, she starts to rub against him, pleased with herself, as he grows uncomfortable.

Robb is not happy with the Raven’s message, and Catelyn tells him that he should never have trusted Theron. He wants to match back home and reclaim his home. His advisor tells him that they must continue their course, that to go back now they will lose the momentum they’ve built, but he will have his bastard take the castle back from Theron and his skeleton crew, and Robb tells him that he wishes Theron to be brought to him alive so he can take his head himself.

Osha works Theron for her freedom. She’s willing to sleep with him for her freedom, and he’s willing to pay her price. Stupid man always thinking with the wrong head.

Shae cleans up Sansa. Sansa does not understand why the people hate her so, and Shae breaks it down for her simply, and cautions her to watch tongue.

Osha sneaks away as Theron sleeps. Quietly in the night a guard stops her. She tells the foolish guy that Theron sent her to make the rounds. As she kisses him, she slips a knife into his belly. Osha makes her way from the city with Hodor, Bran, Rickon and their direwolves Summer and Shaggy Dog.

Dany finds many of her men killed, and her dragons missing. Irri is among the dead, and Dany is very unhappy. Xaro looks on in horror, either this wasn’t a part of the plan or he wasn’t in on it. Either way Dany’s wrath will be fierce The dragons are carried away by what looks to be a warlock from the House of the Undying.


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