Lost Girl Recap S2E16: School’s Out

Kimono clad Bo is surprised to see Kenzi home. Her bed is a mess, and he bubble bath is gasping for air. Kenzi thinks she’s a wreck over Ryan, thinking that she 86’d him over her. Kenzi steals the maples syrup, and runs to have breakfast for Nate. Ryan emerges from under the bubbles, taking none of it serious.

Beverly Garner gets called to the front of the calls for her well written paper on Romero and Juliet. The teacher asks her to read the paper to the class. She rants and raves about the politics rather than the romance. Impassioned over the cause, she passes out in the middle of her rant.

Beverly’s father goes to Dyson for help. He thinks his daughter was drugged. Her brain activity is off the chart, something none of her doctors have seen before. That gets Dyson’s attention. He takes down her information, and tells him to go spend time with his daughter.

Lauren is back, and her first stop is Bo, she has Nadia in tow. They had a pleasant trip, in which they didn’t take in the sights. Bo has been busy too, and Dyson comes breaking the tension. He brings over a case to discuss, and Bo is quick to tear away. He tells her of Beverly’s neurological shutdown. They aren’t sure if its fae related, or drug related. Dyson wants Bo to go undercover in high school. Bo thinks Dyson would be perfect undercover, and he sends her in as a teacher. Lauren asks if she could help, and Dyson asks her to check the girl’s medical files. Bo wants to bring in a third party who can speak teenager, and there is no one better than Kenzi.

Kenzi poses as a student, and Bo a teacher. Bo’s class takes interest, particularly the boys. They’re still working on Shakespeare and Bo is familiar with the tale, being pretty much in her own version, so much so that she accidently writes Ryan’s name instead of Romeo. One of the students points it out to her, and she fumbles for a new topic, and choose Werewolfs: fact or fiction. The students enjoy the change of pace.

Dyson poses as a guidance counselor and one of his students talk about his crazed girlfriend, acting erratic over prom, pms, and a load of other things. Dyson tries to ask him about drugs and things prevalent to his case, but he sees them all as metaphors. Dyson tells him that he doesn’t know how young he is, that he’s needs to go out and experience life, and real love.

Kenzi struggles to fit in with the uber preppy girls. They don’t appreciate Kenzi’s goth style, and the “Heathers” get catty. Worse of all they ruin Kenzi’s boots, and Kenzi gets physical.

Bo gets reprimanded for straying from the curriculum. She points out that she wanted to stay away from hormonal teachers, death and drugs especially after the whole Beverly incidence. Kenzi gets pulled into the vice principal’s office. The girls are striking out all over, and Dyson isn’t doing much better.

At the Dal, they inform Trick of their lack of luck. Dyson can’t detect immature fae, the lack of hormones make it impossible. Lauren has found that Beverly was definitely infected by something fae, but according to the Ash the only fae at the school are some Actheum, dumb fae. They have an extremely slow maturity rate. Fae children are usually placed in public school so that they can learn to fit in. Kenzi doesn’t want to go back to school, knowing she’s going to rumble with some plastics, but they all have to go back, and Kenzi has to find a place to belong.

Kenzi joins the chess club, but she doesn’t know how to play. Earl tries to teach her, and she awkwardly asks him about him about Beverly. He finally opens up, thinking that it was stressed, and that getting good grades isn’t enough, some people need more. Kenzi asks if the cheer squad is doping. Earl gets called away, but offers to play again tomorrow. Kenzi watches the cheerleaders, and one of them rants before passing out.

Lauren meets Bo at school, and the awkwardness between them remains.  With Nadia back, its tense between them. Lauren tells her that it contains traces of embryonic tissue. Lauren apologizes for Nadia’s PDA. Lauren is still hiding things from Nadia, and she feels bad over it. Kenzi interrupts with the cheerleader rant. Lauren runs off to get all the student files. Two intellectual rants, and two girls passed out, Kenzi thinks the coach and drugs may be involved.

Nadia waits for Lauren to return home. She tells her she was dropping something off to Bo, and she asks why she’s working with Bo. Lauren tells her that shes kind of a co-worker. Nadia wants to go back to Lauren’s lab and make love, and Lauren hesitates to tell her the truth, but stops herself. She tells her that there is much about the case she still needs to figure out, and urges Nadia to pick up her camera. Nadia chooses Lauren as her subject, and Lauren doesn’t get much down, and Nadia gets her to pose for some pictures. Nadia tries to turn it into a seduction, and Lauren has to stop her. Work calls. Nadia reluctantly leaves.

Bo goes to question he coach about her cheerleaders dropping like flies. Bo outright accuses the coach of doping the girls, and she turns hostile to Bo. The coach manhandles Bo, but she gets too close, and Bo succubus’s her. Subdued, she admits that she gave the girls some steroids, and diuretics to keep their weight down. Bo uses her power to ensure that the doping stops.

A gloved hand reaches into a bird’s cage to remove an egg.

