True Blood Recap: Who Are You Really?

Huzzah it’s the start of season 6! Since the True Blood: Live from the Set already warmed us up let’s just jump in.

It picks up right where season 5 left off with the rise of Billith. Eric and Sookie barely escape into an elevator, and Billith goes ape shit trapping them inside. Sookie’s microwave fingers and Eric’s vampire strength are no match for the elevator.

Nora, Jason, Jessica, Pam and Tara form a rag tag team, none too pleased to be stuck together. They don’t know Nora, and they are all leery of one another.

Luna makes Sam promise to keep Emma, and dies. No time to shed tears though, they’re still being pursued.

After an explosion, Jason and Pam worry about their loved ones, but Nora keeps them moving, because there is nothing they can do for them at the moment. Eric arrives, the perpetual white knight and off they go on his black stalli…er SUV. Jessica inquires about Bill, but Sookie only shakes her head. The group watches as a bloody Billith emerges from the flame and takes flight.

Cue the intro music…

The group worries about the bloody “naked evil Superman,” as they listen to the governor of Louisiana declare to protect the humans of the state, not the vampires on the radio. Without Tru Blood factories, human deaths are on the rise. Vampires are to remain indoors or underground until sunrise. All vampire establishments are to be closed, and all citizens are encouraged to stock up on wooden bullets.  The war against vampires is declared and Jason is the only one in the car happy about it. Nora sees the error of their past ways, how their actions directly caused this catastrophe and Pam finally learns that Nora is Eric’s sister. Eric tells Pam to stand at his back, or move out of the way. Eric asks Nora if there is anything in the book of Lillith that could explain what they saw. Nora wants to destroy Lillith at all costs, which breaks Jessica’s heart at the realization that means the death of Bill.  Jason can’t be Jessica’s shoulder to cry on. He’s still full of vampire hate due to his parents’ ghosts messing with his head. And Tara tries to comfort Pam, though she claims to not want it. Pam loves Eric, and the more he pushes her away the more pissed she’s become. Sookie offers Jessica some comfort. She tells her she saw Bill die, and be reborn into something else. Without Bill, Jessica fears she’s alone, but she isn’t. Sookie tells her she’s there for her. Nora wishes to speak to Jason, but Eric insists that Jason knows little, but he knows about Warlow. Nora brain rapes him into telling her about Warlow, and Jason pulls a gun on Nora. Eric taunts Jason, but Nora doesn’t actually know Warlow. He was a disciple of Lillith, and Sookie sides with the vampires as Jason continues to threaten to shoot the vampires, and let’s face it Jason is acting bat shit crazy. Jessica gets summoned by Bill, and she tries to resist him, but is unable to. Eric physically stops her, and the results aren’t pretty. She vomits blood all over him, as the summoning tries to rip her apart. As she writhes in pain Sookie tells Eric to let her go, afraid it’s going to kill her. Eric tells Pam to take her progeny to Fangtasia, and he and Nora take flight, following Sookie and Jessica.

Alcide eats the flesh of JD to cement his claim as packmaster. Danielle offers herself to Alcide, and everyone begins stripping down and wolfing out.

Andy sits outside. Arlene gives him an earful about his Fairy babies. Andy admits he doesn’t know how to care for his babies, and has all the fears a new dad has. Arlene softens hearing his fears, and tells him there although there are bad times, being a parent is the greatest of joys. Terry and Arlene give diapering advice, and the baby in Andy’s arms screams, not easing his fears in the least.

Sam returns to Merlotte’s with a sleeping Emma in his arms. Something seems amiss, as he investigates he finds Lafayette is protecting the place. He questions the blood covering Sam, and is less than forth coming. Lafayette tries to drink away the memories. He knows that Luna was Steve Newlin, and he’s not the only one. It was all caught on film, and Emma tells him that her mama’s dead. Lafayette takes on the role of caretaker, and makes Emma something to eat, after swearing to keep Sam’s secret. Poor Sam has a little bit of a breakdown.

Jason hitchhikes, and is picked up by none other than a mysterious Rutger Hauer. He figured no one would pick him up covered in blood, but Rutger tells him, that a little blood never scared him. When Jason tells him where he’s going, Rutger knows of the town. He tries to get Jason to open up about his family, and open up he does.

