Lost Girl Recap S2E13: Barometz. Trick. Pressure

Lauren continues taking from Bo, this time, her car. Lauren is planning a little road trip with Nadia, and while Bo tries to be a good friend, Lauren plans to put some space between them. And ever clueless, drops the bomb that she’s recommitted herself to the Ash, whom she owes for Nadia’s recovery.

Mr. You know Who vents about his to be, but his day wont come when he complains about the eggs that were cooked for him. A knock on the head with a frying pan finally quiets him, and his wife turns into him.

Kenzi gets some cutesy messages from Nate likely by the smile on her face, but Bo is planning on breaking into the Ash’s compound and do more than a little panty raid. She wants revenge for his underhanded scheme, but she can’t really spill the full beans, and bottom line is he broke her trust, and she’s gonna kick him in the pants for it. For once Kenzi is understanding and sentimental, love has made her optimistic. Bo leaves the softer Kenzi at home to enjoy her day.

Ciara helps Dyson pack up his house, poking fun at his favorite t-shirt. Everyone is just a little too mushy happy. She jokes that the ridiculous shirt with Hale’s face has to go, and tosses it in the trash. Dyson leaps to make her pay, in a likely sweaty naked way.

Bo asks what happens if she kills the Ash. Although complicated, Trick cannot help. Tonight happens to be the blood moon, where Trick can see the future. He tells Bo to forget about Lachlan and get him the Kingmore ring, a handy piece of swag that can stop him from bleeding out once the ritual starts. Trick gives her a hefty payment for the ring,

Bo heads to the motel meet-up place, and the shifter wears her face for the negotiation. The shifter holds her at gun point, crazy about getting a better cut. She’s a little upset about all the risks that she’s been, and lost of identity. Wiggling a boot off, Bo renders the shifter incapacitated with the touch of her bare foot. Bo doesn’t shortchange the shifter, and for once he’s himself, but she does get her ring.

Dyson and Hale take Trick to see Wai Lin, a former lover, to get the hallucinogen inducing Barometz. She cuts through Hale’s bullshit, and Trick tells the boys that she’ll pull the truth out of them. Both parties lay their cards on the table, and the price is four questions.

Nate comes to visit Kenzi, and he’s got a surprise for her, the song she wrote for her when she was sick. And it has to be the cutest thing ever. This softer side of Kenzi is overly sweet, and Kenzi pulls away, worried over Bo, but Nate isn’t giving up.

Wai Lin asks about a box Trick was carrying in the past, one he wouldn’t tell her about then. Trick refuses to say now as well, but when she taunts that he’s the blood king, a fact that surprises Hale, but not Dyson. Trick finally tells her. In the box was skull of a bad man. Next she asks about his wife’s death. His wife was killed in the great fae war, in battle. Trick is demands the baromitz, but Lin wants one more questions since she had to force one of his answers. She asks if it was his fault that his wife died. Perhaps. Lin offers Dyson a good time, and he tells her that he’s spoken for. She asks if he loves her, and he doesn’t answer, so she clacks her nails and forces the answer. He can’t love Ciara.

Bo delivers the ring to Trick, worried for his safety. Hale picks up on the fact that he’s the only one that didn’t know Trick was the Blood King. Dyson is a little shaken, and Trick tells her to leave Lachlan be. He’s currently their most powerful ally. He tells her to stand down, and she asks for a book for a quiet night in, Dyson gives her a scroll to help her.

Kenzi plays some drums, and Nate finds reasons for Kenzi to get close before he shatters her world and tells her that he’s leaving. She’s hurt, but he wants her to come with him. She answers him with a kiss, Kenzi is in.

Trick gives Dyson and Hale instructions for his trance mode. They tie him down, and hook him up to the juice, and off he goes to a drive in movie, where he’s the star. Everything that is happening shows on the screen. His wife is there, and it is a happy reunion.

Bo sneaks into the Ash’s compound using the scroll Dyson handed her. She evades the guards and rifles through his papers, nothing good. She finds his super secret  chess, out in the open, and busts open the locks. Come on find the head, and yes she finds his head. Lifting out the top tray, she finds several of his heads! And he finds her, and gives chase, crazy teeth bared.

Trick’s wife has been waiting since she died waiting for him, she says. She’s seen the future and he should fear it. Some ancient fae fed off the aggression during the war, and when he ended the war, it starved, and now that fae is pissed. She tells him that he created a false peace, that a true peace was coming. Trick thought he had no choice. She tells him he can unwrite the wrongs, that if he does what this thing asks he can have his wife back. Don’t do it Trick, it’s a trap! Some creepy guy watches the movie unfold.

Bo headbutts Lachlan, and he turns back, telling her he wishes she wasn’t the one that came to take his head. He taunts her into a sword fight with the mentioning of her mother, Aoife. Trick’s wife urges him on. Bo and Lachlan dance, trading insults. Lachlan is a little too calm, he’s clearly testing her. But Bo is holding her own. Trick tries to use his blood, but the ring prevents him. Finally Trick sees through charade. When he calls her on it, the creepy guy emerges from his car with a shriek. Lachlan wants to see Bo’s true face, still thinking that Bo was sent by someone. Bo didn’t come for an assassination attempt, but for the truth. Lachlan lowers his weapon at the mention of the Nain Rouge. He throws down his weapon and falls to his knee, but unarmed Bo can’t strike him down, though she’s not above kicking him one good.

Trick calls out the Garuda, a being that isn’t as extinct as they’re suppose to, and he is pissed. Trick killed off their food supply, and they’ve been lying in wait ever since, waiting to smell Trick’s blood again. They scented him when he subdued Aoife. The Garuda announces Trick’s location to his brethren.

Lachlan is ready for a confessional. He was using Lauren to test Bo, he needed to make sure she was one of the good guys. Lachlan is the last of the Naga, and the heads are those of his brothers, clefted from his shoulders over the years for his venom. The only way to kill the Garuda, the thing coming, is Lachlan’s venom. He’s been tracking them forever, and he needed to be sure Bo could control her anger, unlike her mother. Bo’s powers come from lust and passion, not aggression, like the Garuda thrives on. Lachlan asks Bo to lead the fae into battle against the Garuda.

Time’s up for Trick, and Hale and Dyson struggle to free in from his contraption. Dyson finally pulls free a tube, knocking them all out.

Ciara looks at the discarded shirt, and tosses it in a moving box.

Hale, Dyson, and Trick all remain unconscious.

Bo returns home, still stunned, and Kenzi is bursting at the scenes with good news. Nate is a sex god, and she asks Bo if she should go away on tour. Bo tells her to go, plots to save the world.


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