True Blood Recap: Let’s Boot and Rally

Sookie and Alcide continue their make-out session on the couch. It's been what three years in the making. And just as things get interesting, Sookie throws up on a half naked Alcide as Bill and Eric watch. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

Lafayette freaks over his demon's actions. And he tries to pray to get away from his demon. His statues taunt his pleas, and Lafayette loses his shit and smashes them. He begs for Jesus to help him

Keller forces Terry to tie up Patrick, and then he does the same to Terry, panicked that something followed them. He climbs out for a looksee, and Terry thinks that maybe this whole thing was a bad idea.

Jason wakes up in some old He-man PJ's. And it looks like a happy family memory until his parents start bleeding from vampire wounds. Rosie awakes him with a phone call, and Jason is naked and uneasy.

Andy sleeps nude on Arlene's couch, his phone waking her. Duty calls.

Bill asks if Sookie can unglamour Alcide's employee, Doug, as she did with Tara before. Sookie tells them that she was worried about them, but Eric is less than friendly, especially after finding her with Alcide. Alcide doesn't want Doug messed with, which starts a fight with the vampires. Sookie loses her little mind, hallucinating them as barking. She decides its all going to be crazy, no matter if they're in her like or not, and rallies the troops to go Russell hunting. I think I like crazy Sookie.

Tara is on the prowl in Fangtasia. Looks like someone has been taking trips from Mommy, and it looks good on her. Pam tells her to bar tend, and old growly Tara from season one is back. Tara drops fang on a girl and Pam takes her in hand. There are rules, and Mommy isn't above laying them down roughly. Tara understands. Jessica sees it all, and she doesn't look all too happy.

Sookie and the boys go to see Alcide's guy, Doug. She asks to see inside the guy's head. She goes in slowly, and they see that a female of the Authority dug up Russell. Bill immediately jumps to the conclusion that it had to be Nora, even though Eric insists that he told her nothing. Looks like there's a ripple in the bromance.

Nora continues in her faith, even through the cell sunbath as the Authority watch on. Salome keeps tabs on Bill and Eric, and she gives them until dawn to find Russell. Heinrich is to deliver this threat. Salome meanwhile heads to Roman, in his lock room full of doubts. A vile of blood that may be the blood of Lilith. He talks of past betrayals. Salome gives her reports on the Sanguinistas. Roman refuses to pander to fanatics, but Salome wishes to control the message, to use the Sanguinistas to their benefit, which will only happen if Roman can get past his ego.

Patrick and Terry think Keller is guilty. He pulls the gun on Terry. He thinks by killing them, whatever is after him will forgive him. He was in the home of one of the soldier's and his family that died. The fire was alive, and it targeted them. He thinks that the fire, the Ifrit, is coming after them because they were cursed in Iraq, and now they will all die. Terry has a flashback of the woman who cursed them, when the firefight was done, she was still alive, and he wanted to save her, but Patrick had other thoughts, and Terry killed her.

Jason and Andy arrive at the scene of the shifter murders. Jason and Andy talk about the nightclub fairies, and they have a little heart to heart. Andy plans to steer clear of the fairies, he doesn't want to jeopardize what he has with Holly and they divide to solve the case at hand. Andy asks Sam about the bodies. Sam tells him everything. He was suppose to come for dinner, and he found them dead. Andy presses, and Sam tells him that they're all shiftersn just like him.

Jessica approaches Tara, and orders a drink. They talk makers, and Jessica tells her that Pam isn't so bad, but she reaches out to her. Jessica has been through what Tara is going through now. Jessica offers friendship, and Tara opens up. The craziness, the hunger, all of it. Tara sees only the bad in being a vampire, but Jessica, has finally learned that the cup is half full, and she shares her joy with Tara.

Sookie wants to talk to Alcide about puking on him, Alcide's employee, Doug, doesn't remember the route their on. Alcide remains quiet the whole time. Bill continues to nettle Eric about Nora, when their interrupted by a call from Molly. She tells the boys that their iStakes have been activated, and that time is short.

The group comes to an abandoned asylum. Bill tries to send Sookie away, but she won't have any part of it. She's seen way too many horror movies, and knows that splitting up is a bad idea. Her microwave fingers plan on protecting the boys, and she tells them "I gotta pee something fierce" and she wants to get it all over with. Ha! Sookie should speak her mind more often.

Jason and Andy find some wooden bullets in a tree, and draw their own conclusions. Vampires are bad news but not likely the culprits, wooden bullets will obviously kill shifters, but they'll kill vampires too.

Alcide smells wolves, and Doug whimpers like a baby. He tells them that he's never been to NYC and wants to live long enough to go. But Eric, Mr. ray of Sunshine tells him that "New York City smells like pee, and the people are rude." They continue on, and they find a stack of bodies, being nibbled on by rats.

Tara takes the quickest smoke break ever, sucking down her cigarette in one pull. Hoyt crosses her path, and both have done a lot of changing. Hoyt wants to give her a go, but Tara tells him to go home to his momma.

Sookie leads them down yet another dark hallway.

Terry is stuck in a flashback, watching them burn the bodies they'd killed. He saw the Ifrit rise he realizes, and tells Keller, who's relieved that he's not the only one whose seen it. Terry tells him they have to get out, that the Ifrit has been waitng for a moment to kill them all at once and Keller releases them. Patrick knocks out Keller, thinking that Terry was lying, and he secures Keller alone. Patrick plans to turn over Keller in the morning, but Patrick tells him that he did see the Ifrit. Patrick tries to blame it what he saw on the drugs they'd taken that night, but he couldn't be more wrong. Down in the basement the Ifrit claims Keller.

Lafayette awakens to Jesus's mumbles, his severed head on his table with his mouth sown shut. Lafayette's mother awakens to it as well, but she's less surprised, asking where he's been.

Doug makes a break for it, and runs into a room full of hanging snacks. One awakens thinking that he's the next meal, and begs to not be taken, and finally it looks like Russell may be found. Bill and Sookie get ready.

Sam shows up on Luna's door, and she doesn't want to talk to him until he tells her about their friends. He hears a noise, and she tells him that Emma has been having trouble sleeping. She's quick to get him to leave, but Sam tells her that he'll come to check on her in the morning, which she okays. Outside of Luna's house, Sam is shot by some masked men. Hearing the shots, Luna comes out, and is shot multiple times. Emma comes out as well, and Sam tells her to run. She shifts into a wolf cub and takes off.

Roman makes a speech. Jason sheds tears. Sookie and the boys search. Tara feeds on Hoyt and Jessica on a blonde in the bathroom. Hearing Hoyt, Jessica pulls Tara off him, and the two fight. Roman talks religion, talks big ideas. And finally Sookie and the boys lay their eyes on Russell. Eric tells him that he's come to finish what they started. And Russell tells him to give it his best shot. Alcide starts to shift and is dragged away from the doorway... And that's all for this week.


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