True Blood Recap: Somebody That I Use To Know

Finally the episode that Stephen Moyer directed. 

One of the guys that shot Luna and Sam is halled away by Andy, thanks to Sam. Sam tries to calm Luna, but she refuses to be calmed. And when he leaves, she shifts into him. Uh oh, we’ve got another skin walker on our hands, hopefully things end better for her than they did with Tommy.

The blood high continues as they return to base camp, only Eric is unaffected. Each of the vampires are tripping out in their own way. Eric asks Bill what happened, and Bill tells him that they were in the presence of God, but Eric knows better they were just high as fucking kites.

Jason stops Sookie from wasting her fairy energy.  Sookie is beyond tired of her abilities, wanting nothing more than to be normal. But Jason points out that if she didn’t have her abilities, she’d never have experienced real love with Bill, or have gotten to talk to Gran on the other side. So many positives have come from being fairy, and without her abilities she’ll never be able to uncover who killed her parents. Sookie’s lightbulb shines bright, and she listens to her brother and stops spilling her fairy all over the yard.

Dep. Kevin is confused by “Sam’s” appearance, and “Sam” makes a break for it.

A fangbanger tries to pick up Jessica, and she lets him entice her for a quick dance, and leaves with the guy.

The vampires reminisce over their Lilith encounter. Russell gushes over the draining of the bride, and all think that what they did was right, even the killing of the child. Bill finally looks like he knows right from wrong, but as Eric takes his leave, Bill does not join.

Alcide and Rikki play a little chair tag, getting all sweaty. And then they proceed to have sex on every piece of furniture in his bedroom, as Rikki tells him she’s not his girlfriend. But when he asks if she’s his girlfriend she coyly says maybe. I know Eric put the whammy on him and all, but seriously, Alcide what are you thinking?

Bill comes to Salome’s chamber and there’s a lovely unwilling brunette morsel waiting. He tries to turn her down, and Salome tries to bully him into feeding on her.  He still refuses, he’s fathered children, and cannot take one away. Salome asks why doesn’t he change his children and keep them with him forever. Cue the Bill flashback. Bill’s daughter is on her death bed, and he goes to her. At first she thinks he’s an angel, but he shatters that illusion, and then begs for immortality, but he cannot give it to her. Salome continues spouting her twisted dogma, telling Bill he’s refusing God’s gift, and Bill goes in for the kill as Salome prays.

Hoyt and his redneck pack surprise Hoyt with a present, Jessica all wrapped up in silver chains. The guys want Hoyt to stake her for all the pain she’s caused him, but Hoyt doesn’t look like he’s exactly enjoying the display, though he tries to play it up that he’s still into what they’re putting down. The guys urge Hoyt on, telling him its good for him, and they lock the door, leaving him alone with Jessica.

Claude asks if Sookie is sure she wants to go down the path she’s asking for. They aren’t sure if they want to assist, and Sookie gets a little too loud about vampires. Claude though has his reservations, agrees to help.

Lafayette drives away from Uncle Crazy’s house, and he finds Jesus’ first aid kit and badge hidden above his visor. He uses some V to pretty up his face, and look who’s sitting shotgun, but the man himself, Jesus. Lafayette asks if he’s real, and Jesus tells him it doesn’t matter. They hold hands as Lafayette drives off.

Andy questions the suspect. He tells him that he’s shooting freaks to save America. Andy isn’t happy with how little is being said, and Sam offers to use some techniques to make the guy talk. Andy leaves. Sam strips down and turns into a snake. “Sam” comes in and Andy is more than a little confused. He unites Sam and “Sam.” “Sam” is worried she’s gonna die, since she can’t shift back. They learn that the guy who shot them has Jessica.

Claude and his fairy sisters take Sookie and Jason out to where their parents died, hoping to use a little fairy magic to amplify Sookie’s own and figure out who killed their parents. In theory Claude and Claudine tell Sookie that she’ll be able to step into the past, and see everything. It works, and Sookie experiences that night on the bridge where her parents died. First she sees everything from her mother’s eyes, until her mother’s death, when she begins seeing things from the vampire’s eyes and is blasted by Claudine in the past, knocking her out.

