First Season 3 Walking Dead Poster

EW has the first poster for the Walking Dead, which will also be plastered all over San Diego comic con next week!

Pictured are some big new characters and fan favorites from the comic. There’s Michonne (played by Danai Gurira) with her pet zombies and super villain The Governor (David Morrissey).

 “The entire landscape has fallen to zombies,” says Glen Mazzara of the start of season 3. “The entire world has collapsed, the apocalypse has taken over, the zombies have taken over, there’s no safe place. And I think in the past our characters thought they could find some safe harbor, and now there’s just no good hiding place at all.”

One thing we know for sure is that Rick’s group is heading for the prison, which as a fan of the comics cannot wait for.

And what can we expect from Michonne?  

“Just like in the comic books, she is a badass and she hates the walkers more than anything else,” Mazzara says. “She treats them with contempt. What’s interesting about the version of this character is she has a lot of trouble fitting into human society. She’s probably better off staying out there alone with the walkers. She’ll be very interesting and a complicated character to bring into the fold, if we even do that. She gives us a lot to play with.” 

Sounds like someone is going to give Norman Reedus's Daryl a run for his money in the king badass department.

Whereas Danai Gurira may be the picture perfect Michonne, David Morrissey doesn’t exactly look like the Governor.  In the books he looks closer to Danny Trejo or even Tom Savini, but Mazzara is confident that Morrissey can deliver.

 “David is an incredibly talented actor with a lot of magnetism,” says Mazzara, “and we need somebody who can serve as the foundation, the pillar, for an entire storyline, an entire world of Woodbury. David has the strength to do that. I also think that David’s approach to the character was spot on. He understands that this is an interesting, complex, multilayered, dark figure, and he’s very interested in playing that.”

So it sounds like season 3 is shaping up to be a good one, as if there were any doubts. Is it October yet? The new season of The Walking Dead starts this fall. You can catch the cast at Comic Con in San Diego next week, and a Walking Dead marathon on AMC July 7-8, with a special black and white screening of the premiere episode and behind the season footage of season 3. 


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