Atlantis S1E9 - "Pandora's Box" Recap

Hercules and Medusa bond and appear to have mended their relationship entirely. She tells him all she wants from him is the truth and he confesses that he has had womyn and debts but that it's all in past. Hercules is knocked out with a blow to the head and brought forth to a man named Kyros. Hercules owes him money and Kyros threatens to kill him if he doesn't travel to the underworld and retrieve a box on his behalf to wipe out his debt. He also threatens to kill Medusa first or even send her to complete the task. Hercules charges Kyros but ends up knocked to the ground yet again.

The next morning, Jason and Pythagoras come across Hercules, bound and gagged. He tells them he must retrieve the box before midnight or Kyros will kill Medusa. They go to consult Eunapias on how to visit the underworld without dying. He refuses until Jason displays his borderline-magical athleticism and threatens to kill him if he does not help them. First, they cleanse themselves, then they offer a lock of hair to the gods, drink a substance that will slow their heart, and sound the horn when they wish to return. Pythagoras will stay with Jason and Hercules' bodies and will be alerted by the crows when it is time to wake them, using his blood to do so.

Not long after Jason and Hercules have entered the underworld, Pythagoras climbs out a window after hearing some cawing birds to check if they are crows. After seeing that they're not, he falls to the ground with relatively little injuries. However, a piece of wood from the balcony falls and knocks him unconscious and then a fire begins to break out upstairs in the room in which Jason and Hercules' bodies are. In the underworld, Hercules and Jason meet their dead friend, Cyrus who offers his services to be their guide, following the help and hope they provided in the bull court.

Pythagoras wakes and panics when he learns of the fire. Much to his shock, their bodies are gone and he learns that the bodies have been taken to be buried. He runs off to save them from a permanent death. Jason battles a monster guarding the box that warns him that the box once belonged to Pandora and must not open it. He tells hims he cannot be permitted to leave the underworld and that the box must stay. They run away and Cyrus and Hercules tell Jason he must blow the horn. He does so and Pythagoras begins to panic even more as crows around him begin to caw. The group runs towards a trap door and Jason continues to blow the horn. Pythagoras comes across where the bodies are buried and scrambles to dig them out. He tears open the cloth covering each of their faces and slices his hand, dropping blood onto each of their lips. Hercules questions why they're in a grave and Pythagoras says that it's a long story involving a lot of running and digging.

The trio looks at the box and Jason warns that they cannot open the box nor can they give it over to Kyros. Hercules is angry, wanting to save Medusa, but Jason says that they must make a duplicate to give to Kyros and inside they will plant a surprise that will permit them enough time to get away. Jason promises Hercules that no harm will come to Medusa. They hide the real box under the floorboards in their home. They meet with Kyros and give him the duplicate box. When he opens it, there is a snake inside and the group including Medusa run off. Hercules tells her to go to their home and wait for them there. The trio fight Kyros and his men and are able to kill them all. When Jason asks where Medusa is, Hercules tells him he's back at their home. Jason panics, knowing that she is alone with the box, and runs off with Pythagoras and Hercules following right behind him.

Medusa hears ominous whispering and discovers the box hidden under the floorboard. No surprise here - she opens it before the trio burst in and find the box alone. They hear her scream and run outside to find several stone statues. Jason tells them they're not statues and that she has turned. Hercules runs off after her and Jason warns Pythagoras that whatever he does, he must not look at Medusa, grabbing a shield before chasing after Hercules. When Hercules catches up to Medusa, she is wearing a hood and begs him not to look at her. Jason and Pythagoras reach them and Jason gives Hercules the shield, saying he must only look at her reflection and not directly at her, lest he also turn to stone. She removes her hood and reveals the snakes sprouted from her head. She cries that she is cursed and that she will run away. Hercules vows to never rest until he finds a way to lift the curse.

Jason gives the box to the Oracle, entrusting her to make sure no one else can be harmed by it. He asks if she knew this was going to happen, and she says that they both knew what was to become of Medusa. She also points out that he was warned about the evils of the box but pursued it anyway. She says that none of them can escape their fate and continues to keep secrets from him. She cryptically says that there will come a time that the will have no choice but to kill Medusa. Jason says he would never do that, but the Oracle says that it will be the only way to save thousands of lives. Jason angrily curses the Oracle and the gods before storming out of the temple. He looks to the sky and says, "Do your worst," and thunder booms shortly after.

