True Blood Wish List for Season 6

It's been a few weeks since the True Blood finale, plenty of time to processed over things, and begin to feel the withdrawal start to set in. But, I'm not ready to let go quite yet, and neither is my fellow blogger Brad. So, today we're going to go over the top 10 things we'd like to see for season 6, in no particular order.

The End of Bill, Billith, Or Whatever The Hell He Is
Sue:  For good or bad, Alan Ball is gone, and I think it's time his whole love affair with Bill ended as well. Don't get me wrong, Stephen Moyer is phenomenal, but I've disliked, have even loathed Bill at times, and this season pushed me way over the edge. I'm talking short trip to crazy town, over the edge. I don't care if Bill can be redeemed, or not, stake Billith, rent a unicorn if he has to go out in grand Pumbah style because he's a freakin' god or whatever, just get it over already. I'm so over this religious storyline. I know Ball always believed Bill and Sookie were soulmates, but he was wrong, let's kill Bill, get rid of the evidence and move on to a better soulmate.

Brad: I have to agree. Stake Bill Please. He really chapped my ass this season with his holier then thou attitude. And the whole Sookie and Bill love story is done. Trying to revive it is like flogging a dead horse. Its pretty obvious that Sookie and Eric are meant to be. If not please explain the whole love hate between Sookie and Eric that would make for a good story line.

Sue: Exactly, Eric and Sookie's love affair really needs to play out properly, I'm not saying their soulmates, but their story hasn't been played out yet, I'll get to that in a little bit.

More supernatural Creatures
Brad:  We need more Supernatural Creatures to fill out the story lines. I would love to see more mythological creatures. Maybe see some Weretigers or Werebears and god knows what else you can think of. Maybe a wereunicorn so you use it to stake Bill with. Just a suggestion. Though I love the supernatural creatures we have now. They are starting to get boring and could use a change up. Would be nice to see more crazies like Russell using supernatural creatures to his/her advantage.

Sue: I'm a little mixed on this one. I still feeling a little burned by the disaster that was the werepanthers. That storyline was beyond disastrous, and so very disappointing. But a wereunicorn staking Bill, oh hells to the yes. That would be epic. Where I am on board to introducing more Sups is Quinn, the sexy weretiger that is a big ball of trouble. Readers of the books either loved or hated him, and adding another sexy body to the mix would be awesome if it were done right.

Give Alcide A Better Story
Sue: I adore Joe Manganiello, in fact I love his character so much so that I have a yorkie named Alcide, and although I admittedly squeal a little inside every time he's onscreen he needs something more to do. He spent the second half of this season drinking beer and breaking rocks in and around his daddy's trailer, and as much as I enjoyed watching him swing a pick, it was a waste of time. There are plenty of ways to get Alcide out of his shirt, and give him something fun to do. The Scooby Doo mystery search at the beginning of season was an absolute highlight, but it went straight downhill from then. And, him using V. Seriously? V pretty much screwed his world, the man used a wok for who knows how long to cook with because of it and then he'd use it to save his pack? I just don't really buy it, it goes so far against his moral fiber. And we totally missed out on an opportunity for a Rocky training montage. Plus, the whole fight with JD, it was a little too clean, it felt too hollow. It was over entirely way too quickly. I'm not saying that Alcide needs to actively court Sookie to make me happy next season, but let's bring him back into the main part of the storyline, or give the wolves something interesting enough to do so they remain relevant. This whole season has been a snoozefest where the wolves are concerned, let them go to war against the vampires or each other, or something! Now that would be a bloody season.

Brad: Yes, we need to give Alcide a better storyline. Now that he is pack master he needs to really establish his character more. Not sure I agree with the whole Werewolf/Vampire war but, maybe introduce a new threat to the were's where it would make for an interesting story line. Would love to see a worthy Were Bitch for Alcide. Enough with the V whores. You have the opportunity to do so much with the Were's now that Alcide is pack master. I mean hell you guys could even do a spin off which could follow after Trueblood. having guest stars from one show, make appearances that way we are not have horrible withdrawals'.

More interaction with other kingdoms
Brad: I know the bible belt States are not the only kingdoms. I want to see some serious fall out from the fall of the Authority. Now that there is no Authority, Kings and Queens throughout the world are going to be vying for that position. You caused a power vacuum and its going to be filled by who?? Billith?? I sure as hell hope not. Its going to be mayhem and you need to bring on the CRAZIES, we all love a good crazy running amuck. So far its as if you are playing it safe. OK, I get it we are hooked and wanting more. I understand that Bon Temps is the bases of the story line but come on a road trip every now and then would not harm the story line. I want to see alliances forming and bickering. This could tie in with the whole introduce more Sups. A sasquatch or snow beast. come on!! There is so much to do here. And its not like you guys are staying true to the books so a little more improv is alright. I mean keeping La La was the best move ever.

