True Blood Recap: You're No Good

Eric does a slow seduction of Wila, as he gathers info on her father. Let's face facts, glamour or no, I would be eating out of the palm of his hand. He tells her she will die, and that she will not scream. As he drops fang, she tells him she knows about the experiments, something Eric knows nothing about. As swat closes in, they disappear out her window.

Cue the intro music...

Jessica asks about Bill's premonition. He knows nothing, but that he has to save all the vampires. He tells her that she was there too, burning in the sun. He doesn't know the why, how or when only that she, Eric, Pam and Tara all burned in the sun. He vows to stop it before it can come to pass.

Sookie works on her magic light ball tricks in her room, as Jason's head pounds. Something lurks outside, and Niall says its Warlow. Jason rushes outside, and is taken out by something. Niall is forced to flash Jason and Sookie to safety. Niall is concerned about Sookie's lack of fear, but since she's in constant danger her fear factor is a bit off kilter. Niall goes looking for Warlow, and Sookie wonders why Warlow wants her so bad since her fairy percentage is so low, but it all comes back to blood. Hers is royal.

Eric takes Wila back to Fangtasia and Tara and Pam are less than pleased about it. Eric tells them to pack up anything they may value, and when Tara tries to assert some authority, Eric overrules her, and Pam obeys. Wila willingly gives Eric the information he desires. Her father has been embezzeling money to study everything about vampires, but she doesn't know anything more, like where the vampire camp is.

A vampire is drug through sterile corridors by soldiers. Poor Reverend Steve Newlin, how far he has fallen.

Pam has all their belongings reduced down to a single box. They must leave their beloved bar, Eric tells Pam that its just a building, but its more than that to both of them, even if Eric doesn't want to admit it. Eric decides to bring Wila, and again Pam begs him to kill her instead, but Eric knows that she is his only bargaining chip.

Sam awakens to Nicole and her friends helping him. Emma is gone. He asks them to leave, but they have a bunch of questions about werewolves. Lafayette suggests that they forget everything they know about werewolve. Nicole apologizes for coming on strong earlier, and offers to help before leaving. Lafayette wishes to help, but Sam resists.

Eric comes knocking on Ginger's door, an she's more than happy to invite him in, though less than pleased to see her other houseguests. Eric commenders Ginger's coffin, taking Wila with him as he doesn't trust Pam and Tara not to kill her.

Bill thinks over his little talk with Lillith in lala land. He feels immortal, and it scares Jessica. He is her everything, and she fears losing him. Lillith died in the sun, and she begs him not to meet it, but meet it he does as all she can do is watch from inside. He embraces the light, and catches fire. He makes him way into the safety of the house and Jessica puts out hiss flames, as Bill struggles to understand.

Niall heads over to the fairy club, where something bad went down. There is blood everywhere. Niall channels what happened. And sees everyone slaughtered. He scans the blood, hearing the screaming. He finds Claude, and channels his thoughts, as he's too weak to talk. Claude begs for "the ulimate kindness," and Niall delivers it, turning him to dust.

Jason awakens jumpier than ever. Niall hasn't returned, and Sookie worries about his condition. He confesses he thinks he has a concussion, and has been hallucinating.  He tells her about his racist pep talk from their parents that made him a little extra crazy when he was suiting up to go after her. Sookie tells him that their parents were flawed, and knowing that doesn't mean that they don't love them.

Andy and Kevin look at the new anti-vamp items, bullets and firearms, and contacts, oh my. Holly asks if he plans on enforcing the vampire curfew, she's been having some late night snackers who've been scaring the heck out of her and sees his now teenaged babies. He offers to deal with her vampire problems personally and asks if she can take a ride with him.

Rikki warns Alcide that the cops are coming up, and he tells Martha that Emma needs to shift immediately. Alcide goes out to deal with the cops, who are determined to talk with Martha. Emma refuses to shift. Rikki isn't all that great with kids, or people in general ,and yells at Emma to shift, as Martha goes to talk with the cops. They decide to search the house, and they find Rikki inside with cute little Emma puppy. They apologize and leave. Rikki berates Alcide for taking Emma, Alcide lays down the law, and Martha tells her to bow down. Rikki begrudgingly does as an owl watches. Someone needs to put her down, she's obiously rabid, and likely to be Alcide's downfall.

Andy takes Holly out shooting, and she takes issue to his closeness. The girls shoot off their hand lasers, as Andy fumbles around with his parenting skills, and Holly softens a little. Andy asks to be her safe haven, even if that doesn't mean naked time and she doesn't say no.