Atlantis airs on Saturdays on BBC One.


CLOUDY 2 arrives on Blu-ray 3D™ & Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD & Digital on Jan. 28

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CULVER CITYCALIF. (Nov. 27, 2013) – Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) and the Swallow Falls gang are back with another helping of adventure in Sony Pictures Animation’s CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2, available Jan. 28 on Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD* from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Inventor Flint Lockwood thought he saved the world when he destroyed his most infamous invention -- a machine that turned water into food, causing edible weather like cheeseburger rain and spaghetti tornadoes. However, he soon learns that his invention survived and is now creating food-animals, or "foodimals!"  Now, Flint and his friends must embark on a dangerously delicious mission to battle hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, hippotatomuses, cheespiders and other foodimals to save the world once more.

Fans hungry for more can indulge in a host of bonus materials on the CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray Combo Packs, including four mini-movies directed by animation veteran David Feiss. The first all-new mini-movie, “Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear,” finds Steve chasing a mischievous gummi that misused one of Flint’s inventions to grow into a 50-foot beast. In the second never-before-seen mini-movie, “Steve’s First Bath,” Flint must quickly alter his plans for a romantic date with Sam after his monkey-cleaning invention goes awry. Both Combo Packs come with two additional previously released mini-movies, “Super Manny” and “Earl Scouts,” along with strawberry-scented scratch ‘n sniff packaging. 

The Combo Packs and DVD are also stuffed with filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes and seven behind-the-scenes featurettes, including candid interviews with the animators and voice talent, and a look at the stunning end credits and all-new, making-of-the-music video from fan-favorite Cody Simpson.

*Includes Digital HD UltraViolet
Bill Hader (Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian) leads the returning all-star cast that features  Anna Faris (House BunnyScary Movie franchise), James Caan (Get Smart, TV’s “Las Vegas”), Andy Samberg (TV’s “SNL”), Benjamin Bratt (TV’s “Law & Order”) and Neil Patrick Harris (TV’s “How I Met Your Mother”). Newcomers include Kristen Schaal (TV’s “Flight of the Conchords), Will Forte (TV’s “SNL”) and Terry Crews (TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”).  

The film is directed by Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn, and was written by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Erica Rivinoja. The screenplay is by Erica Rivinoja, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, inspired by the bookCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs written by Judi Barrett and illustrated by Ron Barrett.  The film is produced by Pam Marsden and Kirk Bodyfelt, and executive produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.  Music in the film is by Mark Mothersbaugh, with imagery and animation by Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc.  

Inventor Flint Lockwood thought he had saved the world when he destroyed his most infamous invention -- a machine that turned water into food, resulting in cheeseburger rain and spaghetti tornadoes. But Flint soon learns that his invention survived and it is now combining food and animals to create "foodimals!" Flint and his friends embark on an adventurously mouth-watering mission to battle hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, hippotatomuses, cheesepiders and other foodimals to save the world – again!

3D Blu-ray & Blu-ray Combo Pack exclusives include:
Four Mini-Movies*
“Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear” – Flint’s mischievous gummi bear grows to 50-feet by using his new food-modifying invention while Steve is in charge. Steve must frantically chase the gummi bear and transform him back to normal size before Flint returns to the lab.   
“Steve’s First Bath” - Flint’s failed date with Sam is because of Steve’s mischievous ways.
“Super Manny” - Manny, the Jack of all trades, saves an adorable kitty with his many skills. 
“Earl Scouts” – The Foodimals join Earl's scouting program but are very competitive.
Deleted Scenes

