FREE Adventure Time Poster to the first 300 fans at Sac-Con this Sunday Sept. 30th at the Scottish Rite Center.

Saccon is Sunday Sept. 30th at the Scottish Rite Center

 Sac-Con is Sunday September 30th at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento (6151 H Street).  10am - 5pm.  Admission is $6 at the door.

created for Sac-Con by Dan Brereton and Mike Hampton
to the first 300 fans.
Adventure Time Print  


Jeffrey Combs
Re-Animator, The Frighteners, Star Trek, Transformers Prime
Jeffrey Combs 

Hynden Walch
1pm - 3pm
Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum, Teen Titans' Princess Bubblegum
princess bubblegum 

Liam Sharp

Gears of War, X-Men, Judge Dredd, Hulk, Spiderman
liam sharp 

Joshua Ortega

Writer for Gears of War, the novel Frequencies
Joshua Ortega 

Ron Lim

Marvel Artist
Ron Lim 

Dan Brereton

Comic Book Painter
Dan Brereton
Morrie Turner
 Morrie Turner

Mick Gray
Rafael Navarro
Mike Gray
Eben Burgoon and D. Bethel
Thomas Overbai
Brandon Bracamonte

Pre-Register for Sac-Con for only $4.00  

 Check out some of our great events at the show:

Cosplay Costume Contest
Classic Video Game Tournament
Huge Vendors Room
1pm Charity Auction
Panels/Q & A's with our guests as well as the  Sac Geeks 
Free Yugioh & Magic Tournaments
Console Game Room
and more! 

Sac-Con Sept. 2012 Flier  


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