Lost Girl Recap S2E15: Table for Fae

Kenzi returns home from being roadie to Nate, and Bobo has some loud company. It’s Loki! After some introductions, Kenzi runs for pastries. Ryan asks if he should have asked them to join, oh he is such a bad boy. Bo reigns him in for round two.

Street guy Tony rolls a joint, when an old guy asks him for help. He knows Tony, but Cole has aged a whole lot. Tony freaks out as Cole dies.

Kenzi returns again, and Bo has finished with her houseguest. Kenz asks about the voicemail Bo left her. Bo explains that she and Lachlan may be on the same side. Gosh, times have changed. Kenzi is still head over heels over Nate, and Ryan makes Bo blush. It’s double date time!

Ryan works on some sensitive project, when Bo comes to proposition a double date. Ryan seems less than thrilled, but he’s willing to play. Ryan has to be the sexiest on this show.

Dyson shows takes Jack into custody, and his alpha wolf is just as sexy. He manhandles Jack’s father after the man puts his hands on him, and Hale has to step in. There’s something eating at Dyson, he’s extra touchy. Hale brings up Cole’s mysterious circumstances, but the case doesn’t interest him. And it looks like the wolf may be in a little hot water.

Bo chats with Trick, when Hale comes to get Trick’s help. The 22 year old backpacker definitely did not look his age. Trick asks Bo for her help since the Circet looks like the culprit based on some wounds, and killing is against their nature. Hale bristles a bit, but submits to the Blood King’s suggestion.

Kenzi likes Ryan’s choice of eatery, even though its crazy expensive. Ryan is paying, and Kenzi is on board. They head to question Tony, in a den of backpackers. He’s completely out of it. They ran into each other a lot, and the last time was with a girl who was into partying. He shows them a picture of the girl, but he has no contact info for her. He tells Bo about some others that have disappeared lately, but didn’t have the means to do so. Bo phones in to Hale, about the much larger case than they expected. The girl in the picture, delphine, boarded a bus to San Francisco, so she’s long gone.

Dyson is in trouble with the Captain. The man grabbed him first, but because he has friends in high places, the kid got off scott free, and the case is back to square one.

Kenzi has problems getting their table at the super exclusive eatery. The Hostess is less than accommodating. Her attitude changes when Ryan arrives. It’s all hugs and kisses on the cheek, not that I blame her. Ryan is charming. She takes them to their usual table. Kenzi gushes over the menu, wanting to order everything lobster, but Ryan has taken the liberty to order for them. His wine order raises a few eyebrows when he mentions that he was there when the 49 was bottled. Poor Nate still doesn’t know about the fae, and just how old is Ryan? Nate proposes a cheesy toast, and Ryan gets catty.

Another backpacker is at a clinic where they’re sucking out her youth. That hundred they offered her doesn’t look so appealing as she rapidly ages.

Nate tells a story from the road. And while Bo laughs and is enjoying it, Ryan doesn’t see the point of working so hard for so little. Ryan realizes that he’s being a jerk, and apologizes. The first course comes out, and Kenzi doesn’t love it. None of them do. Bo gets a call that takes her away from the table. Kenzi wants to make a break for it, but Bo begs her to stay. Ryan apologizes for being a buzz kill, and taking them somewhere that they’re obviously uncomfortable. He tells he was trying to impress them and to make Bo happy so they should order some drinks, and food and enjoy themselves on him. He has one more surprise, he’s asked a talent agent to come by and help Nate out. Oh nos, that is surely the Morrigan.

Ryan tags along with Bo to the hostile to speak with Tony. Delphine is back, and when Bo goes to talk to her, she makes a run for it. Bo and Ryan give chase, and Delphine is panicked until Bo uses a little bit of her mojo on her, which impresses Ryan. Delphine tells them that she wanted to leave the country to see a show, and she planned on raising the money in this medical testing clinic. Cole didn’t think it was safe, but she kept pushing, she had no clue he was in danger. And she came back to warn everyone.

It looks like Kenzi and Nate ordered everything on the menu, with full bellies they’re feeling much more warm and cozy feelings about Ryan, though Kenzi is still holding a little grudge about the tripe. In strides the Morrigan, and Kenzi has all new reasons to hold a grudge.