3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD bonus features include:
Filmmaker Commentary with directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn
Seven All-New Featurettes:
“Anatomy of a Foodimal” - Flamangos, Cheesespiders, Hippotatomuses! Oh my! Sit down with filmmakers to discuss the inspiration behind these wacky food-animal hybrids that have taken overSwallow Falls, and chat with the gang to find out how they came up with the Food-imal's creative and amusing names.
“Production Design: Back in the Kitchen” - Where do you go after it rains cheeseburgers all over SwallowFalls? Back to the kitchen of course! Hear from filmmakers Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn on how they came up with stories and jokes for the film.
“Awesome End Credits” - Dive into the end credit sequence with the filmmakers and discover how they used a mix of 3D, 2D, stop motion and live action.
“Cloudy CafĂ©: Who’s On the Menu?” – Hear from newcomers Will Forte and Kristen Schaal about what drew them (pun intended) to this animated feature and how they "discovered" the voices of Chester V and Barb. Then, sit down with Terry Crews, as he steps into the pair of size 12 shoes left by Mr. T to portray Officer Earl Devereaux. Plus, hear from all your returning favorites including Anna Ferris and Bill Hader.
“Building the Foodimals” - Animators discuss creating and animating the foodimals.
“The Sasquash “- Exploring all the places in the film that the sneaky Sasquash is hiding.
“Delicious Production Design” - Animators discuss the design of the film
Cody Simpson “La Da Dee” Music Video & Making of the video featurette

*Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear and Steve’s First Bath are all-new mini-movies

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 has a running time of approximately 95 minutes and  is rated PG for mild rude humor.

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Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution; television production and distribution; home entertainment acquisition and distribution; a global channel network; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; development of new entertainment products, services and technologies; and distribution of entertainment in 159 countries. For additional information, go to
Sony Pictures Animation produces a variety of animated and family entertainment for audiences around the world.  The studio is following its worldwide comedy hits—the 2012 monster hit comedy Hotel Transylvania, the hybrid live action/animated blockbusters The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2, and the 2009 mouth-watering Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballswith the family comedy Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 in theaters now.  Sony Pictures Animation also released a brand new mini-movie on DVD and television this Fall, The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow.  The studio, in conjunction with Aardman Animations, has produced two critically acclaimed feature films:  the CG-animated family comedy Arthur Christmas; and the Academy Award® nominated stop-frame animated high-seas adventure, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.  In 2007, Surf's Up also received an Academy Award® nomination for Best Animated Feature Film.  The division, whose first feature film Open Season led to a very successful movie franchise, turned 10 in 2012.  Sony Pictures Animation is an operating unit of Sony Pictures Digital Productions


Misfits S5E6 - "Episode 6" Recap

The gang is sent to spend time with some terminally ill patients as part of their community service. While there, they meet a worker named Karen who has the ability to turn invisible and camouflage herself. One of the patients, Lucas, has the ability to steal the life force/will to live from people to delay his succumbing to his terminal skin cancer.

Rudy and Jess still haven't told Finn about their relationship. Rudy struggles to get it up when he and Jess attempt to sneak off and hook up during their community service. He continues to have difficulties. Jess asks if it's because of her and Rudy insists that it's not. They have a heart-to-heart in which he realises that he's struggling to perform because he loves her.

Alex encounters a girl who has dropped her keys in the water and denies her request for help, even though she says she can't swim. She comes back to the bar and puts a gypsy curse on him. She asks him to drive her home and he says that he can't because he is working. He then falls over, vomiting up green bile. She tells him that every time he refuses to help someone, he will feel like he is drowning.

One of the patients at the centre, having had his will to live stolen by Lucas, commits suicide.

Rudy Two goes to visit Helen and says he is interested in her. She reciprocates his feelings and the two begin a relationship.

Alex asks the girl who cursed him to remove it and expresses regret over not helping the boy who killed himself, even though he didn't know what he was going to do. Abbey asks Alex to fuck her turtle so that he can turn into a human again and they can be together.

The powered patient steals Finn's will to live. He grabs some rope and visits Rudy, telling him he loves him before walking off.  Alex is preparing to get it on with the turtle when he finds Finn hanging by the neck. He holds him up and Finn pleads with him to let him die, but Alex refuses. The gang all gather around Finn and try to figure out what has happened. They step outside and Rudy theorises that Finn has learned about his relationship with Jess and recounts how Finn had told him he loves him.

Alex and the rest of the gang eventually realise that Finn doesn't know about Rudy and Jess and that it must have something to do with the storm. They're about to have Alex forcibly fuck the powers out of who they think is responsible when Karen tells them that she has figured out that Lucas is the one who has harmed people.

Lucas has gotten Abbey onto the roof and asks her to hold him, his method of stealing people's will to live, when she offers him a hand job instead. He asks if she'll hold him afterwards and she agrees. The hand job gives the gang enough time to get to Abbey and keep her from suffering the same fate as Finn. Alex tells Lucas that he either needs to fix Finn or he'll fuck the powers out of him. Lucas agrees to restore Finn.

