Thursday SDCC Signings: E.L. James, Breaking Dawn Pt.2, and Teen Wolf

E.L. James
Signings at Comic Con are always coveted, whether they’re comic creators or movie stars, there are almost always lines. But then, Comic Con is kinda infamous for lines for everything except the women’s bathroom.

I stopped by just three signings for Thursday, but getting into them was different for each. It use to be that you would just get in line, and wait for the autograph of whomever was signing, chit chat for a bit and get your picture taken but for most signings, that just doesn’t happen anymore.

E.L. James
E.L. James

The first signing line of the day was for the E.L. James signing, author of Fifty Shades of Grey. This book has been an absolute selling phenomenon, and there was a ticket drawing line for this one. If you haven’t heard of the series, surely you’ve been living under a rock. The line for the drawing was long, and there were tears among both the ticket winners and losers. Those who did win had to hold onto their tickets until later in the day during the actual signing.

During the signing, fans were rushed through as there were many, many who had waited all day to have her sign their items. Some brought books, others bought them there, and there were even a few who had Grey ties signed. 

James was gracious as she signed, trying to chat with each of her fans, even though she was rushed, which has become an unfortunate trend during the signings. Pictures were rushed, and mostly taken while James scribbled in books, but for a few who had waited until the very end of the signing, James did pose for pictures with those diehards.

I was lucky enough to get a box set signed by E.L. James and I’ll be giving them away later on the blog along with a “Laters, Baby” pin.

One of many Twilight: Breaking Dawn signings was also Thursday. I attended one of three. For the one that I attended, I received tickets in the morning at the Summit booth.

Marlane Barnes, Maggie Grace and Guri Weinburg
They were handing them out along with the rest of their morning swag.  In fact, I had no clue what I even had in my hand until someone asked me where I had gotten the autograph pass.

The autograph passes did not have a time, or location on them, nor who would be signing, only that it was an autograph signing for Breaking Dawn Part 2. And knowing the sheer number of cast members there, that could mean anyone, except the main cast. There was a special wrist banded signing for them given out to panel attendees only.

Valorie Curry and Erik Odom
So let that be a reminder to pay attention to what you're being handed anyways. It may be a flier, or it may be an autograph session. I ended up having to go back into line just so I could get details about the signing.

Erik Odom, Valorie Curry, Rami Malek, Marlane Barnes, Casey LaBow, and Lisa Howard ended up attending the signing for my session. I just missed Maggie Grace, Guri Weinburg and Joe Anderson, as they were changing out cast members.

Marlane Barnes and Rami Malek

The Twilight signing ran much like their swag handouts, Summit ran their signing with the same speed and efficiency. They rushed people through like cattle, barely allowing a word spoken as the stars hurried to sign. If I were a big fan of the franchise, and this was my only chance to see the stars I would have been a little more disgruntled. 

Lisa Howard and Casey LaBow
The WB booth is known for sending people through their signings quickly, but they have nothing on Summit. I barely had time to snap pictures of everyone as I was hustled through, which was allowed here but don’t even think of taking out your camera during a WB signing. I’ll go over those more during the Saturday SDCC signing articles. 

I did walk away with two Twilight posters, which will also be up for grabs later.

Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin
The last signing of Thursday was the Teen Wolf signing. It was the cast’s second and last signing of the show. 

They held it at the Top Cow Booth, and it was a traditional line up and wait. 

For some they waited hours to get their autographs. Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, and Tyler Posey signed. 

Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed and Colton Haynes

Being at a comic booth its usually a little more laid back. Comic booths are always some of the best places to hand out with your favorites. For instance if you want to chat with Robert Kirkman, you're gonna be able to say more than "Hi," if you catch him over at the Image booth doing a signing, rather than during a signing for the Walking Dead television show. True you won't likely see Norman Reedus, or Andrew Lincoln there, but you might be able to get Kirkman to spill a few secrets about his phenomenal comic or the show that spun off it.

Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden
But being it was the cast of Teen Wolf, and there were a ton of people who were waiting while the restrictions were lessened, they weren't gone.

There was  a little time to talk to each of the stars, there’s time to get items signed, and take pictures, which is really nice. No time to get pictures with the cast, but enough to actually see each person and talk to them a little. 

The cast was signing for as many people as the time alloted, so the conversations where kept short though.

Crystal Reed, Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin
The Teen Wolf stars signed a special edition Teen Wolf Comic, which was one of four, so look out for that one too in a later giveaway!

Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Colton Haynes,
Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Reed
Photos: Courtesy of our lovely photographer SweetLeilani, and a few by myself


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