Lost Girl Recap S2E14: Midnight Lamp

Bo forgets that Kenzi left town with Nate. It’s really quiet with her gone, and there’s no coffee, double boo. Bo calls her bestie, but settles for leaving her a message. Lachlan drops in with a retriever job.

Sadie is fawned over by a journalist. She draws off his fanboying, and loses his life to her hungers. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash when he falls over dead.

Lachlan tells Bo about a very naughty Ifrit, a type of Jinn, and he makes a mean cup of coffee. He tells her that they have to enslave the Ifrit to get the truth out of her, and they need info about the Garuda. Bo is a little against enslavement, cough, cough Lauren. And the Ash tells her that the doctor will play an important part before this is all done, but he’s willing to renegotiate her at a later point. Bo is willing to play, but she has to go meet Ryan to get the lamp, the hottie guy Lachlan sent to her birthday party.

Trick goes over his vision with Dyson and Hale. He tells them about the Garuda, and its thirst for a renewed war.

Bo looks over the beautiful and odd bracelet Ryan gave her. Trick gives her a call, and doesn’t like the fact that Lachlan told her about the Garuda. He had no clue that Lachlan was involved, and he doesn’t like not knowing. Dyson has his own confession. He tells Trick about the truth he revealed about not being about to love Ciara. He doesn’t want to move past Ciara too, so he’s off to seek answers.

Bo heads over to Ryan’s high tech place. It’s quite the madman’s workshop, and he’s fast at work. He finishes his latest gadget, and tells her to hit him. His belt doesn’t work quite like its suppose to, but he’s off to find her lamp. He’s got many lamps, some with their share of kinks, but her lamp happens to be a music box. A mix of science and magic isn’t so easily obtained. She didn’t even thank him for her bracelet, and although he won’t give it to her, he will sell it. He bills the Ash, and does some not so subtle flirting. Box gets her lamp, and Ryan runs to put out some flames.

Bo stakes out Sadie’s stomping grounds, but someone has beaten her to her prey, none other than Ryan. He introduces her to Sadie, who takes Bo by surprise, with compliments, and she’s taken in by her. Sadie lays a hand on Bo’s arm, and Ryan cools down her effect. Bo pulls Ryan to the bar for a drink, and the bartender even flirts with him. Its hard not to be taken in by his flirtiness. He’s left out a key piece of trapping the Ifrit, because he’s got a little voyeur itch he wants to scratch. She agrees to let him watch, and he tells her the magic words. He gives Bo the low down on the Ifrit powers, and how to control them. Ryan tries to pick her up with the private jet line, and Bo continues to play hard to get.

Dyson plays the Norn a little visit. And he’s nothing left to give. He claims that she over reached, while she threatens to neuter him for his outbursts, but she’s willing to clarify. He screwed the pooch. Wolves mate for life, and since he gave Bo all his love, and she took that, he has none left to give anyone. Wolfy is not a happy boy.

Bo watches Sadie, looking for a good moment to pounce. She makes off without Ryan, and they find Sadie’s latest victim, though still not sure her power. Bo exclaims that she wanted to spend more time with Sadie, and she appears. Bo miscasts Ryan’s lamp, and when he tries to help her, they jostle it, and it falls to the ground broken. It works, but they’re inside too, and Sadie is pissed. Sadie throws some wicked fireballs, and he tells Bo to use the bracelet all Wonder Woman style. Ryan tries to remember what he was doing when he built the maze. He tells her that he’s a Loki, he comes from a family of mischief makers. He ponders the greatness of being a succubus, and asks about her solitary feedings. He tinkers with the box, which allows her to make a sos call to Dyson. It works barely, but Sadie catches up to them, and they have to make a run for the attic. Lucky them, he wasn’t sober when he designed that part either, and he’s off for more tinkering.

Dyson tracks down the smashed up lamp. Ryan isn’t so good at fixing his own trap and releasing them. Bo is struggling in her title, and Ryan respects Bo and her nonaligned position. His enlightening moment, is double edged, and he remembers how to free them, but freedom looks off, and Sadie sends him plummeting down the shaft. Bo tells her that she just destroyed their way out. Sadie needs the spotlight though, and when she threatens to burn the entire box down, Bo goes into fawning mode and has the Ifrits attention.

The lamp is broken, and Trick can’t fix it with his tuning fork, luckily there someone is there with perfect pitch. Hale sings the lamp, as Bo struggles to maintain focus. Sadie vamps it up, when she notices that she’s being somewhat summoned. A whispy Bo talks to the boys, while the Ifrit feeds off her. They need to control the Ifrit, but the boys don’t have control over the box. Bo goes for another option. She punches the Ifrit, “overwhelmed” being near her, and asks for a kiss. Sadie doesn’t refuse, and as Bo leans in Ryan climbs up the elevator shaft. Bo leaves her make on the Ifrit by way of hickey, and turns out Ryan fixed his belt just in time. Ryan tells her to burn straight down as hot as she can, and there’s a 50/50 chance they’re all released. Bo takes the chance and makes the wish. They’re released. The guys are stunned, but Bo is in a rush. Sadie refuses to go into the lamp for less than a million. But Bo tells Lachlan they aren’t looking for slaves, and he can either get his information her way or none at all. Rather than being his champion, she offers him partnership, and he accepts.

Bo arrives with Ryan’s payment. Bo is unsure the Ash got what he wanted, but she hopes he did. She begrudgingly admits that she had a good time, Ryan did as well. He asks her out again, but Bo declines on account of her complicated history. He heaps on the compliments, and he tells her he’s not really interested in either of their baggage, clean slate. He tells her he’ll be thinking about her either way, and she rips off her clothes. Thank goodness. Finally.

Ciara finds Dyson at the Dal, and she wants answers now. She thinks she knows everything about the Norn. She heard about the rumors when Stephan died, but Dyson tells her about his most recent dealings. He offered his wolf, but she took his love he confesses. He tells her that he cannot love her, and she’s pissed off that he couldn’t give up his wolf for her husband, but he could for Bo. What? Way to think about yourself fairy princess.

Bo and Ryan leave each other breathless. And he asks if she’s ever been with a dark fae, and  it ruins her afterglow. He tells her that he’s not defined by his clan, that there are no rules, and that if she wants to walk she can. It only turns her on more, and she hops on for round two. 


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