Once Upon A Time Recap S3E01: Heart of the Truest Believer

The new season starts back at Henry's birth, when Emma refuses to even look at her new baby as she gives him up. And then back to the present day as everyone holds tight to Hook's boat as it heads into Neverland.

Henry is already there, being held by his kidnappers Tamara and Greg, but he knows that his mother will rescue him. They're here to destroy Neverland, the hub of magic. Who they work for is unclear, and their no questions asked policy doesn't serve them when their only mode of contact seems to be a toy.

Hook is melancholy on his return, and Regina ponders a happy ending. Do Villains get to be happy? Neither of these two are true villains though, so maybe there's hope for them yet.

Snow tries to be a parent to Emma, but Emma can't accept her words. Snow and Charming are not only her age, but they've never been parents to her. Emma lashes out on her parents, regretting the breaking of the curse. The optimism is infuriating, for both Emma and me, and Gold steps in. Thank goodness for Gold. He'll rescue Henry himself, pointing out that leaps of faith aren't Emma's strong point, and he disappears.

The "home office" steps forward, and they aren't who they claimed to be. The lost boys sent Tamara and Greg after Henry, and they aren't planning on sending Tamara or Greg home. I smell a rumble in the jungle brewing, and I don't think Pan plays fair. Pan's shadow quickly dispatches Greg and Tamara is no match for the Lost Boys. Run Henry run he tears into the jungle. A former lost boy comes to Henry's rescue, and with little to go on, Henry follows him. I don't know about you, but the stranger danger alarms are going off in my head.

Hook walks in on Emma preparing for a fight. Cheeky and kinda sweet as always, he gives her one of Neil's old weapons, unaware that Neil is not only alive but with Mulan, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip in the Enchanted Forrest. Sleeping Beauty offers to make contact with Emma, and give her a message.

Hook missses Neil. Is it just me, or does anyone else want these two to hook up? Emma and Hook, there's just something fantastic between them. But before he can get too sentimental something rocks the ship: Mermaids. These are not the sweet creatures of Disney, beautiful and deadly they plan to rip apart the ship. Charming refuses to be capsized by fish, and Snow and Emma quickly get to work to snag themselves a mermaid. Regina resorts to magic and blasts them away while the girls haul in their catch.

Henry and his Former Lost Boy, FLB until he reveals his name, lose the Lost Boys, and he's not exactly optimistic. What Pan wants he gets apparently. Henry spouts off some more hope, sure that his family will find him, although FLB hopes they don't for their own safety.

Mulan grills Neil about the otherside. Aurora is unable to make contact, but Neil knows someone who would be able to and Neil plans to go to his father's home to search for something that could help him get home.

Gold finds a dying Tamara, and he removes the arrow from her back, healing her so she can speak, and sing she does. She tells him that she didn't know it was Pan she was working for. She asks for forgiveness, and Gold takes her heart, crushing it to dust.

Hook and Charming want nothing to do with the mermaid, but the girls have other ideas when she blows her seashell and sounds a warning.

Mulan asks Neil why Emma never mentioned her, and he tells her that he broke Emma's heart. Mulan realizes some things about herself, and likely that lopsided love triangle she's in.

FLB and Henry think they've aluded the Lost Boys but an arrow wizzing just shy of them says otherwise.

As everyone on the ship decide what to do with the mermaid, she smiles as thunder rolls in. Charming debates on killing her, but when Regina supports the idea, Charming rethinks his stance. Through all the arguing Regina turns the mermaid into a statue, but that doesn't stop storm, or the giant wave from overtaking them.

Neil and Mulan make it to Gold's home, but they aren't alone. Robin Hood is in residence.  Robin knew Gold, and actually had his life spared by the dark one. Neil looks for a magical item, and finds Gold's former cane, which reveals a magical door.

Hook and Emma fight to control the boat. Snow and Regina battle each other as the storm rages on. Charming tries to step in, and Hook gets into it as well. Emma realizes that it is them that is causing the storm, their fighting is causing the turbulence, and throws herself overboard to save them all.

Henry and FLB reach the end of the road. FLB is willing to give up the pixy dust to save themselves, since the dust is defective. But its not the dust that's defective, but the boy's belief, Henry dumps the dust on them, and takes a leap, and the two fly away to safety. Am I just being cynical, or is FLB a mole, or is it Pan himself? Mark my words he will betray Henry.

Everyone bands together to save Emma. Charming dives into the water, and Emma is rescued. Snow and Charming hold Emma while Hook and Regina watch from the sidelines. She wakes and the storm has passed.

Gold recieves a welcome from one of the lost boys, who turns out not to be Pan. He warns Gold that if he goes against Pan to take the boy, they will be enemies, and Gold draws his line firmly in the sand, ready to take down as many Lost Boys as possible. The boy throws at Gold's feet a familar doll and some painful memories.

Neil finds what he's looking for, but it doesn't work until Mulan coaxes him to think of Emma. And he sees she's in Neverland.

Regina wishes to fix the Jolly Roger, but Emma wants a full front attack, Pan already knows they're coming. Emma wants them to band together, as they are rather than pretending to be what they are not, and to save Henry. With all the ferocity of a mother bear she rallies then and they fall into line, even Regina,  unbeknownst to them that Henry is just overhead flying to "safety". And Henry's worst fear comes true, his companion is Pan! Betrayal comes early this season! Pan needs the heart of the truest believer, and Henry just proved he believes with that little leap with the dust. Pan calls in the boys, to play a game Henry is not likely to enjoy.

And that concludes the premiere of Season 3. Who else is excited for some Neverland craziness, maybe a Hook/Pan showdown, and of course more magic and mermaids. It's going to be a great season from the looks of things.


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