Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer from Comic Con

Fresh out of San Diego Comic Con, the Walking Dead Season 3 trailer!

We're gonna see lots of Michonne from the looks of things, because she's well, pretty badass. She and Andrea are gonna see a copter go down, and wind up at Woodbury with the Governor.Woodbury looks too good to be true, and Michonne doesn't trust the Governor. The Governor questions Andrea, and she tells him about her group. Clearly she'll continue to screw the group over, while thinking she's doing the right thing.

Rick and the rest are gonna find a prison, which although they're gonna need to clean out, is a sweet spot. They're gonna spill plenty of blood, and become territorial. I'm not sure who Lori is trying to convince more, Rick or herself when she tells him that he's not a killer, and that he's protecting the group.

Rick isn't willing to give up the prison, but the Governor feels like he has right to it. This is the Walking Dead, so things are not going to end well, especially when Rick starts making threats.

"If we see you out there, anywhere near our people....I'll kill you."

Oh and Merle is back!


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