Lost Girl Recap S2E4: Mirror, Mirror

The girls get a little cranky while watching Dyson mack on some girls. The Siren is a little jealous of his mad skills, and Bo feigns coolness at the situation, but she is not quite as calm as she says. Kenzi plots some supernatural neutering, but even with a load of tequila, she’s not willing to do it. Per normal Kenzi her mind is still going, and she comes up with Baba Yaga. Bo knows deep down Dyson did the right thing, as heroes sometimes it really sucks, but stands by no curses. That doesn’t stop Kenzi from slipping into her Russian roots, and calling on Baba Yaga. She asks for Dyson to know what rejection feels like, and she has no clue that Baba Yaga heard her. One cursed werewolf coming up!

The next morning Bo sees the broken mirror, and sounds the alarm. The girls are suffering from some major hangovers, just say no to cheap wine, and Bo’s been branded.

Dyson tries to smooth talk the gangster’s girlfriend, and so far she’s still on board. Hale tries to get Dyson to tone down the sexiness, and he’s not on board with anything but pure honesty. Some perp isn’t into the wolfman, and so Baba’s curse begins.

Since something weird happened, of course the girls take it to Trick, and he concludes its… mystical. Some slight teasing, and um Fae Sesame Street, and he tries to get to the bottom of Bo’s bedroom  and social activities. Trick reveals its Baba Yaga’s mark, and oooh Kenzi has some ‘splaining to do! Baba’s called dibs on Bo.

Dyson’s fall from grace is rapid, as hookers take to spitting at our favorite sexy wolf. Hale is loving this all too much, and he saves him from a sixth hooker hell bent on attacking Dyson, but as he slips into a room, it ends no better. The at first mild mannered lady with a street racing complaint springs to attack him too. At Trick’s his luck is no better. The waitress throws a drink in his face.

Kenzi freaks a little about Baba Yaga’s existence. She was ready to accept everything from Sasquatch to Miss Piggy existing, but not Baba. Bo mistakenly thinks that Kenzi gave her over to Baba Yaga, but drunkingly she was just cursing Dyson. Dyson has the same mark. They’ve both been cursed by Kenzi. Bo tends to Dyson’s wounds, and Dyson isn’t taking it too well, blaming Bo for all that is happening. Dyson is in full dick mode, yelling at Kenzi for being human. Trick tries to explain what is happening, and although Bo didn’t ask for it, she had to have wanted it for Baba Yaga to have granted it. Trick’s hands are tied, he can’t help fix it this time, but Kenzi vows to.

Bo tries to ease some of the hurt that Dyson caused Kenzi, but she won’t have it. When Dyson broke Bo’s heart, he broke hers too, and drunk or not, she meant it when she cursed him.  Unfortunately for Kenzi, the first step to solving this problem is visiting her aunt, who looks as nutty as herself. Quirkiness, and cunning definitely run in the family. Her aunt dishes on Kenzi’s past, and she brings up why they’re really there, because of Baba Yaga.

Dyson’s case is moved up, and he tries to keep his distance from the gangster’s girlfriend, afraid that Kenzi’s little curse is going to ruin his case.

Bo has to cut to the chase and reveal that she’s a succubus with a little demonstation so that dear aunty will tell the girls how to summon the witch. While Hale does his best to keep Dyson down wind, and save their case. She’s all gushy over Dyson, and then the curse kicks in.

Kenzi loses her ability to swear out of fear, only magnifying when her aunt pulls out a single amulet to protect herself from Baba Yaga. Her aunt starts the summoning, marking Kenzi with Bo’s blood. Kenzi slips into a trance, and Baba Yaga comes. She’s willing to remove the curse if she gets the succubus whose name it was invoked in. She tries to take Bo, and Kenzi snaps out of the curse, offering herself up instead, which is what Baba was waiting for. She takes Kenzi before Bo can do anything about it.

Kenzi awakens in Baba’s house. She’s not alone. There are other girls also cursed. They tell try to get Kenzi to play homemaker, but she isn't really built that way.

Bo tries to get Aunt Ludmilla to help, but she tells her its not so simple. Bo goes to Trick, and Dyson for help. She’s adamant to save Kenzi, at any cost, and although Trick can’t help, Dyson knows who can. I’m betting it’s the Ash who will be the savior.

Kenzi is no good at the whole preparation of dinner. Kenzi gets to know the girls, and Elena tells her that it never gets easier, but curious Kenzi has other plans. She discovers a hidden treasure.

Lachlan plays hardball with Bo, his value of human life lacking. But Lachlan is getting what he wants, Bo  is willing to freelance for him if she survives a little water.

Kenzi wonders why the girls aren’t trying to escape, and the feast begins when Baba Yaga returns. The girls draw marbles to see who gets to leave, but leaving doesn’t sound like something any of them want. Elena is the unlucky one, and she marches over to oven, and goes in, happy to finally be free. Kenzi doesn’t take the loss so well. She feasts on Elena’s bones, and taunts Kenzi. Ever fiery Kenzi knocks Baba with a frying pan, and ends up fast tracked as dessert.

Bo comes face to face with another of Dyson’s exes. Chloe the Water Nymph gets to take Bo over to Baba Yaga’s realm on official orders from the Ash. Kenzi fast talks her way out of being a dessert, and into an animal trainer. Baba Yaga takes the bait. Chloe explains her job, and Kenzi makes nice with Kujo to grab some treasure. She grabs a mirror, but its not magic. Chloe plans to hold the portal, and Dyson gets to hold Bo under some ice water while she retrieves Kenzi.

Bo winds up in Baba Yaga’s realm, and Baba isn’t happy to have the additional company. Baba knocks her out, and she winds up back home. Chloe is against her going back, she can’t deprive her body  of oxygen, but Bo insists, she’s already lost too much. Bo heads back and fends off Baba. They learn the secret of the mirror, and Kenzi shatters it, sending all of the other girls home. Dyson pulls Bo out of the water, but she doesn’t wake. Baba torments Kenzi, and tries to back her into her oven, but her pet gets loose and roasts them both, breaking Baba’s hold.

Kenzi winds up in the bathtub, and finds Dyson trying to revive Bo. Chloe tells her that Bo refused to leave without her. Succubus mode kicks on, and she takes some of Dyson’s essence, but she’s back, thankfully, and a little bit of the old Dyson is back. I miss Dyson and Bo's relationship and all, but his and Kenzi's has so much heart. 

Dyson says goodbye to the Gloria, the gangster’s girlfriend, with his job and case secured.

The girls celebrate with a bevy of drinks, grateful for each other. Kenzi urges Bo to fight for both Dyson and Lauren, and Bo makes Kenzi promise no more cursing, which turned out to be quite a blow to the wallet. Aunt Ludmilla is expensive! With their bond in place, there’s nothing these girls can’t overcome, but it may not be the last they’ve seen of Baba Yaga. That witch is still around, but the least of their worries.


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