True Blood recap: In The Beginning

Roman’s guts are all over the table. Ding dong, the Guardian really is dead. Russell is still on the loose as all the vampires are trying to figure out everything out. Why did his iStake not work everyone is wondering? While I’m a little more concerned over Russell’s handling of Eric. UV lights are toasting everyone, and Nora continues her crazy rantings even in the light. A g-man hit squad comes to the rescue, and thank goodness Eric although hanging from a column is fine.

Jason worries over the fairies handling of Sookie. They’re testing her microwave hands, and there seems to be a little too much light in one place for Claude’s liking. He has her woken up, her luminescence is depleted.  If she’s not careful she can lose all of her powers, possibly even become human, but there is also still much she could learn and do.

Andy has to go over the crime scene with his deputy. He’s getting the third degree, while Sam is sniffing out some evidence. Sam sniffs out the Obama masks, and Kenya ponders if there’s something she’s missing.

Hoyt talks with his Obama wearing mask friends, who happen to be the guys from his road crew. They’re trying to recruit him to their cause. Poor Hoyt is looking for some place to fit in, even in this little Hate group. Jim Bob gets a call from the Dragon, and takes it in private. Hoyt talks to his little friends about Jessica, and they try to convince him that Jessica spelled him into loving her, and he tells them that he hates Jessica, and they proclaim their hate for her too. Jim Bob comes back with the news of Junior’s death.

Bill tells Eric that they delivered Roman’s killer to him. Eric tells him that Nora knew what was coming, and ponder whether or not Russell was actually silvered. They ask Molly if she’s a sanguinista, but she definitely is not, as she works to see what happened with the iStake. Bill and Eric get called to Salome’s quarters.  Bill and Eric are less than pleased to see Nora there, and even more displeased to see to see Russell. Russell has turned over a new leaf, and he would like to let bygones be bygones. Eric is still skeptical.  Nora tried to save him in good faith, but he doesn’t want to hear her words. Salome is the one that dug up Russell, being there when the boys put Russell underground, she tries to play grieving widow and rebel leader in equal parts. Salome was behind the entire coup, she asks them to join her, and Eric eloquently tells her “Never, you bible banging cunts.” Salome continues to be generous, and the boys walk away for now.

Alcide trains with Rikki and things turn a little steamy. She turns the tables on him, and he still manages to pin her. Alcide refuses to deal in V, and he’s prepared to lose to JD, but he won’t go down the V hole. Training seems pointless, and kissing ensues. Martha breaks up the little kissing session. She doesn’t want to believe that JD is on V, but Alcide refuses to back down.

Arlene watches hers and Terry’s wedding tape. Her friends share their well wishes over their happy day, and many of them were in much happier times, Hoyt and Jessica, Lafayette and Jesus. Holly comforts her as she breaks down into tears over all that she’s lost, thinking that Terry is crazy. As she tells Holly about the Ifrit, Holly lends some light to the situation. And after all the crap that they’ve seen, you’d think that she’d be a little more open minded.

Jason serves Sookie breakfast in bed, even though its lunch time, since he doesn’t know how to make anything but breakfast. But atleast he put in the effort. He tells her that she’s not to blame for her parent’s death, even though it was her blood that drew the vampire to their parent’s car. Jason always blamed himself, and she never once treated him like it was his fault. And even though they now know the truth, he won’t blame her. And yes, she lets him eat her bacon.

Andy comes to see Sheriff Deerborn. He’s come for some advice. He wants to know if he sucks at his job, how he’s to deal with current craziness.But Bud isn’t ready to help him. He sends him off, so he can go “relax” with his enhancement cream, hot tub and woman that isn’t his wife.

Lafayette goes to see Jesus’s uncle. The house seems empty as he looks around, until he finds Jesus’s head. His uncle holds Lafayette at gun point, upset that Jesus gave his gift to Lafayette, but Lafayette isn’t one to be spit at, he spits back, and gets the butt of the gun. Nighty, night.

Luna wants to get out, and search for her shooter, but Sam doesn’t want her to help, she needs to heal first. Sookie comes bearing greasy goods, and takes Sam for a much needed cup of coffee. Sookie asks him if he would want to give away his abilities and become normal if he could, if all the hate would go away. He’s not sure if the hate would go away, if it would be worth it.

