Meet Kevin Conroy, the animated voice of Batman at SacAnime Winter 2013. Book a room at the Sheraton for the show by September 9th and get a free Weekend Pass!

SACANIME is being held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday January 4 - 6, 2013 at the Sacramento Convention Center and Sheraton Grand Hotel. For more information, check out our website at:

 Book your room at the Sheraton for the Winter Show by Sept. 9th to get a FREE Weekend Badge with VIP upgrade for every room night booked.

The Sheraton will be offering SacAnime attendees a per night rate of $99 (double occupancy) - $124 (triple occupancy) - $149 (quadruple occupancy). Parking at the Sheraton's Garage is $12 per night (normally $20).

SacAnime Winter 2013 Updates:

All 3 Days!
September 10th - September 30th: $25
October 1st - November 30th: $30
We will not be accepting pre-registration after November 30th.

At the Door Registration:
Registration will be at the Sheraton.
Weekend Badge: $40
Friday Badge: $20
Saturday Badge: $30
Sunday Badge: $15

SacAnime Winter 2013 Special Guests:

KEVIN CONROY is known to audiences as the voice of the animated Batman which he has played since its original incarnation in 'Batman the Animated Series' back in 1991. Conroy continued to voice-play Batman in the subsequent series The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. His tenure in the role also includes the DCAU films Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. He also voiced Batman for the character's guest appearances in Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock and The Zeta Project. Apart from the DCAU, Conroy has also voiced Batman in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies Batman: Gotham Knight, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

LIAM O'BRIEN is an actor, writer, and director involved in multiple facets of the world of animation and video games. As an actor, he has worked on well over 200 video game, anime, and original animation projects. Some of the more well known animated series he has lent his voice to include, TIGER 7 BUNNY, WOLVERINE AND THE XMEN, PLANET HULK, NARUTO, BLEACH, CODE GEASS, AFRO SAMURAI, GHOST IN THE SHELL, MONSTER, PARANOIA AGENT, ERGO PROXY, and FINAL FANTASY: ADVENT CHILDREN. On the video game end, popular titles include WORLD OF WARCRAFT, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, ASURA'S WRATH, DARKSIDERS, STARCRAFT 2, COD: BLACK OPS, COD: MODERN WARFARE 3, GUILD WARS 2, TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON, CATHERINE, NIER: GESTALT, DRAGON AGE, RED FACTION, CASTLEVANIA, ACE COMBAT, RESIDENT EVIL 5, PERSONA 3, AND DEVIL MAY CRY 4.

MAILE FLANAGAN won an Emmy in 2006 and was nominated in 2007 for Outstanding Performer in An Animated Program for "Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks". She voices the lead in the hit anime show NARUTO, and has done over 380 episodes, 5 movies and 35 video games for the series. Other animation work includes the Oscar winning film RANGO, ICE AGE 3, FISH HOOKS, BACK AT THE BARNYARD, KUNG FOO MAGOO, TOM AND JERRY, FINAL FANTASY 13, and many more pilots, shows, and upcoming projects. Currently you can catch her recurring as the mean principal on LAB RATS on Disney XD.

HYNDEN WALCH is the actress who gives voice to Princess Bubblegum in Adventure Time and Starfire and Blackfire (among others) in Teen Titans. She can also be heard as Harley Quinn in The Batman, Breach in Generator Rex, Alice May in Scooby Doo, and Penny in Chalkzone; as well as W.I.N.X Club, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Stanley, Batman Gotham Knight, Catscratch, Justice League, Immortal Grand Prix, IGPX, Lucky Star, Kid Icharus, and the upcoming Happy Hugglemonsters. She is proud to be the official voice of Alice in Wonderland for Disney Character Voices.

TODD HABERKORN is an actor, director, producer, and writer. He got his first major role in Suzuka as Yamato Akitski. Shortly thereafter, Haberkorn began directing anime under Line Producers Colleen Clinkenbeard and Chris Sabat while continuing to voice in numerous properties for Funimation and video games. A few notable roles include Natsu from Fairy Tail, Italy from Hetalia, Ling Yao from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Keroro from Sgt. Frog, Keiskuke from Initial D, Allen Walker from D. Gray Man, Hikaru Hitachin from Ouran High School Host Club, Death The Kid from Soul Eater, and many others. This also led to a stint as a director and writer for animated properties as well. Triple A title video games such as Street Fighter IV and Rage involved Todd's voice as well. But not only in LA, but also recording overseas in Asia too.

KYLE HEBERT is now a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Wreck-It Ralph/Street Fighter (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), X Men Arcade (all male voices) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). He is best known as the Narrator and Teen Gohan from the Funimation dub of Dragonball Z. Other notable roles include League of Legends (Ezreal, Jarvan, Graves), Ouran High School Host Club (Kazukiyo Soga), Fullmetal Alchemist (Vato Falman), Tales of Symphonia (Richter Abend) and Star Ocean (Dias, Arumat, Crow). Kyle also provides voices in numerous video games including Guild Wars 2, Sonic, Final Fantasy XIII, World of Warcraft, Devil May Cry 4, Dynasty Warriors, Soul Calibur V and Resident Evil.

TONY OLIVER began his career over 25 years ago as an actor on stage and on camera, performing in several feature films and dozens of plays. He found success as a voice over artist, lending his voice to one of the first foreign made animated features to receive wide release ("The Sea Prince and the Fire Child"). His first foray into television was as the lead voice (Rick Hunter) in the popular animated series "Robotech".

RAJ RAMAYYA is an Indo-Canadian singer, composer and lyricist based in Marin County, California. His claim to anime fame would be his musical collaborations with famed Japanese composer Yoko Kanno as a member of The Seatbelts. Raj sang the opening credits song "Ask DNA" and wrote the lyrics for "Cosmic Dare (Pretty with a Pistol)" from the fan favourite feature film Cowboy Bebop: the Movie, and both sang and wrote the lyrics for "Strangers" from the anime series Wolf's Rain. Not limited to music in anime, he has also worked on songs for video games from the likes of Konami, Sega, and Capcom.


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