SDCC Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Panel

Hall H opened the first day of comic con with the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Panel. And if the hordes camping out the week before the con were any indication, one of the most anticipated panels.
The screaming tween twihards, and their twougar moms descended upon Hall H for the last time for the final movie in the Twilight Saga, and get a first look at the final chapter in Bella and Edwards glittery romance.
If preview night’s Twilight Meet and Greet was any indication, the stars would be out in full force and they definitely were. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner all set to appear, along with supporting players Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and newcomer Mackenzie Foy, who plays Renesmee  were all there, plus more, many of which hadn’t even been introduced yet.

The panel not only started late, it started with a tribute to the woman who camped out, and was hit by the car in a rush to cross the street. This is probably the only time that the hall was quiet, because after that Eric Moro, of Wikia, announces that this will be the final appearance of the Twilight saga, and the screaming begins.

The trinity take the stage amidst more screaming than is really imaginable. Stephenie Meyer is here, but Bill Condon is not. He sends a recorded message. Mackenzie Foy also joins them.

And then there’s more screaming and rejoice. They’re showing the first 7 minutes of the movie.  Vampire Bella hunts, she kills, and she eats, a mountain Lion.

Stephenie Meyer gives Kristen plenty of praise, very excited to have everyone finally see vampire Bella.
Kristen Stewart looks at ease, almost animated as she talks about Bella. Looks like this is what she’s been waiting for the entire time. On the other hand Robert Pattinson looks bored, I guess only one of them can look at ease and excited for this movie at a time. 

Mackenzie Foy, is not only adorable, but articulate, which does little to tamp down the creeper factor that Taylor Lautner’s character is in love with her.

Another clip is shown. This one is of the Cullen family trying to show Bella how to act human. It’s filled with plenty of humor.

Finally the rest of the Cullens take the stage, most notably, the fans go extra crazy for Kellan Lutz, which is no surpise as he flashes those dimples.

Every shares their favorite memory, but really everyone fumbles around with this questions, like its not one that is always asked. Peter fumbles out that they all blur together, but settles on the fan support, and the cast becoming family. Kellan gushes over kisses, sending fan girls into a frenzy. Jackson thanks everyone for making his first comic con memorable.

Fan Q&A is always kinda of awkward as fans either stalker gush, or fumble with their questions, fans did both, but it wasn't all bad. One fan asked which villain they would dress as if they attended Comic Con. Kristen of course goes with the obvious choice, "The evil Queen from Snow White!" Nice plug there Kristen. Rob picks General Zod, which didn’t go over nearly as well. 

Someone asked Stephenie Meyer about Midnight Sun, the book that she was writing from Edward's point of view, and she skitters around the subject, saying that Rob should be writing his own book. And I’m sure if he did, it would sell about a gazillion copies.

Favorite filming scenes is asked about. Kristen mentions the hunt scene, not sure if she can’t remember the rest of the movie, or is reluctant to talk about any scene not shown, but its her favorite. Taylor ‘s favorite is when he had to tell Bella he’d imprinted on her daughter, which I thought she’d already have known about since that was kinda the climax from the last one, but maybe no one wanted to tell her after she’d turned. Anyhow there was a lot of yelling on Kristen’s part, and Taylor was pretty sore after. Mackenzie enjoyed riding wolf Jacob, she lost a tooth. She follows up the cute statement with “I got my big girl teeth.”

Most challenging thing about filming the Twilight movies, Jackson and Ashley answer the contacts and make-up, with Nikki agreeing. A young fan follows up asking if it was fun filming the movies, and new dad Jackson has to ask how the kid got so ridiculously cute. How cute is he for asking? The fan gushes a little, thanking him.

The panel wraps up by bringing out a ton of surprise guests, making Hall H erupt, most notably for Maggie Grace. And that closes the final Twilight Panel.

Photos and Videos: Courtesy of our lovely photographer SweetLeilani


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