Tara does a little pole dancing action, as Pam sits on the throne. It’s just not the same without Eric in that seat. And who walks in but Lottie Mae, in her Sunday best. As always Lottie Mae is more worried about herself and her reputation, rather than her daughter. She’s a minister’s wife now, and she’s come to say goodbye to Tara. Tara sends her on her merry way, and gets back on her pole as her new mama watches on.

Salome forgives Russell in front of the rest of the Authority. He asks for forgiveness for what he said about Lilith, and calls for a round of praises.  Oh goodness, born again Russell. Nora continues on with her sermon, blah blah blah, Lilith’s blood is good. Eric watches on with hatred, and Salome plans to drink down the sacred blood. Only Dieter sees all of the pretty words as blasphemy. Russell kills him quickly, and asks for forgiveness.  Salome drinks the blood, and passes it around. Bill ponders whether or not they should, and Eric figures that nothing will happen, its only V.

They all have one heck of a V trip walking around in the streets. All the members of the Authority, Bill, Eric, Russell and even Steve Newlin are high as kites. Steve uses the opportunity to try to snuggle up to Russell, though he doesn’t get too far with that. An unsuspecting cabby nearly hits the group, and Bill and Eric give him an earful. Off the group runs with Bill getting a piggy back ride from Eric, how bromantic is that.

Tara sits behind Pam’s desk, and Pam finally has nice things to say to her Progeny. Pam tells her that her mom is a real bitch, and she tells her that that woman isn’t her mother anymore. She promises her that a hundred years from now, she won’t even remember her. Tara gets her first real embrace from her Maker, but it’s short lived, as Pam sends Tara back onto the pole.

Uncle crazy –pants, prepares Lafayette and his pregnant wife, for whatever black magic he thinks will allow him to regain his family’s magic. Poor Lafayette cannot say a word with his mouth sewn shut. The magic is stored in Lafayette’s brain and he plans on cutting it out of him, and letting his wife drink it so the baby will absorb the magic. But plans change when the wife takes him by surprise, and kills him. She cuts Lafayette’s mouth open. And I’m willing to bet that Jesus is in control of her.

JD tells the pack that his vampire friend has told him that the end of days has arrived. He’s tells them of a vampire vs human war coming on the horizon, and tries to get the pack to drink the blood to prove their loyalty. In fear, some members drink, and he even tries to give some to Emma. Martha stops Emma before she can drink, and finally the truth has come out. She takes Emma away.

Hoyt joins his dumb friends, and gets a Obama mask of his own. I guess his fangbanger days are over, and now its all about the hate now.

Sam is turned away from Luna’s bedside at the hospital. Visiting hours are over, but as he leaves, someone smells off, and he follows the scrub clad guy. He finds one of the culprits who shot him and Luna, and the guy doesn’t exactly deny it.

A girl sings at a party in a bar, when Russell joins in to do a duet. It’s a little awkward, even more so when he’s recognized by one of the guests of honor, the girl’s mother. And before the humans can raise the alarm, the vampires fall upon everyone in the bar.

Terry and Patrick await the Ifrit in field freezing their tushes off. The Ifrit finds them, and mocks them. But Terry is ready to be done with this whole mess, willing to kill himself to be rid of it. Patrick brings up the children, his family that Terry cannot leave behind, and Terry gives him back the gun. Patrick finally regrets giving the order to kill the woman who cursed them, but it doesn’t change things. They’re still cursed.

Jessica is feeding when Jason comes calling. He’s a bit of a mess, and he’s been drinking. He tells her all about his parent’s attack at the hands of vampire. Meanwhile Sookie thinks back over her powers, what everyone has thought about them, and what Claude told her about becoming human. She starts wasting her fairy juice everywhere. Jessica tries to comfort Jason, she kisses him and he freaks when he tastes blood on his lips. Sookie continues her light show. Jason takes offense when she doesn’t know the guy’s name she was drinking, and some harsh words are said. She bites him, he shoots her in the head, and she throws him out of her house. As he walks out to his car, he sees Sookie’s light show across the graveyard.

Everyone who ingested Lilith’s blood has made quite the mess of the bar. A drop of blood falls, and the group pauses, as a vampire Lilith manifests. Her feral cries forces them to feed harder, only Eric seems a bit reluctant. Godric appears to Eric and stops him, telling him to save Nora, since he knows this is wrong and she does not. He looks to her, and he doesn’t see Lilith, but Nora is clearly looking at something.


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