Sac-Con is this Sunday Dec. 9th at the Scottish Rite Center. Meet Steve Blum, Ernie Hudson, James O'Barr, Tim Bradstreet and more!

Sac-Con is Sunday December 9th at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento (6151 H Street).  10am - 5pm.  Admission is $6 at the door.

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$10 per person.   


Steve Blum
Wolverine and the X-Men, Cowboy Bebop


Ernie Hudson
Ghost Busters, Oz, The Crow


Robin Shelby

Slimer from Ghostbusters 2

Tim Bradstreet

Cover Artist, Punisher, Jennifer Blood, Hellraiser


James O'Barr

Creator of the Crow


Joe Weems V
Tone Rodriguez
Mike Hampton
Tim Vigil
Dan Brereton
Chris Wisnia
Jason Dube
Chris Marrinan
Mel Smith
Sarah Straub
Paul Allen
Bordin "Mark" Marsinkul-
ECV Press
Chartruz Lovelace
David Wong

Pre-Register for Sac-Con for only $4.00  

 Check out some of our great events at the show:

Cosplay Costume Contest
Classic Video Game Tournament
Huge Vendors Room
1pm Charity Auction
Panels/Q & A's with our guests as well as the  Sac Geeks 
Free Yugioh & Magic Tournaments
Console Game Room
and more!


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