This is The End Review and Special Cast Introduction event

I caught a special screening of This Is The End where a few of the stars from the movie came out for an introduction. I don’t live in LA, where I live I don’t expect to see members of the cast come out to introduce their movies, and I certainly don’t expect them to bring goodies with them. Seth Rogen rocked the mike during the introduction. The cast, especially Seth really enjoyed throwing t-shirts at the crowd, but once the cds were brought out, Seth thought better  telling everyone to get their asses out of their seats and get some swag.

This is the End is not only highly offensive, but incredibly funny. Nothing is sacred, absolutely nothing, not even themselves. Each of the guys play a caricature of themselves. The movie starts with Jay Baruchel coming to LA to visit his old friend Seth Rogen. And right from their what gluten is conversation I started laughing. Seth doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp on what gluten is, and I don’t think he’s alone, but explain that its everything that is bad for you just makes me laugh.

The laughs continue as Jay and Seth head over to James Franco’s house. Jay doesn’t get along with any of Seth’s LA friends, though they try to make him feel at home. Jonah Hill’s dog story is almost as hilarious as Michael Cera. No I take that back, because Michael Cera is absolutely hilarious. The cameos keep rolling in, with Emma Watson, Rhianna, Jason Segel and more all attending the party.
Seth and Jay get away from the party for a moment to buy some smokes, and the apocalypse starts. From there, the movie slips into absurdity, and lewdness, but the laughs keep coming as the guys try to figure out what the end of the world means, and if there’s a way to get into heaven.

The movie was so enthralling, that during our screening the fire alarms went off and not a single person noticed them. The ushers had to come down and tell people that there was a fire and we had to evacuate the building. Once the fire was out, we all shuffled back in to watch the rest of the movie.

As much as I enjoyed Superbad, Pineapple Express (which they made a sequel during this one), and Knocked Up, This Is The End is by far my favorite. Will it offend? Yes most certainly, but its packed full of laughs. Whether its drug induced hallucinations, Minotaur naughtiness, Emma Watson robbing the lot of them, of Danny McBride and James Franco arguing about cumming everywhere, Seth Rogen’s victim mentality, Craig Robinson's mid-drift or Channing Tatum’s cameo there is just too much to not love. I mean everyone wants to sleep under a dick during the apocalypse. Watch it, you’ll understand.

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