Earl gets dropped off by his dad. He’s very enamored of Kenzi he tells his father. Earl sets up the chess board, as Kenzi asks him about his dad. Earl gushes over being on the Reach for the Top team that the vice principal put together. Earl thinks he sees an opening, and dives in, kissing Kenzi. She freaks out and makes a run for it.

Kenzi reports to Bo earl’s attempt to steal a kiss. It was a little too wet for Kenzi’s taste. She tells him that his fame is going to his head. She spills about the little brain trust, and Bo makes a connection with the intellectual rants. Bo gets a surprise visit from Ryan, and he asks her to the dance. Bo tries to get him to leave, and he promises to be better than her first time. She tells him that some people are not meant to be together. She doesn’t like the fact that she likes Ryan, but he’s okay with that. Dyson spies Ryan leaving, and asks Bo what Ryan is doing around. He tells her that Ryan as dark fae shouldn’t be around here, but Bo tells him its personal. He may not like it, but Bo is unaligned and she gets to play with who she wants, even the sexy Loki.

Earl’s recent ex eats marshmellows and cries to Dyson about Earl making out with other girls. She blames herself. Dyson tells her that its not her its him, and that crying is not going to solve anything. As she weeps, Dyson tells her that she’s beautiful, and that she will find another mate for her soul. She asks him if he has a girlfriend, and if he wants one. When he doesn’t answer she breaks down in tears again. Poor wolfy.

Bo talks to the Vice Principal about his little team. He’s quite proud of them, and how far they’ve gone. Bo asks about the remarkable team, and their vast improvement. Bo worries about the amount of pressure put on the boys, but he understands the pressure of college, and obtaining scholarships, and is just trying to give the kids the best chance.

Kenzi concentrates on her homework, and Bo tells her that they’re undercover, she doesn’t have to actually do the homework. Kenzi goes on about the work, getting all beautiful mind on Bo. Oh no, Kenzi is infected. Bo takes Kenzi to Lauren, and as she continues on about geometry, Lauren takes a blood sample. Luckily Lauren has seen a curve in the rate of infection, and brain shutdown. Kenzi sees the equation Lauren was working on and erases it. Lauren and Bo panic for a moment, but it was incorrect. Lauren has a break through. If all the faes at the school are Actheums and someone gave them something to make them smarter that may be what the problem is. Bo is off to get a sample, that was likely transmitted orally. Lauren tells Bo that they have to stop the infection before it gets out of the school.

Dyson asks Bo about Kenzi, who is in good hands with Lauren. Bo is going after Vice Principal Dickerson, who created this brain trust out of no where. Dyson knows that Dickerson isn’t fae though, he had help. Dyson knows exactly who has been spreading the brain mono, Earl. He confronts Earl about kissing Sarah and Beverly, and Earl confesses to it all. Dyson tells him that Kenzi is sick, and he asks what has changed. Earl’s father has been making him lunch, and Dyson smells it. Eggs. His father is with Dickerson, and Dyson and Earl head off to confront them. Bo is in the Vice Principal’s office, but no one is there, she does a quick search, and gets caught by Dickerson. He goes to call security, and she confronts him about the Actheums, trying to figure out his motivations. Earl’s dad comes armed with a hammer and tells Dickerson to leave, he does. Looks like dear old dad is the one behind it. He asks what Bo is trying to do to her boy, all of the father’s of the quiz team have been boosting their sons so that they can be stop being second rate fae. Bo tells him that they’ve been infecting the humans, and he doesn’t care. Bo gets gets the upperhand and has him pinned when Dyson and Earl arrive. Earl is distraught that his father made him believe that his hard work was what was putting him ahead. He wonders if he was so bad before, why his father had to change him. His father does love him a lot.

The Samir is the culprit laying the egg. They gross featherless birds, whose eggs make the consumer smarter, and their use is against fae law. Although they will be punished, Trick notes that raising children is hard, no matter the circumstance. Kenzi giggles with Earl at the bar, she’s back to normal, Kenzi normal. Sarah and Beverly are cured too. Earl makes a wrong move, and Kenzi goes to correct his wrong move, but stops herself. He tells her that she’s going easy on him now that he’s dumb again, but she lays on the compliments. He goes in for another kiss, and she stops him this time. He takes the brush off well. Kenzi cheats at chess, and its all kosher between them.

Ryan drags Bo down the hallway. He has a surprise in store for her, and he flips on the lights. He wants to give her a good high school memory, and Bo is shocked. She tells him that some girl will really appreciate him, but that it’s complicated. It doesn’t have to be though, they’re not Romeo and Juliet, or star crossed lovers, they just really enjoy each other’s company. He turns on some music, and she gives him. She never got to go to prom, and he tells her that its okay, its all about the after party anyways. As they spin on the dance floor, Bo relaxes, they’re definitely not making curfew.

Nadia and Lauren finish some sexy time, and Lauren goes upstairs to shower. Nadia stays downstairs and looks over some pictures she took, they’re all of Lauren’s necklace, her symbol from the Ash.


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