Sue: Agreed, there are like four kingdoms, maybe more, I really can't remember and we haven't really seen the others, and really this is the perfect opportunity to go semi back to the books. In book 7, All Together Dead, Sookie attends the vampire Summit. With the destruction of the Authority, it would be the perfect opportunity for the Kingdoms to get together and discuss some very pressing concerns. You, Brad, get your crazies and kingdoms. And since the Fellowship of the Sun is responsible for some pretty wicked mayhem in this one, it gives a chance for Michael McMillian's Rev. Steve Newlin to have a reason to be on the canvas, besides pining away for Jason, and maybe even bringing back Sarah for an episode or two because I just adore Anna Camp.

Give Eric back his balls
Sue: Alexander Skarsgård is phenomenal, I think we can both agree on that, but I feel like he's been neutered by Sookie. There is nothing sexier than when he has that sly manipulative smirk on his face. When was the last time that we saw that look? When was the last time he got a semi-prickish line? Pam is always going to have the best lines, but Eric's highlight lines shouldn't be when he's name calling with Alcide or Jason. Eric needs to be more commanding, more demanding. That dangerous predatory air that surrounded him, especially during season 1, has completely dissipated as he's become involved with Sookie. True, his character has grown, and we've seen plenty of facets of his character, but he's been utterly submissive lately. He's what like 800 some odd years older than Bill, and he lets him push him around? He needs to take control of the reigns, and become a real threat again, which is going to be a must if he wants to be with Sookie. Warlow is obviously going to be a huge threat this year, and Sookie is going to need someone smart and cunning to save her. Eric fits the bill, brains, strength, he has it all, he just needs to force Sookie's hand with a real relationship. And going back to All Together Dead, he can do just that starting with the blood bond, he'll just have to have the guts and cunning to do it. We need back the guy that was both really sexy and kinda scary, even while getting his hair did.

Brad: Ha Ha!!!! Seriously, yes, he does need his balls back. Sookie has been wearing them for way to long. Pam has been saying it for the last few seasons that Eric needs his balls back but this season it really showed. As much as we love Eric his character has gotten soft and he is not who we all fell in love with. Sue also made a good point, why in the hell is Billith bossing around Eric who has been around for a hell of a lot more years then he??? I am so confused on that one. Stake Billith, I know I had to just say it again.

Hybrid babies
Brad: With all the sex running rampid throughout the season why in the hell are there no hybrid babies. Seriously, fairies and humans can't be the only ones to be reproducing using the sex organs. I mean as much sex as Sookie has given that fairygina should be spewing out babies. I mean I totally loved this past season of Muerella just dropping babies out her fairygina like it was no bother. Why the hell is no one else dropping spawn??? I know I would love to see what happen with the Werepanther breed fest with Jason's seeds. As many girls as Jason has had relations with, I mean he is either sterile or one really lucky guy. Again another perfect possible way of introducing more SUPS. I mean I do not want it to turn in to one of those damn maternity shows and have baby daycares but damn all that sex and and only two ladies having babies. Arlene should be due to have another one. That is one busy Vajayjay too. She got how many baby daddies. Seriously she need to have one for her current man. Arlene pregnant is hilarious  I want to see Alcide and a good werebitch have puppies. It would give Alcide's character more depth.

Sue: This one I have to disagree with. There are already lots of kids on the show, Luna's daughter Emma, Holly's Boys, Arlene's trio of kids, and now Andy's quadruplets. And really, this is a show for adults, let's keep it that way. Sookie has only slept with vampires, so far, and well there's no babies happening there, except for the vampire progeny which are bitten not born, which there are a few. If there are gonna be babies, let them just be baby vamps. And I'd rather just forget that whole werepanther mess, rather than revisit it with a string of Jason's baby mama's, let's just pretend it never happened. Plus they explained how there would be no babies born out of that breeding program, since the entire town was so inbred they don't have babies often, as in hardly ever. So Jason not knocking up a single inbred white trash werepanther is not far fetched. Let it go. And, rather than saddling Alcide with a family, let's see him be a single guy playing the field for awhile. I'm okay with Alcide being a himbo for a season, I encourage it. He's the new Alpha, he's going to have a lot on his hands without introducing babies into the picture. And as much as I'd melt seeing a baby in Alcide's giant hands it would seriously kill the pace of the show. Plus, you have to remember that besides that year that Sookie was in fairy, most of the events on the show take place in a very small amount of time, so it would be a whole season of pregnancy, maybe even two before we saw an actual baby. No thank you.

Don't let Jason backslide
Sue: Serious exclamation points on this one. Out of all the characters on True Blood I think Jason has grown the most. He's still an airhead at times, but he's also become complex, and his farewell scenes with Hoyt this season were some of the most heart wrenching on the show. He doesn't have to have a relationship with Jessica, though they have great chemistry, but his head injury has turned him into an idiot caricature of the man we have come to know and love. His sudden hallucinatory fang bigotry storyline had better have a big payout, I'm talking way more epic than Billith! While I was thankful to see Tara go back to her season 1 sass, I cannot say the same for Jason regressing back to his former level of stupidity. His intolerance level has hit turbo, thrusting him back to his Fellowship of the Sun days, where now he's more likely to take up with the Obama mask rednecks, then try to stop them and do what is actually right.

