Lost Girl Recap S2E6: It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

Kenzi plays third wheel to Dr. Lauren and Bo reliving old Prom memories. She excuses herself, but the girls don’t even notice.

A little graffiti is unappreciated by some elderly scorpion fae, but the painter isn’t scared by the stinger, and trumps him with his shotgun. Big bloody splatter looks to be just the final touch missing from the wall depicting Vex killing someone. Yay it’s a Vex episode!

Lauren and Bo hang out on the couch, getting a little cozy. Kenzi puts the kibosh on it, not because they’re not strictly platonic, but rather because she’s a fugitive from the Ash.

The Morrigan plots out her wardrobe, when Vex interrupts. He’s in a bit of a pickle since her human painted a picture of him killing a vampire, which was done on her orders. Scorpion man was not only a friend, but he’s been around for a very long time, but Vex isn’t calming down. Morrigan delivers a hardly veiled threat, and tells him that she’ll find the leak, and if her artist Jason is behind it, she’ll take care of him. Once Vex leaves she loses her cool, and Bianca is forced to clean up the mess. Bianca casts doubt upon Vex, and the Morrigan has another mission for her.

Kenzi does movie night with the girls when Bianca comes a calling. The Morrigan is busy signing contracts, and Bianca uses her powers to make contract negotiations go smoothly as Bo watches on. The artist signs, and Bianca is still not on the Morrigan’s good side. Apparently although irreplaceable The Morrigan feels the need to bust, Bianca, the Ciñata’s, chops from time to time. The Morrigan decides to use the segway to lure Bo to the darkside, but that’s not why she was called. She sends Bo to retrieve Jason. The Morrigan doesn’t want him killed, because she loves him, but she does need him found since he did kill a Fae elder.

Trick would prefer Bo not take the job, but since she will anyways he tells her that the Morrigan is a leanan sídhe, an evil muse. She will eventually drive the object mad. Trick warns her that Jason may be suffering a complete breakdown. Kenzi and Bo go to check out the site of his artwork, although its been covered up, nearby ones haven’t, and of course our favorite semi-criminal Kenzi recognizes some of the artwork. She takes her to one of the artists, while Vex follows them.

One of the artists turns out to be a former flame of Kenzi’s, or rather wannabe flame. Bo gets down to business, but tells them that Jason made it to the big, and hasn’t seen him lately. Started acting crazy, but he never touched drugs or drank. The girls get their info, and leave him hanging.

The girls make their way back to the bar, and they try to figure out why he’s painting the Morrigan’s secrets everywhere. Their lead calls in, he tried to say hello, but Jason answered with a shotgun blow to the face. He gives Bo, Jason’s last known destination.

The girls head over to the alley, but so far they haven’t found anything. All Bo wants is to cuddle with Lauren, venting her frustration over everyone having a happy lovelife except her.  They stumble across Jason, who is totally shot happy. He manages to get away from them, and they manage not to get shot, but Vex is there, and Mesmer powers are truly awesome. Before he can make Jason shoot himself Bo stops him. Jason gets away thanks to Bo, and Vex prepares to make Bo pay, but Kenzi has other thoughts, to take out Vex’s boys. Smartly Vex lets her go. Vex decides to play nice, and Bo takes a picture of Jason’s latest work, one of the Morrigan.

Vex and the girls lay their cards on the table, the girls were hire, Vex wants to do a little interrogation. Vex knows that if Jason is delivered Vex will never get his justice. He thinks that the Morrigan is setting him up. Vex tries to bribe the girls, but they’re leery of him, even when he promises that Jason will not be harmed. Kenzi is willing to take the deal. Bo and Kenzi try to interpret the latest artwork, and Bo is off for a little chat with the muse.