Jessica and Sookie reach Bill’s residence, and find Billith’s bloody footprints everywhere. Armed with only sticks they follow the prints. Finally finding him out back dressed in a chair. Nora does a fly by and gets tossed into the rail, followed by a flying Eric who comes in hot with a stake, but Bill catches him before he can use it, forcing Sookie to stake Bill. He pulls the stake from his chest, intent on talking. He retracts his fangs and beckons Eric to do the same. He tells them that he means them no harm, but if they attack him again he will retaliate. He is Bill Compton, but he is also something more. He promises that the man that put the fear in their eyes is gone. Sookie tells him that she felt Bill die, and that if he means what he says that he should leave. Jessica turns feral in protection of her maker and tells them to leave. And with Bill adding his menace to hers, leave they do.

The senator meets with Miss Suzuki at a bottling plant. He wishes to partner with the Tru Blood owners. She doesn’t quite trust him, as they serve very different “people.” He offers her the bottling facility free of charge until their facilities are up and running, anonymously of course. He hopes with an alternative blood supply the vampires will fall back in line, and she agrees to the deal.

Alcide shifts back, and Danielle isn’t far behind. Rikki catches the two in a liplock, and stakes her claim on Alcide, but instead of sending Danielle away she calls her back and gives her an even more passionate kiss than she gave Alcide before making Danielle fall to her knees and pleasuring Alcide. An Alpha bitch has just been established, Rikki is willing to share as long as she’s number one.

Pam brought Tara back to Fangtasia as she was told. Tara’s dislike of Eric hasn’t changed any and she doesn’t understand the relationship between Pam and Eric. The more Tara pushes, the harder Pam pushes back. Pam mocks her and her idyllic thoughts about their newfound relationship. She and Tara were only together a night, whereas Pam and Eric were together a 100 years. Eric being an ass isn’t going to change all that was built between them in that time. The club comes under raid, and when Pam tries to use her charms against the swat team it backfires. Tara tries to stand up for her maker, against Pam’s wishes and gets shot in the gut for her effort.

Eric offers Sookie his fortune to help her go into hiding, but she tells him that it won’t matter, she’s had lots of Bill’s blood so he could find her where ever she went. Eric tells her he never expected her to save him from Bill, and to stake him no less. She doesn’t quite know who she is anymore, and he tells her she’ll always be that girl in the white dress that first walked into his bar. Which elicits more than an awwww, Sookie always brings out the softer side of Eric. He gives her back her home, written in his blood and promises to send the proper paperwork later. She tells him that she wants to be that girl again as she rescinds her invitation into her home. Eric doesn’t try to resist, only softly says a goodbye. Nora decides that Bill must be dealt with and wishes to use Sookie against Bill, but Eric warns her against it. Sookie isn’t just Bill’s weakness, and Nora realizes for the first time that Eric loves her too.

Andy’s little fairies are growing rapidly. Extremely rapidly scaring the heck out of Andy, when a toddler daughter awakens him.

Bill warms some Tru Blood for Jessica, and things almost seem like normal until Jessica drops her cup. He uses his mind to save the cup and its contents. She asks him if he knew he could do that, and he admits he did not. Jessica confesses that he almost tore her apart when he summoned her and that she feared what she would find. Bill tells her that he isn’t a monster, that he doesn’t want to be one but he doesn’t understand his powers or why he’s there. He doesn’t want to be evil, but he needs her to help him stay good, to tell him the truth when things start to get bad. Jessica willingly takes on the job to ensure his redemption. Seriously, we’re redeeming Bill again.  

Jason continues to spill his guts, worrying that he’s been too hard on Sookie, that his dead parents are making him racist and crazy. Rutger tells him that he can’t keep Warlow away from Sookie, and only then does Jason figure out that something isn’t right with this picture. Turns out Rutger Hauer is none other than Warlow. Jason tries to grapple with Warlow in the car, but Warlow simply disappears, leaving Jason in a careening car.

Bill has some sort of awful acid flashback, interrupting his reading. Hearing his name, he follows the sounds finding a blood covered Lillith. Not just one, but three, and the three converge into him.


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