Game of Thrones Recap: The Prince of Winterfell

In Winterfell all of the Ravens have been killed. Theron stands as his sister rides in with her men, but she’s not proud of him as he would like. She teases him about the death of the children, and tells him that he’s a dumb cunt, heaping insults at him. He killed the most valuable of people from Winterfell. Yara reminds him that they’re islanders, and now all of the Northerners want him dead. He claims he took Winterfell and he will keep it. Yara sends everyone away, and asks Theron to come home. She tells him that he was a terrible baby, and recalls a time he cried, and she comforted him. She told him “Don’t die far from the sea.”

 Ygritte makes a play to save Jon Snow. Her group wants to gut Jon, but Ygritte tells them that Mance would want Snow, that he’s Eddard Starks bastard, and although the man does not see the worth of a dead man’s bastard, he lets him live. There’s another man alive from the Night’s Watch, all others died while looking for Jon.

Talisa and Robb talk of Robb’s impending marriage to a Frey girl, whom he agreed to marriage for use of a bridge. Talisa tells him that everyone loved his father, he was a good man. Robb agrees. His father taught him many things, and was a good man. Robb tells her that he’s not fighting the war for gold and glory, but to ensure their safety. A night brings word of the Kingslayer’s escape. Robb goes to his mother, and knows that she Is the one that set him free. Robb sends more men after Jaime, and puts guards on his mother for her treason.

Brienne is leading Jaime on their little trek. Jaime tries to get Brienne to open up, but she opens up only about Jaime’s own past crimes. He continues to taunt her, but she doesn’t take the bait.

Tywinn’s advisors give him dire reports. Kings Landing could fall quickly. Tywinn’s assessment is that Robb is a little too comfortable, that because he’s never lost, he has no fear. Tywinn issues marching orders they’ll attack Robb at night, and plans for Arya to stay with his men to keep them from over drinking at Harrenhaal. Arya goes looking for Jacqen, she finally knows who her final name will be. She runs into Gendry, and Hot Pie but its too late as they watch Tywinn leave.

Ygritte watches Jon.

Bronn picks his nails with a knife much to Tyrion’s annoyance. Tyrion is nitpicking everything. He wants Bronn to dress more the part of the Gold Cloaks, but he refuses. Tyrion is trying to strategize in light of Stannis’s imminent arrival. Varys mentions how the drop in numbers of reported thefts. Bronn killed all the known thieves, to save the people in the long run. Tyrion finds the weak spot in their defenses, the Mud Gate.

Sam and some of the Night’s watch dig and wonder over the Rangers. Sam holds out hope that Qhorin and Jon are ok out there. They uncover a stone carved by the first men. Beneath the stones is a night’s watch cloak and dragon glass.

Arya finally finds Jaqen. She asks how long after she gives him the final name will the death be dealt. He tells her that depends, but she needs Tywinn dead now before he attacks her brother. So instead she names Jaquen. He asks that she unnamed him. She refuses unless he helps her. He agrees to help her, but not to kill Tywinn, to free herself and her friends.

Cersei and Tyrion are having a lovely little discussion. She’s overly happy, she has his whore. She tells him that he took her daughter, and she took his whore. Tyrion puts on a brave act, but Cersei sees his lies. She plans to use the girl to ensure that Joffery remains unharmed. They bring in Shae for Tyrion to see, amd it’s the wrong girl, poor Ros. He apologizes to her, tells her to put on a brave face, and they do their little dramatics. Tyrion threatens Cersei, and tells her that he will repay her in kindness, but she has no clue that she just messed up. Tyrion immediately goes to Shae, and finds her. He tells her to be more careful, and makes her promise him that she is his. She does, and tells him that he is hers.

Robb worries over the lack of ravens bearing news of Winterfell. He is willing to pardon Theron’s men, but not Theron himself. Talisa interrupts his meeting. Robb lays all his woes at his feet. He wishes to be a good king, but he wasn’t raised as a prince, and is floundering a bit under the strain. She tells him of the time that her brother drowned in a river. A slave pushed her out of the way, and expelled the river from his lungs, and the boy lived. Talisa decided then that her life would be more than duty. Robb tells her that he doesn’t wish to marry the Frey girl. Talisa tells him that she doesn’t need to marry Robb, but that she hopes it’s a beautiful bridge. The two begin to rip each other’s clothes off, and have sex on the floor.

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie wait before the gate to make their escape. They can see the guards from their hiding spot are guards at the gate, but she has faith in Jacqen, and walks out like he told her. All of the guards are dead, their bodies tacked up. The trio leave unharmed.

Davos sees that they will land at King’s Landing soon. Davos paid his dues, but Stannis goes on and on, about how he never got his fair share. So put upon. He gave up Storm’s End when Robert bid him to, even though it was his right to hold it. He tells Davos that when he is king he will make him this Hand.

Joffery is all too cocky as he speaks with Varys and Tyrion. Joffery seems chipper about the upcoming war. He tells them that when Stannis arrives he will meet him, and give him a red smile. Tyrion and Varys get down to business. Varys compliments Tyrion on his success at being the hand. Tyrion tells him that if Stannis reaches the gates then his turn as Hand is will be done. Varys tells him that Dany lives, and that she has 3 dragons, but she isn’t the greatest threat, yet.

Daenerys is in hiding. Jorah has found a ship and wishes for them to leave. But Dany refuses to go without her dragons. Jorah tries to talk her out of going to the house of the Undying to get her dragons, claiming that they’re not her children, that if she goes there, she will never leave the house of the undying, their power is too strong. Dany believes in her own magic. She walked into the fire, and she birthed her dragons in fire. They are her children, the only children she will ever have.

Theron wishes to bury the burned children, feeling remorse, or perhaps Yara’s words have sunk in, and Theron wishes to pay the farmer for his trouble. The Magister spots Osha stealing bread, and he realizes that the Stark boys are not dead. He follows her into the Stark crypt, and sees that the boys are alive and as well as they can be in their situation.

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  1. Definitely felt like a placeholer episode: not bad, but it was a lot of talking and getting everyone into the right place. Overall not the best episode, but the two conversations between sibling (Cersei/Tyrion & Yara/Theon) was interesting to compare.

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