Watch the Third True Blood Season 5 Trailer!

Vampires and Weres and Fairies, oh my! True Blood has a new extended trailer out, and it's got more goodness than a 1 minute and 31 seconds really has a right to be.

So just what was in that trailer, you can see for yourself below... And once you've seen it, keep reading. I've listed everything I spotted in the trailer, anyone see anything different, and what do you all think is going to happen this season?

Looks like there is a lot in store for this season, which looks like oodles more fun than book five of the Sookie Stackhouse book Dead as a Doornail actually was. Not that they could follow the happenings of the fifth installment of the series anyways, seeing as they killed off many of the participants of this book. But one character I do hope they introduce is Quinn, for all his faults, he was nice to look at.

Season 5 of "True Blood" premieres Sunday, June 10th. For more on True Blood, go to or jump in on the Twitter conversations #trueblood.

We pick up where we left off last season: ie Tara’s mind isn’t in the right place, its all over Sookie’s kitchen.

All of our favorite players are present: Lafayette, Bill, Eric, Jessica, Pam, Alcide, Sam, Arlene, Jason, Hoyt (and he’s rocking the eyeliner), Terry (and a blaze at Merlotte’s, Sam is gonna be pissed).

There’s a war zone, maybe a Terry Flashback.

Someone getting a tan in Bill’s mansion cells, is that Bill?

Pam dealing with a Ripper.
A pair of Fairies, perhaps Dermott and Claude? If so I’m a little sad in those castings.

Sookie shedding tears.

Eric upon his throne. “The End may come soon, either Russell will have our heads or the Authority will.” Eric tells Sookie.

Pam and Eric have a sexy flashback.

New Ancient vamp Salome performs blood ritual(?) as Roman watches, and takes the vial full of blood.

“Russell wants nothing more than Anarchy.” Bill says, as Eric nods. I have a feeling this is a part of their report to the authority. “We’ll bring him in or die trying.”

Nora, Eric, and Bill stalk through shadows.

“Sookie can be useful.” Bill says. “I don’t think she wants anything to do with us again.” Eric tells him. “I don’t think we give her a choice.” Bill replies. Sookie, Bill and Eric search.

“Your life is on the line here, I get you’re tough, that don’t mean you have to be stupid.” Alcide tells Sookie, always the gorgeous voice of reason.

“Vampires have been getting away with these killings forever.” Jason says with a crazy Fellowship of the Sun look in his eye.

Jessica feeds, Eric has a Victorian flashback and looks delicious, even with blood on his hands.

Reverend Steve Newlin has a change of heart, “humans should be farmed like cattle.” Which may be the fangs talking.

Jessica is all sexed up at Jason’s.

“It’s wonderful to be a vampire, isn’t it?” Salome asks Eric.

A Goon Squad meet Eric and Bill at the Elevator, and Bill looks a little surprised by it.

“We’ve come to finish what we started. Eric tells Russell(?) With Sookie and Bill in the background.

Nora, Bill and Eric are surprised. Things go boom.

“We are the Authority.” Roman states. A group of at least seven kneels before that vial of blood we saw earlier. “I am the Authority,” he tells the group at the table.

“if we continue to behave like savages” A body is drug and thrown into a room, feeding something, which I still think is Tara. “humans will rise up.”

Humans rise, silver netting is shot. Eric is netted (?). Nora is thrown in a cell. A vamp is gets feral. Sam fires a crossbow. Shot of Andy. Sookie uses microwave fingers on Pam.  Someone flies into a wall. Bill pins Salome against a wall.

“My dad’s the king.” Jessica boasts. “Not anymore” Newlin tells her.

Looks like Eric and Bill will have a little fight in the flames, but not with eachother.

Jason visits a strip club.

Roman fangs out.

Lafayette is or sees Jesus’s  demon. Sam tells Luna(?) to run. Terry is chased.

Terry tells Arlene ‘We’re all gonna die.” And he’s probably talking in his sleep.

There’s a werewolf. Luna looks spooked. Andy is looking for Debbie.

I’m sick of lying, and covering up, and ruining peoples lives” Sookie says, but she isn’t done.

Sookie digs graves with Lafayette, this one I’d put money on is Tara’s, she’s being buried with her maker.

Sookie and Alcide kiss, or she’s just straddling for good measure.

“You’re the angel of death.” Lafayette tells Sookie.

Salome looks to be doing a spell, or she just likes spinning in circles.

“They will suffer.”

Terry and Patrick search for something by flashlight, a gun is pointed by a camo wearing fellow, which I think is the one that tied Terry and Patrick up in one of the recent promos.

A Gothed out Hoyt lets a male vampire feed on him. Jessica drinks a pretty blonde. Pam cries. Alcide and Eric team up, now that is one tag team I cannot wait for!
 Sam is tied up and bloody, in what looks like a barn. I have no clue who has him.

A group of armed men in Obama masks.

Lafayette is tripping. A vamp in the rain.
A were putting his hands on Alcide, could this be his father? Or could this be the guy who kills Alcide’s father in the books Patrick Furnan? I’m guessing it’s daddy who’s wolfing out on him.

A flashback of Eric as Bill (?) tries to stake him.

I can’t tell who is caged and likely dying, but I hope its not Newlin, Dead blonde, and our last image is of King Russell.


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