True Blood Recap: The Sun

We open with a misty bridge, as Sookie dreams the fairy contract lights up. A figure comes out of the mist, a vampire...Warlow?

"Warlow" stops the speeding vehicle Jason is struggling to control. As Jason gets out of the car, pulling a gun on Warlow, only it isn't Warlow. It's his grandfather, and he has the knowledge to back up the claim, someone has been quite the peeping tom, err, concerned family member. It was all a test, which Jason clearly did not pass, with his loose lips. Jason tells him he's ready, but grandpa isn't so sure.

Pam tries to comfort Tara, but she isn't healing from her gunshot wound. Eric and Nora arrive, and Eric tries to remove the bullet but is unable to touch it. Using a broken bottle he's able to remove the silver bullet that emits UV light. Nora sits in shock that the humans are fighting back. Pam tries to talk some sense into everyone, of course the humans are fighting back, the Authority didn't give them any choice when they got rid of their only human accepted food source and that maybe they should be scared. She lashes out at Nora, but Eric has had enough, if the humans want war, he's willing to give it to them. Crazy, sexy, authoritive Eric. He tells Nora to scour the vampire bible for what Bill is, and walks out.

Jessica goes to a freaked out Bill, who's a blood mess, literally. He's feeling the pain of all the vampires being tortured and killed. He mentions a few of the ones he sees, including one being drug behind a truck before slips into a wide-eyed coma. He's walking in a field with the three aspects of Lillith, who are desperately in need of a bath and some landscaping. She, who's quite fetching all cleaned up, tells him that he can no longer be Bill Compton.

Arlene calls Sookie, waking her, because Merlotte's is overrun with customers, and you know she's still a waitress there, even though she is never there. Sookie promises to hurry. As Arlene frets with Terry, Patrick's pregnant wife walks in. She thinks Patrick ran off with some girl. Terry has a hard time putting into words what happened, and Arlene steps in, confirming her worst fears, which are much easier that explaining an Ifrit. She offers his wife what comfort she can.

Sookie walks to work, and tries to walk past the hot guy laying on the side of the road, but she can't. She "overhears" him say that the vampire smelled his blood, and she decides to take the half-fairy home. Because let's face it, she needs a new hot guy in her life since that spot is now sadly vacant. Sookie asks how he got away from his attacker. His microwave fingers saved him,  and he tries to compliment her, or is just really bad with the pick up lines before he passes out. Looks like Sookie isn't making it into work today.

Arlene seats a table, who aren't what they seem, while Lafayette plays dress up with Emma. One of the girls talks with Sam, she knows that Sam is a shifter and she wants him to come out to the world. Nicole is apart of the US Vampire unity society. She wants everyone to come out publically to take some of the heat off the vampires, because if they all came out together, then they can't kill everyone. As nice a thought as it is, Sam isn't willing to play. He's not feeling all too charitable cconsidering his girlfriend just died saving her daughter from the vampires. Nicole presses, and Sam lets her walk out, her requests falling on deaf ears.

Jessica paces as Bill stays in Lala land with Lillith. There is much work to do, Lillith insists. He asks if he is a god, but Lillith tells him there is only one  God, and he isn't it. Come on Bill focus, this isn't all about you! Jessica has a little visitor, some sort of blood prostitute. But the blood whore is a little wary of Bill's current state of comatose. She refuses, and tries to leave, but something brings her back to him in a exorcist contortionist way. Her blood floats out of her mouth and into Bill's, much to the horror of Jessica.

Sookie tends to her hot half-fairy patient. When she touches him, light transfers to him, and he awakens. She tells him it wasn't long ago she wanted to be rid of her light, she's sick of being different. He tries to offer her comfort, believeing her to be a good person. Because bad people never pick up strangers from the roadside, right? He thanks her for her hospitality, and tries to leave. Ben, we finally learn hot fairy guy's name,  takes his leave, and Sookie seems reluctant to have him leave. She tells him of a safe place for fairies, and no its not in her bed, its the fairy club.

Andy tries to reach Maurella in the field, at said fairy club, but she isn't answering. He knows nothing of babies, or fairies.

Jason brings his grandfather to Sookie's house to show him where Warlow was all misty as he tried to break in. In the bathroom grandpa jumps into the portal, and Jason, sweet simple Jason, tries to follow, but cannot. Grandpa comes back wet with ill tidings.

Sookie walks with Ben. He'd come to Bon Temps looking for something good. Ben asks if he can take Sookie out some time to repay her kindness. She tells him she's not ready for something romantical, and he overhears her thoughts about Bill. Not Eric, but Bill. When will the Bill lovefest end? When he asks about him, Sookie turns skittish and leaves him to find the club alone.

Nora reads from her vamppire bible, looking for answers. Pam is less than chipper, as she collects her blood. She asks after Eric, but Nora doesn't know where he is. Nora tells Pam to tell Eric she stepped out when he returns, she discovered that humans lead Lillith to her death, but Pam claims to want nothing to do with Eric, that she's backing off like he told her to. Nora tells Pam that Eric didn't tell her about her to protect her. That he loves her and was most proud of her, that he spoke to Nora often of her.

Eric watches the Governor's house looking for a way in. Wila, his daughter wants to get out, but daddy is firmly against it. She instead gets his next appointment, which happens to be Eric in disguise. Eric and the Governor talk around in circles about vampires and whooping cranes, until Eric gets right down to business. Eric tries to glamour the Governor, but with special contacts the Governor remains unglamoured, and Eric is taken to "camp."

Jason introduces Sookie to their fairy grandpa Niall. They sit down for a spaghetti dinner as Jason babbles on and on comparing Niall to Boba Fett, until Niall reveals that Warlow is already here somewhere. Warlow is obsessed with their pure bloodline, they're fairy royalty. Niall has been tracking Warlow for centuries, after he killed their familly. They have a secret weapon, their microwave fingers can go supernova, but because Sookie is only half fae, once she does it she will lose her light, and be just human. Sookie worries since her light has been on the fritz, but Niall shows her how to get it back in balance.

The governor's guards lead Eric outside, and he toys with them, before taking flight. Apparently they don't know everything about vampires, because none of them knew vampires could fly.

Sam comes home to a sleeping Emma. Lafayette asks what type of trouble he's in, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Alcide, Danielle and Martha come. Martha worries about Emma, but Sam won't turn her over. Luna wanted him to keep her, and he intends to. Alcide wants to take custody of Emma, since she's a wolf, and Luna's on camera action puts them all in danger, but Sam still refuses. Emma comes out at the commotion, and Martha scoops her up. Danielle shows just how mouthy of a bitch she is, and Alcide manhandles Sam. Danielle takes out Lafayette as Nicole and the other members of the the US Vampire unity society watch and take pictures of the altercation. I really hope that Lafayette picks himself off the ground, remembers he's a brujo and kicks the crap out of Danielle.

Eric comes Wila, and she willingly invites him through her window. I'm not sure anyone could have turned him down, not when he's all floaty.

Jessica prays over Bill, unsure if he is now god or something else. She prays for Jason, and Sookie, even though she may have tried to stake him. She even prays for Eric, and Pam to give her the courage to let happiness in, Tara to find what she's looking for, Sam and Lafayette, and Arlene because they're good people, and even Hoyt whereever he is, because a part of her still loves him. And Bless Bill, and bring him back because she needs him, because they need each other.

Lillith tells Bill to save them all, and he comes back to himself, alone. The TV comes on, WATV shows some of the horrors happening to vampires. Jessica and Bill watch as a vampire is being dragged by a truck, just as Bill had told her about. He can see the future. And he sees all the vampires we love burning, including his precious Jessica.


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