New Stills from True Blood Season 5

True Blood's fifth season is still months away, but they've released 20 stills! 

The photos don't reveal all too much, but they bring up a few thoughts or questions. 

Nelsan Ellis and Anna Paquin –
Photo John P. Johnson HBO
Is Lafayette taking Sookie's suggestion that he need a new hair do badly? I mean seriously, it was awful last year, not worthy of his fabulousness, and yeah, it hurts me too just to look at it. And you know  his pain couldn't have anything at all to do with losing Jesus. Please let there be a haunting of ten.

Nelsan Ellis- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Deborah Ann Woll - Photo John P. Johnson HBO

I adore Jessica, but I gotta know where is Jason? Why is there not a picture of him with a smoopsy look on his face too?

Janina Gavankar – Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Marcus is dead, why doesn't Luna look happier? Could it be something to do with that gun shot we heard in the teaser?

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Lucy Griffiths-
 Photo John P. Johnson HBO

What has my favorite viking vamp teaming up with Bill?

Michael McMillian- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

My favorite Vamp hating reverend is a vampire. I love this, but please please please don't let him get staked quickly, or like at all.
Carrie Preston- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

I just want to know what was so important at breakfast that it warranted the three stills. Seriously, some crazy revelations better be delivered!

Todd Lowe - Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Carrie Preston and Scott Foley- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Lucy Griffith-
Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Another shot of Eric's sister.

Chris Meloni-
Photo John P. Johnson HBO
Peter Mensah-
Photo John P. Johnson HBO
And finally we get to see some members of "The Authority."

So far I'm not entirely impressed. I mean Russell is far more impressive.

Meloni has a baddass air to him, but it could be the stake, otherwise, seriously these are the "head" vampires.

Carolyn Hennesy-
Photo John P. Johnson HBO
Christopher Heyerdahl -
Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Hennesy looks like freaking Barbara Bush!

Jacob Hopkins-
Photo John P. Johnson HBO

But the kid. Ok, he's creepy. I'm sure he's older than all the rest of them, and kids as the bringers of death are creepy in any capacity. The Authority should be a group of twisted ginger headed kindergartners, now that would be pure evil.

Joe Manganiello- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Seriously Alcide, enough with the plaid. I get it, you make lumberjacks into wet dreams, but still, your hotter in just your buff bronze skin. But still with nut job Debbie out of the picture, and Sookie leaving both Bill and Eric last season, when are we gonna get some Alcide action? Is this season finally gonna be the Season of the Wolf?

Kristin Bauer van Straten -
Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Pam is flawless, but I fear for her maker/progeny relationship after the last clip. Please Eric, don't send Pam away. No one else rocks the leathers quite like she does. Really, no one.

Chris Bauer and Lauren Bowles- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

I adore Andy, and Holly has grown on me, but is the fairy that Andy boned last season gonna come back and bite him in the ass?

Scott Foley- Photo John P. Johnson HBO

Just what is Patrick looking for?

So what do you guys think that is going to happen this season?

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