E.L. James signing in San Francisco

E.L. James, author of the very popular Fifty Shades of Grey series, came to San Francisco yesterday, and signed for about 600 fans, lucky enough to snag tickets to the event.

The event was the only one for Northern California during her current whirlwind tour, and it took place at Books, Inc in the Opera Plaza of the San Francisco.

The fog had rolled in as James arrived in a white limo, I was a little disappointed half expecting her to pull up in an Audio R8, but hey that's just me. Honestly, I just wanted to drool over the car, and not just because Christian drives it in the books, but because the car is really a thing of beauty.

She arrived early, and her fans even earlier. Though the event was ticketed, and very well run I heard a few girls saying they had arrived hours earlier, to make sure they got their items signed. There were custom shirts many with quotes from the books, "Laters, Baby" being the most popular, a few "Keep Calm and Stow Your Twitchy Palms," and of course there were plenty of grey ties to be seen. For the most part though the crowd was pretty low key, and unless you knew James was signing tucked away in the children's section, you would have no clue what the huge crowd of people were doing.

The event was scheduled to run from 7pm to 930pm, and James spent every moment scribbling her signature down as quick as she could. Unfortunately, unlike most signings she had barely a moment to say hello before the next person was placed in front of her.

She did pause long enough, to ask my daughter, probably the youngest person there, and certainly the cutest,  if the books were for her, which they most certainly are not, and she nicely signed the button she was wearing.

 We got some pretty cool stuff signed. I managed to get 2 sets of hard cover books, which if you love hard cover books like I do you know they're really hard to find for the Fifty Shades series, in fact they're special editions from the UK. I also got a boxed set, and an audio book signed by James.

All in all it was hectic, and completely worth it for... well you guys the readers, because starting Monday October 1st, there will be a contest to win the books that were signed! And if you want to see more pictures from the event check out our facebook!


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