Brad: I kind of liked the more mature Jason. Please do not allow him to regress to an idiot. I totally understand this season due to the bump on the head but please lets not bring back season 1 Jason. He, as Sue stated has progressed so much. It would be a shame. I am not asking to make him a super genius, that's just retarded.

Pam and Tara's Relationship
Brad: Lets keep this budding relationship simple. I do not want to see the typical U-haul Lesbian story line (after the first date they move in together and forget the world outside and start nesting and have a shit load of cats) lets not go the stereo typical gay love story, let's make it more realistic. Please do not go on those reality shows and draw inspiration....THEY ARE NOT REAL!!!!! I want to see this relationship to bud properly and not end up like Sookie and Billith's relationship. We need to make sure they do not became boring. Ideally with out losing Pam's unique charm, fashion sense and cunty attitude along without Tara falling back to her annoying self, god that season I just wanted her killed, but I want her back to that cunty, smart mouth, bitch which she returned to. God I love when she and Pam get snarky and tag team individuals. The potential for a fantastic story with those two is just so HUGE. Please do not screw it up. This past season was a bit touch and go there.

Sue: I'm still not completely sold on this relationship yet, I like the chemistry, but I totally agree it needs to be right. I've said it time and again that Tara desperately needed to be killed, and was against her being saved, though I knew it was coming. Rutina Wesley is fantastic, and I'd miss her, but I only take so much of her whining. I get it, she was traumatized, but so is the entire freaking town. Get over it. I loved that she got a bit of her old self back, and I've always adored Pam. Pam has always gotten the best lines, and Kristin Bauer Van Straten's delivery of them are Rockstar status. She is flawless. But if this relationship ruins Pam, as Sookie's and Eric's did Eric, then I immediately vote Tara staked by the Wereunicorn, or Sam could pull his killer fly move again, I wouldn't mind seeing that one a second time, especially if it means we get to see a blood soaked, gore covered Sam again.

Think Outside of the Box with Warlow
Sue: We've had Fangbanging Haters, Maenads, Crazy-assed Churches, Vampires, and V doing Vampire Churches as our big bads, let's dare I say be original and find something else for the season's big villain. There are plenty of things that go bump in the night in and around Bon Temps, why does Warlow have to be a vampire? Claude seemed to be hiding something when he heard the name, and Nora knows it. I know, I know, she's never smelled a fairy, but he could be a rocking dark fairy, what's not to say that he can't mask his scent. He could be more powerful than the Elder, without all the weird questions. Plus what vampire has the ability to be weird steam? Russell certainly didn't and he was like 4 thousand years old. How old would Warlow have to be to have that ability? The fairies have been an utterly lame edition to the storyline. So what if they have microwave fingers, run a neat burlesque club, and have orgasmic births? Who freaking cares? This gives the fairies a chance to spice things up. Warlow being one, could completely reinvent them, and make them a force to be reckoned with.

Brad: So far not really impressed with this Warlow character. I mean there has been no real build up to give suspense as to who or what the hell he is. Yeah it is made to believe that he is a Vampire, not convinced!!! Totally agree we need to think outside the box with this one. Oh and if you are planning on using Billith be the one to destroy this Warlow character forget it. We are not interested in that storyline. Billith needs to just be Staked or what ever you do for a god like creatures. Making him a Dark Fairy now that could be interesting. It would be a story line worth investigating. It could lead to more depth about Sookie and Jason's Family history and more about why Bon Temps is a hot bed for everything supernatural.

More Sookie
Brad: OK so my understanding of the show is that its based off of the life/adventures of Sookie Stackhouse. Why in the hell are we going away from that. Last season Sookie was just there. Though she is pretty and all we need to get back to Sookie. I want to see more Sookie based story lines. She needs to evolve in to a bad ass fairy hybrid. Lets dig into what the hell Sookie is. Yeah we all know she is a fairy hybrid of sorts but what makes her so special. When she met grandpa Stakehouse there were other female halfbreeds there eating fruit. Lets just kill the whole Sookie and Bill love story for good. Lets focus on the Eric and Sookie relationship. We need to develop through several seasons of Sookie's family history. I do not expect everything right up front that would make for a very very boring seasons to follow. But lets not forget that this show is about Sookie. I would love to be invited to one of your brainstorming meetings as to what direction we should go. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes and set of good ideas is just what you need. Do not be shy.

Sue: Yes, yes and yes. I know Anna Paquin was pregnant and all so they wouldn't let her do anything crazy, but besides the Scooby mystery, and drunk Sookie, Sookie's story pretty much was a snoozefest. This season would be a perfect chance to swing the focus back to Sookie and let her absolutely rock. And delving into her family tree sounds like a great idea, especially if it means meeting her Great, great, a whole lot of greats Grandfather, Niall, who by the way should be played by David Bowie. Just throwing it out there. So Mr. Bowie, if your not busy, since Alan Ball killed my dreams of Bruce Campbell playing Bubba on True Blood, it would be fantastic if you could play the fairy king in all your awesome glory.

And that concludes our wishlist for Season 6. What do you guys think? Is there anything we left out that you want to see? Do you completely disagree with us? Leave us a comment below.


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