Lost Girl Recap S2E7: Fae Gone Wild

Bo isn’t ready to open the box that the Morrigan gave her. She thinks it all gloom and doom, though Kenzi taunts her to toss it out, they both know that she can’t do that either.

Some pretty leather clad girls give the police station a little show. And not a single one of the officers stop the girls as they disarm them and strip them down, all while some creeper in the holding room watches. Hmmm, so what are the dark fae up to now? Dyson and Hale return to the office to see most of the guys in half dress, and their prisoner missing. The Zephyr, who’s human was broken out, and Dyson can’t ID the girl caught on camera, yet.

The suspect girl’s mother comes to Bo and Kenzi for help. She’s been missing for the last 10 years after a fight with her mother. Bo is willing to take the case so long as Sheri isn’t working with Zephyr. Kenzi doesn’t completely believe the mother, but a digging they will go. Kenzi starts with her Russian peeps for info, and Ksenia Solo shows off her dialect skills.

Hale got no information from the officers in questions, nothing he can use. Thankfully Dyson has a lead, and Kenzi has one for Bo too, which leads Bo to his parked van, and Sheri’s getaway clothes. Bo gives the van a quick once over, but she has company. Trying to find a place to hide, she finds Zephyr, and Dyson and Hale find her. Zephyr is not only dead, hung and missing a hand and possibly something from his side, but Bo isn’t sharing her goods. She makes a quick break as the boys are left to investigate. The death looks ritualistic, and they plan to take the body to Lauren.

The girls go through Bo’s pilfered glovebox goods. For being tree-folk they seem a bit carnivorous, and not nearly as woodsy as Kenzi would like. And Bo’s day just gets worse, as Dyson’s girlfriend or whatever Ciara arrives. Bo wants the low down about Ciara from Trick, and turns out she has something more to one up Bo on, she’s some sort of Billionaire, and Bo lives in a house with no walls. Poor Bo-bo. Kenzi scores a VIP membership to a gentleman’s club, and Kenzi plans their outing to the strip club. Dyson connects one of the officers, Officer Boyd, to the dancing girls; they just have to find out how he knows her, since he gave her his key card to get into the station in the first place.

Bo and Kenzi arrive at the strip club, which is full of all kinds of writhing beauties, who are hypnotizing one very enticing  fae. Even Bo looks a bit awestruck. They watch Sheri as she works the crowd, and Kenzi is feeling more than a little hot and bothered. Bo is feeling horny, but not hypnotized, when her stage time is done, Kenzi calls her over for a lap dance. Bo makes small talk, and Sheri gets nervous. Kenzi’s quick talking leads to Bo’s getting a job.

Kenzi is calling this job done, but Bo isn’t satisfied with the answer. They found the girl, but there is so much more left unanswered. Looks like Bo will have to work the strip club after all.
Hale interrogates Boyd. He claims that he was set up, but Hale doesn’t believe him. Boyd spills the goods on the strip club and how he knows Sheri. He may have spilled about his high profile prisoner, but he didn’t give her his card.

Trick gets some bad news. Light fae nuns attacked dark fae customers at a charity clothing drive, and it looks like it’s not first attack on his map. Bo comes asking about the missing pieces of Zephrys’s body, and its odd matter of death. It’s has all the makings for a Hand of Glory, a thief’s wet dream. As long as the candle stays lit the user will be invisible. The more vicious the killer the stronger the hand. Lauren gives Dyson the same information, Lauren cautions that the Zephyr’s hand will be a strong candle. Dyson asks if she’s shared his Intel with anyone, like maybe Bo, but she has no clue what he’s alluding to. Dyson lets Lauren hang around, and she calls Bo. She doesn’t give Bo anything she doesn’t already know, and that isn’t the only reason she called. Lauren is curious if Bo got the answer to her solution, which make Bo a little prickly.

Bo serves up drinks behind the bar, and she’s able to get close to Sheri. Sheri is less than chatty, and her favorite boys come visit her at work. The coincidences are too much for Dyson, and he grills her. Bo doesn’t admit much, but she gets Dyson to hold off on arresting Sheri until they get the info on the need for the hand of glory. Dyson isn’t sure he can trust her, but Bo convinces him to let her stay undercover.

Bo does a little snooping around the boss’s office, and finds his hidden safe. Which isn’t what it seems to be, she takes a picture, and gets caught admiring the room of sea creatures. Bo slips away from the sleazy manager, and gets his cup to boot. Dyson and Hale checkout what Bo found, and the prints come back, Lewis, sleazy manager is a Water Spirit and dark fae. The boys give her just a little more time to get the information from Sheri.

Bo and Kenzi question Sheri’s momma, who was of course not being completely honest. They aren’t treefolk, they’re selkies, seal shifters. Dear old mom fell in love with a fisherman, and gave him her pelt. She hid away her daughter’s pelt, never revealing to her what she was. She found her pelt, and left home. Without a pelt a selkie can’t return to the sea, hence the grand scheme. Bo catches Sheri before she uses the hand, and Sheri spills the beans about Zephyr and the rest of the selkies, all of the girls are selkies who had their pelts stolen by Lewis. The girls prepare their heist, and Lewis catches them in the act. Before he can stop them, Dyson and Hale come to the rescue/arrest. Bo has no choice but to light the hand with Sheri and go after the pelts. The hand works better than advertised freezing everyone but the two girls, and they use the hand to open the safe.  They grab all the pelts, but the spirit of the hand tries to take its revenge on Sheri. Bo extinguishes the hand, and delivers the pelts to the rest of the girls.

Hale arrests Lewis, but Dyson doesn’t think its enough. Bo appeals to him, and Sheri tells him that the pelts are a special part of them, asks him if he knows what its like to lose something so precious. Of course he does. He plans to make a new crime scene with Bo.

Trick continues to get calls about fae activity, leading him to place a call of his own to Lauren.

Sheri and her mother reunite and make up thanks to Bo. Sheri leaves for the water, but promises to visit often.

Dyson gets in some naked time with Ciara, as she makes his home her own. He may be going through the motions, but there’s a void there.

Trick tells Lauren about the unprovoked fae attacks that are on the rise. She enjoys her little outings, but she’s still not suppose to talk to Bo after her slipping the Ash’s leash. Bo apologizes for her reaction, even though Lauren was also unfair. Bo gives her the box the Morrigan gave her, and Lauren is relieved that the secret is finally out. Nadia’s coma is Lauren’s fault. Nadia followed Lauren, and Lauren came across the fae. Nadia was the only human that caught the fae illness, and Lauren pledged her allegiance to the Ash for his resources. The girls open the box together, and its some rusty nail. Neither know what it means.


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