Back at home Kenzi sits down with Lauren, a little upset about the whole spybang in the past. Kenzi threatens Lauren, cautioning her against hurting Bo. Lauren turns the tables on Kenzi, claiming that Kenzi is being territorial, and that by trying to drive her away she’s not being a good friend. See this is the problem I’ve always had with the good doctor. She is always the victim. She totally betrayed Bo, but because she was being forced to, it’s okay. Only she wasn’t really forced to, she chose to take it to the level that she did, even if she knew it was wrong. She used Bo for her own agenda, and everyone who isn’t team hot pants is wrong and attempting to vilify her. Boo Dr. Lauren, Kenzi is just being a good friend.  Lauren tells her how selfish she is, and the Ash comes a knocking. Kenzi covers for her, and even as the Ash threatens her and has her choked, she doesn’t give her up. Lauren comes out, and issues her own threats. He gives Lauren 24 hours to come home or her pulls the plug on her research project. They understand each other, and the Ash releases Kenzi. Lauren tries to apologize for bringing her problems into her home, but Kenzi is more worried about Lauren going back to the Ash, cause you know horrible selfish people think about others.

Kenzi calls Bo, and fills her in on the Dr’s predicament, and impending departure. Bo quits the Morrigan’s job. She tells him about Vex’s offer, and the Morrigan accepts her resignation. She also ups the ante, offering the key to fixing Lauren’s little problem with the Ash. Of course that keeps Bo on the job, and she and Bianca commiserate, though me thinks Bianca is a bad seed.

Bo returns home with her good news, but Lauren is ready to go back to the Ash. Bo tells Lauren of the Morrigan’s offer, but she didn’t give specifics, and that relieves Lauren. Just what is she hiding now? Lauren plans to make their last night memorable.

Bo has a little too much bounce in her step, and Kenzi has a hangover. Bo thanks Kenzi for her heroics,  and they prepare to meet Hale. Kenzi gets a little case Déjà vu. At Trick’s Kenzi drowns her hangover in syrup until Hale Siren whistles her hangover away. Bo pumps Hale for info, and he gives them a lead.  He leaves the girls to do the questioning, cause it can get a little messy.  They see the “eye,” and he finds Jason sets off to find Jason for them. The “Eye” wants payment for his work in the form of a kiss from Kenzi. Bo tells her to nut up, and she bestows a kiss upon him. Poor Kenzi, she always gets the worse thing on her mouth.

The girls set out to find Jason, but he finds them first. They tell him that Evany sent him, but he’s not ready to go to her until he’s finished his work. Ooooh Bianca is definitely behind this. He loses it, and falls to the ground in convulsions. Bo returns to the Morrigan with Jason, and he’s happy to see her. She sends him off like a pet, and goes to give Bo her payment. Bo appeals to her good nature, to let him go, but the Morrigan was never in love with Jason, she just needed to know how Vex put him up to betraying her. She give Bo what she needs to save Nadia, which is what she needs to save Lauren. Nadia is Lauren’s girlfriend. Someone just got spybanged, again!

Bo returns home, she’s a little pissed, and Vex gets the brunt of her anger. She vows to never work for the dark fae again, but Dr. Lauren is gone. Kenzi shows her what the paintings mean, they’re all connected. The Morrigan wouldn’t let someone let something like that slip, so who would. Not Vex, but they need him out of the way, hello Bianca. Bread crumbs, the girls continue to put the bread crumbs together, and finally lightbulb.

Bianca looks for other means to get rid of Vex, using her power to take him down, though a human. She give her a weapon to take him down, and Vex invites the dominatrix into his home. He’s ready to play, but he’s about to get much more than he bargained for. He lets her restrain him and beat him with a riding crop, which he enjoys, but the danger, not so much. Restrained his powers are useless, and luckily Bo and Kenzi come to the rescue. Kenzi gets Vex unlocked, and turns the knife on the dominatrix.

Vex pays the Morrigan a visit, but it wasn’t the Morrigan who is under fire, but Bianca. Bianca wanted to take the Morrigan down for everything she took from everyone including her, but she turns the knife on herself so that the Morrigan cannot use her powers anymore. Vex and the Morrigan kiss and make up, and the Morrigan calls in a clean up crew.

Bo and Kenzi had a long bad day, but at least they saved Jason, whether he thanks them or not is yet to be seen. They plan to rehab him against his will. Alone, Bo reveals to Kenzi Lauren’s latest lie. Kenzi tells her to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Lauren checks in on Nadia in a pod. She tells her about Bo, leaving out the whole I just shagged her part, but  fairly gushes over her anyways, because that’s what every comatose girlfriend wants to hear right?


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