The clinic is far more posh than Ryan and Bo expected. Ryan talks fast to get the clinic worker, Tessa, to open up, posing as a rich new in town couple. She tells them about their most popular treatment, a rejuvenation treatment. Bo’s questioning rubs the girl the wrong way, and she shuts down, telling her that they’re booked for weeks. Ryan and Bo were both recognized. She blames the girl sucking out youth that she needs to be ready for when they return.

The Morrigan has a plan for Nate, she wants to thrust him into the limelight. He sounds completely on board, but when she mentions going to the office to sign paperwork. Kenzi puts more emphasis on his talent than looks. The Morrigan finally concedes to hear him play. She sends Nate off to grab his guitar, but tells Kenzi to stay and have a drink with her. The claws come out when Nate leaves, Kenzi goes into Momma Bear mode, but the Morrigan is ready to play hard ball. Nate’s dream will trump Kenzi’s desires, everyone wins in the deal except Kenzi.

Ryan takes the clinic’s shutdown attitude as a sign they should run off and enjoy Napa, but Bo know’s Tessa is hiding something. Bo heads in for a second look, while Ryan takes a phone call.

Hale goes to talk to the captain on Dyson’s behalf.  He asks for a little slack since they’re a fantastic tag team. Hale puts his badge on the line, and the Captain will get Dyson reinstated.

Bo sneaks into the clinic, and finds the latest victim being tended to. She holds the girl at knife point asking for answers, but never sees Tessa coming. Tessa knocks her out. Rule number one, make sure the area is safe. Poor Bobo, she’s  the newest donor. Bo awakens, shackled to the table. They are indeed Circlets. They have quite the business, and Lena isn’t quite on board. Tessa tells her to take care of her, and Lena listens to her sister.

Kenzi tries to bargain with the Morrigan for Nate. She sees something great in Nate, if Kenzi were not involved, but the Morrigan is toying with her. Kenzi offers anything short of her first born, and the Morrigan has something better in mind. Kenzi will owe her, or the Morrigan will take full advantage of the client agency relationship. Kenzi squirms at the idea of either, but agrees. The Morrigan leaves it to Kenzi to break the news to Nate.

Lena continues to drain everything out of Bo as Tessa watches, but looks like the girl didn’t secure the building either, because Ryan strolls in and holds her hostage with some brain frying gadget. He tells Lena to let Bo go, and to give back her youth. Bo wants them to give the humans back their years first, but Tessa balks and refuses. Tessa knows that Ryan won’t kill her over humans, being they’re all dark fae and all. Ryan and Bo have a very different matter of opinion. Tessa destroys the years held in the jar so there’s no further debate. Tessa’s bossiness gets to Lena at Bo’s poking. And finally Lena snaps, she takes Tessa’s essence. She used Lena for too many years, exploiting her gifts instead of protecting her. Lena drains Tessa, leaving her dead, and goes to save the humans. Ryan is happy over the good turn out, but Bo isn’t going to forget this anytime soon.

Nate doesn’t take the Morrigan’s cold reception well. She refused to see him at her offices. He thinks that his music is the problem, but Kenzi remains the cheerleader in his corner. She tells him that she was going to make him someone who he isn’t so he should be happy he dodged the bullet. Kenzi tells Bo that Ryan sent the Morrigan for Nate. She apologizes for his actions, and reveals to her that Ryan is dark fae. Bo plans to have a few words for Ryan, but she’s not sure she can cut the ties. Don’t cut the ties.

Hale finds Dyson in a bar. Jack turned himself in, terrified. Hale asked if Dyson used his wolf to scare the kid, but Dyson tells him that he didn’t. Dyson’s downward spiral continues, he’s done explaining himself to everyone.

Bo comes to visit Ryan, but she’s not in the mood for any gifts. He doesn’t see why sending the Morrigan to Nate was such a bad idea. He was giving Nate an opportunity of a lifetime. She tells him that its not his place, that she would kill him in the end. But there’s a price for everything, and Ryan understands that. Another touchy subject is his clan alliance. He chose dark fae long ago, and he stands by it. He points out that although Bo claims to be unaligned she’s been pretty firmly team Light. He tells her that Light isn’t good, and Dark isn’t bad. There’s a lot of grey, and even Light has a bad side. All fae tend to think less of humans, and points out her little display with Delphine earlier was like playing with her food. Ryan is right on all points, and Bo melts a little. He wants to see Bo unleashed, which who doesn’t. Bo’s anger slips away, and he tells her to leave the alliances behind. He shows her the present, it’s the hostess from earlier. There’s no rules at Casa Ryan, and its about to be a very hot time.


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