Wila tries to talk to Eric in the coffin. Her mom left her father for a vampire, and that's what started this whole hatred. Wila makes it very clear that she too likes vampires, Eric sees it as a sympathetic ploy, but he's not biting. She notices he has the bleeds and Eric points out again that he's meant to be dead during the day. Wila wipes the blood from his ear, and tries to lick it clean, but Eric stops her and licks his fingers himself before asking a breathless Wila to put her tape back on.

Niall meets Ben in a field, who is still looking for the fairy club. He asks after survivors, but there are none. Niall tells him of the threat this vampire holds, and Ben realizes who Niall really is. Ben gushes a bit about Sookie, and Niall tells him that he came to the club to assemble an army, but found Ben instead. Ben agrees to join arms to protect her.

Bill prepares to leave, asking Jessica to stay. But Jessica cannot sit on her hands, knowing that he's putting himself in danger to save her. Bill plans to find the man who's responsible for synthecizing Tru Blood. Dr. Takahashi has a thing young girls, so he suggests she wear something inappropriate.

Newlin is overjoyed to see his former Missus,  but she's not there to save him. He ruined her life, and embarassed her. She's made plenty of money telling her story, but it doesn't lessen the hurt he's brought upon her. Looks like where Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun left off, Sarah Newin picked up and ran with it. Steve laughs off Sarah's new position, but she has her path, and she's sticking to it. More than anything else I would love to see Sarah and Jason 2.0, but not today. The doctor comes asking Steve about Eric, and at first he claims to not know the stunning viking former Sheriff, but quickly changes his tune, and the doctor is very interested to hear what he has to say about him.

Jessica is noticed the second she enters Dr. Takahaski's classroom, and she easily gets some alone time with him afterwards. She asks for some private tutoring, and he easily jumps into her net.

A knock at Sookie's door turns out to be Bill. He's asking for her help to save the vampires she loves, and she opens the door for him against her better judgement. He tells her that he has seen the future, but she refuses to let him in. The normal vampire rules do not apply to him anymore. He comes in and manhandles her. Jason jumps at her screams, but Bill holds him off with his newfound powers. She begs him to leave, but he wants her blood synthecized to save everyone. Her blood can help him walk in the sun, but she refuses to reconsider, he's had all the blood she's willing to give him. She begs him to let her go, that before he was Billith she meant something to him, and she uses that bond for him to leave her alone. He does as shes asks and he tells her that she is now dead to him, but its fact that she's okay with. Maybe she's finally ready to write him off, please let he be ready. A Sookie and Bill 2.0 or 10.0 or whatever they are, I cannot stomach a revisiting!

Nicole and her friends at the VUS approach Alcide and his pack hoping to get on tape some shifting. They are hoping to push some other supernatural group out of the closet to help out the vampires, only the pack doesn't appreciate being watched. Rikki makes the first move and shifts killing members of the VUS. All hell breaks loose and Alcide is forces to shift and intervene to save Nicole. Sam uses the distraction to take back Emma, but when they see an injured Nicole they step in to assist her.

The Governor calls Eric, and Ginger answers his phone. Eric speaks with him, and he asks after his daughter. Eric doesn't let him talk with his daughter as he taunts him about the fate of his daughter. He tells him that he will kill her, he just hasn't decided how to yet, there are so many options. The Governor plays it up as they trace his "untracable" phone, but Eric hears that they've been found. When he goes back to Wila, Tara has taken the girl. Ginger is left behind to stall the Governor as Pam and Eric go after Tara and Wila. As hot as angry Eric is, I'm not loving the distance between he and Pam. And I'm back on the stake Tara train too, angry Tara is losing its appeal quickly.

Niall brings Ben back home to Sookie. Sookie and Jason try to process what happened, but Niall tells them he's certain it was Warlow, he has the blood to prove it. She blames herself for everyone's death, and Ben invades her thoughts. She scolds him for his invasion, and Niall reminds her of her manners. She goes back to cleaning up the mess she made tossing plates at Bill, and Ben offers to assist her. She wonders why she can feel him in her thoughts, when he wasn't able to feel the others. There's a simmering connection between the two of them, which makes me feel more and more like he and Warlow are connected. Niall feels Warlow again, and flashes out after him. He instead finds Nora, who is also looking for Warlow, when Jason is attacked.

Andy comes upon Bill in the graveyard. He's not pleased about enforcing the vampire curfew, when Bill spies a stuffed animal in the front seat of Andy's car. You can see the evil wheel spinning as Andy tells him that he has children now, not a puppy as Bill had originally thought. Bill walks away with a dirty little smirk on his face.

If Bill kills even one of those precous little fairy girls of Andy, he better be staked! And that concludes this week's episode! What are your thoughts?


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