Jessica begs for her life, and Hoyt tells her all the ways that she hurt him. He asks why she didn’t love him more. Jessica tells him that she never wanted to break his heart. He holds the gun to her head.  He shoots the gun, and one of the guys comes to open the door. A free Jessica kills him, but she can’t leave, its daylight. Hoyt promises to bring help, but when she says thank you, he tells her to fuck off.

Arlene and Holly come to Lafayette for help. Arlene thinks that Terry is either off his meds, or he’s cursed. Lafayette tells her he’s off his meds, but Arlene presses. She asks him to just say what Terry needs to hear and help him. Lafayette agrees for a price.

Andy comes with Sam and “Sam” to save Jessica. “Sam” picks up the scent of a woman, but Jessica hasn’t seen any women and then there’s the cramping.

Sookie recaps for Claude what she saw, and felt. She tells him first she was her mother, then the vampire. Claude freaks out a bit, fairies can’t control vampires, and he claims that the Elders will be furious. Jason doesn’t care about the Elders, more worried about the vampire that killed his parents. Sookie suddenly remembers that Claudine called the vampire Warlow, which though Claude claims to not know the name, it clearly looks like he does.

Tara encounters an old high school “friend,” who’s just as pleasant and racist as she’s always been. Pam is forced to intervene when the girl gets mouthy with Tara, though Tara matched her quip for quip. Pam buys her drink, and the girl leaves.

It’s fight time for JD and Alcide. It’s a hunt for the pack, and today they’re hunting a university trackstar. The lucky guy will get a 2 minute head start. Alcide refuses to hunt the kid, causing a forfeit. But JD says he’s still gonna hunt the boy to cement the win. Alcide tries to stop JD, and a V’d up JD throws him down, chasing after the boy. Alcide wolfs out and runs after him.

Eric comes to his sister. In all the 600 years he’s known and loved her, she’s never believed in this. He tries to get her to see the light, that Salome put her on this crazy path. Eric tells Nora that Lilith doesn’t exist, and that what she’s doing sickens him, sickens Godric. Nora tells him that Godric was weak at the end, and she forsakes their maker. Eric pins her down by the throat, but he releases her, and she leaves him, telling him that Lilith will show him the way.

Sam holds “Sam” and Luna thinks she’s dying. She apologizes, and he does too.  When Sam kisses “Sam” on his forehead, she finally turns back, and tosses her cookies.

Pam tells Tara that she wants to talk. Pam takes Tara down to the basement, and at first Tara doesn’t understand when she sees her old mouthy high school friend chained up. Pam tells her “My mad face and my happy face are the same,” and she mind fucks the friend into being Tara’s blood whore.

JD catches up to the high school track star, and Alcide catches up to them both before JD can kill the kid. JD beats down Alcide,  and Martha stops JD before he can kill Alcide. She tells him that he’s better than this, or that he use to be, and Rikki begs for Alcides life. JD drops the rock, and tells Alcide to get a new pack.

Terry and Patrick come running home when Arlene tells him that there’s a fire, only to find no fire at all. Arlene and Holly tell them that they have a plan. Lafayette is going to contact the Iraqi woman and ask her to call off the Ifrit. Patrick is skeptical, but Terry vouches for Lafayette’s medium abilities. Lafayette goes through the motions to give them a good show, until the woman’s spirit comes for real. The spirit is pissed, but she says that she’ll lift the curse if…and then she jumps into Lafayette’s body scaring the crap out of Terry and Patrick when Lafayette yells at them in Arabic. Lafayette, back to himself, tells them that Terry has to kill Patrick or Patrick has to kill Terry, only one of them can survive. Patrick smartly makes a run for it.

Hoyt looks lost, and is happy to see a car, until the drive pulls a gun on him.

Sookie is visited by a misty vampire, that tells her he’s coming for her.

Salome meets with the rest of the Authority council. Russell and Rev Newlin flirt rather than work. They try to plot their next move to forward with their Sanguinista movement, all while Eric watches. Bill makes a whammy of a suggestion, they should bomb True Blood factories, which would basically end the mainstreaming movement.  Eric wonders what Bill’s just done, but Bill shrugs telling him he’s evolving. Looks like someone else has been whammied by Salome.


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