True Blood Recap: Radioactive

It's that time of year again, when we prepare to break out our tissues. It's the True Blood season finale. It's been a wild ride. I know there are a few deaths I'm hoping for and a few I'm fearing, but let's buckle up the ride can only get wilder!

We start with Sookie in the graveyard, as the last dirt is placed upon Terry's grave. Alcide offers Sookie a ride, offering to wait, and she asks him to join her on a walk. Sookie is worried about Jason, but Alcide tells her hes a survivor and not to worry. Alcide surprises her once more, this time with his words. Awe this is the Alcide we know and love. He smells the vamps, partying it up in the daylight still in their vamp camp uniforms, high as a kite. They're sexing and celebrating all over the place, andd Jason is among them. Sookie heads over, against Alcide's wishes, but she reminds him that she's a survivor too.

Cue the intro one last time this season.

The vamps are naked and dancing and Sookie is taking it all in. Jason has decided that the day has already come that he wants to have sex with Violet, but she insists that today isn't the day. She feed off him and offers him her blood, but she gets a little hostile when she sees Sookie. Jason and Sookie both convince her that Sookie is in fact his sister and she plants one on her. Sookie tells Jason to be careful. Pam and Tara all greet Sookie as well. They've missed her so much. Bill watches from his house as Sookie walks away.

Sookie heads to Faerie and Warlow is making a beautiful maypole. She's a little skittish as he tells her the history behind the maypole. She definitely has feelings for Warlow, but without the danger, Sookie isn't ready to take the plunge. Sookie asks him to date her, spending time together. But Warlow doesn't really seem to keen on that plan as he backhands her.

Violet lets her green eyed monster come out to play during a volleyball match, when she sees Jessica and Jason have some friendly banter. Pam watches everyone in the sun but cannot find happiness. She tells Tara to take care of Willa, and she goes after Eric. Finally someone is thinking clearly!

Jessica runs in when she's summoned. Bill seems to have lost his abilities. He's healed, and cannot feel Lillith anymore, but he looks lost now. The blood came at a price, and now he's feeling bad about sacrificing Sookie. Now, he feels bad. Give me a freaking break! Jessica urges him to go after her, and she tells him that he can make it right, that he would have walked through the fire for her. Bill asks for Jason.

Jason tries to put the information together, thinking that Sookie would never go for Warlow. Bill tells him that the only way to get to Faerie is with the help of a fairy. Jason goes to get Adeline's help and Violet, ever possessive goes with him.

Bill takes Dr. Takahashi and after glamoring him, releases him. He says his goodbyes and sends the Dr on his way. The bag he leaves at his feet is full of money.

Jason heads over to Andy's house, and Andy is happy to let Jason in, but not so happy to let Violet in. Jason begs Adeline for her help, and his words touch her. She tells him she wants to help, and Andy is along for the ride.

Back in Faerie, Warlow tells her what he really thinks of Bon Temps. He wants back what he lost, but she tells him that she can't give him what he lost. She threatens to throw away her light, and Warlow ties her up tight. He's the monster she thought he was and once night falls, he feeds upon her.

Jason and company show up at the cemetary and Bill in there. They scare Adeline into harnessing her light, and reach Faerie. Bill and Warlow tussel, and Bill stakes Warlow as the rest of them leave. They make their way back home, and Adeline goes into the cubby to hide. Warlow shoots them back to the cemetary, and takes flight after Sookie. Andy is little help against Warlow, and Bill gets blasted away. Warlow easily throws both him and Jason into the cubby hole. Adeline works on releasing them as Warlow goes to find Sookie. He realizes that Sookie will never love him, but he doesn't care. Niall grabs him, still half in that other realm that Warlow sent him to, and Jason comes and stabs him in the heart. Warlow is reduced to a puddle of goo.

They feel the ability to stay in the sum leave them. And for Eric it comes at the most in opportune time. Sun bathing in the Alps, Eric burns in the sun, but they don't show him splatting. Seriously, that is some bullshit, if that was his death.

6 months later, the news talks about Hep V, and Bill is now a best-selling novelist, for his tell all book. Sookie watches Bill on TV, and Alcide, half-naked  and with a nice new haircut, takes Sookie away.

Violet and Jason are spending some naked time together, and though he's been bringing her to orgasm she still refuses to sleep with him. She's still admimant about playing hard to get.

Sookie and Alcide attend church together. Sam and Andy talk about the separation of church and state, although Andy sees the reason in his words, he isn't ready to bring his daughter during the evening service. The church is taking blood samples to see who is the carrier for hep V. Jason makes Sookie go first, afraid of the pain, but Sookie tells him that they've both been through worse. The Reverend Daniels and Skinnard have combined their parishes to bring the people of the community back together. Rather than sending a message of love, the revend speaks of banding together to stop the vampires. And apparently Sam is the mayor. Say what? Hep V is only dangerous to  vampires, and with the help of Bill there's going to be mixer with the blood test results. The catch is that those uninfected will go into a monogomous relationship with an uninfected vamp, and dthe vamp will protect the humman. Many are not happy about this news, and quite frankly I'm not sure I'm happy with this storyline either.

Jessica doesn't look to obe enjoying the party. Both Sookie and Alcide are negative. Arlene is enjoying the event she's paying for. Tara and Willa scope out the prospects, when Tara's mother asks for a word. Lettie Mae tells Willa to make Tara talk to her, and Tara goes. Lettie Mae apologizes for Tara's entire life. She's done a lot of selfish things, and Tara tells her she doesn't have to do this, but Lettie Mae does. She offers her daughter her neck, but Tara cannot accept it. Lettie Mae tellls Tara its a chance for her to right the wrongs, and I feel this is somehow a trap, but Tara takes the offer.

Adeline sits at home with Andy watching some TV. He goes to answer the knock on his door armed. Its Jessica nd holds his gun on her. She noticed their absence, and came to offer her protection for nothing in return. She can't bring back his girls, but she can give her protection whether he wants it or not. He doesn't shoot her, just shuts the door in her face, and Jessica takes her place as sentry.

Alcide and Sookie leave the party, when Bill stops them. He asks for a moment alone with her, but Alcide refuses. Bill asks if she's made any arrangemenets, and she tells him no, and no thanks. Alcide tells him that he can protect her, but Bill tells him he isn't good enough. Sookie reminds him that even at his best he still wasn't trustworthy. Alcide and Bill smell trouble, its the Hep V infected vampires coming right towards the mixer and they look starved.

So that's the end of the season, and all I can say is what the hell! Warlow was such a wasted opportunity! If you wanted to make him a big bad fine, but to play up the sensitive guy for so long only to turn him into the crazy guy for the last episode just rubs me the wrong way. And Eric, my poor Eric. He didn't go splat, but I'm not sure that's a rule anymore since this season missed the big sparkle dustup when three of the fairy babies died. Is he dead, does Pam somehow save him? This had better be addressed next season. And Bill seriously! This Bill boner that the writers has needs to be ripped off. Where's Eric, he's got a strong grip. Bill is not the hero, let's stop trying to redeem him. Let it go, we don't love him anymore, some of us never did, and you're never going to recapture that season one magic between Sookie and Bill. And finally Sookie and Alcide hookup, lets hope she doesn't ruin it next season for Bill. Now we have nine months to stew over all the injustices of this episode, and for the first time in six seasons I'm not eagerly waiting for the next season to start.


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