The girl who cursed Alex comes to the bar and says she'll life the curse for two bottles of white wine. He gives them to her and she then reveals that she had lifted the curse when he had come to her flat and pleaded for her to do so. Alex asks her to have a drink with him and she turns him down, saying she is a lesbian.

Rudy is incredibly ashamed for not being able to perform sexually now that he loves Jess. She lists various flaws, saying she is not perfect, and tells him she loves him. They're then able to have sex.

Karen meets Rudy Two on the roof, having seen his superhero jumper, saying she thinks he has been looking for her. Rudy Two is elated at finally having now found everyone from it.

Misfits airs on Wednesdays on Channel 4.


Supernatural Recap S9E08: Rock and A Hard Place

It's late at night, doesn't this silly girl know not to walk about alone? No? Of course, hanging out under a truck with a taser will solve everything, you know until the thing lifts up a truck and blinds her with blue flames. Down the sewer hole she goes.

Dean interrupts Sam's nap, and informs him that they have nil. Kevin looks as bad as Sam does, but hasn't found a thing. Sam's feeling run down, and they're waiting for Crowley to give into his bloodlust so they can pump him for more info, before offering up a vein.

Sheriff Jody Mills calls Dean for a little weird case, and the boys come a running. Jody fills them in on the four victims, the one thing they all have in common is that they're all members of the church of good faith, and all victims of someone with super strength.She brings them her only witness, a homeless man the waitress, Honor, leaves food for. Slim tells them of the waitress's odd abduction, and Angels get crossed off the perpetrator list. No white light.

Next the boys head to the church, and talk with Bonnie about joining. She assures them of their safety, and mentions that all of the missing members were also members of the APU group. The boys all become the latest members of the Abstinence Purifies Us, and Dean is less than enthusiastic about regaining his virginity. She tells them to ask God for forgiveness and make a new pledge of chastity and then they can be born again virgins. The boys pledge and sign and virginity is theirs.

Honor uses her taser as a flashlight. Not sure that's the best use for it, but it works. Personally I'd be too afraid of tasing myself, seriously am I the only one cringing, watching, waiting for her to get spooked and tase herself?

Susie opens up the APU meeting with a prayer, she shoots down Tammy from reading a poem, and hones in on the boys. Sam has a much easier time fitting in, whereas Dean gets most of the group a little hot and bothered. That husky voice describing the touching, and pleasure he can bring, makes nearly every member puddle around him. Sam manages to reign him him, barely. After the meeting Dean tells Sam that he recognizes Susie, and moves in to investigate further. Bonnie stops Sam to see how he liked the meeting, and reveals that Honor, the waitress was her favorite. Tammy has other opinions of Honor, a little bout of green eyed jealousy on her part. Susie claims that she and Dean don't know each other, but she offers to give him some one on one counseling and they go back to her house.

Tammy spills that 2 of the victims, Honor and the Reverend had sex with each other, thereby breaking their vows. Jody tells Sam that all of the victims did, Barb and Neil did as well. So Dragons are out too.

At Susie's, Dean thinks it's go time, as she takes off her sweater until he sees Susie in tears. She asks him to pray with he for her missing friends.

Sam asks Jody if she was a born again virgin, but she isn't she just enjoys church. She needed something that made sense after the craziness of being exposed to their world. Luckily for Sam his world already makes sense.

Susie gives Dean some reading materials, and when she heads to the loo, he figures out how he knows her, from his vast recollection of porn, some of which she has stashed in a drawer. He brings it up, but she tells him that if he wants a new counselor she'd understand. But he doesn't, he tells her that she isn't the stuff of nightmares, but of good dreams. He says all the right things, and good girl Susie turns into taco slinging porn star mode instantly.

Meanwhile, silly Honor is still groping her way around a room with her taser until she finds a lantern, the pastor and Neil and Barb. The pastor doesn't look too good, and the blue flame takes him away.

Sam and Mills head off to find Dean, figuring out that the thing is taking people who break their vows, of course given an hour alone, Susie and Dean shattered the heck out of that vow. Between some goodbye kisses, and more flirtiness, they get hit with the blue flames, and it knocks them the heck out. Well, that should make finding Honor easier.

Barb, one of the missing people, tries to claw her way out, her thirst getting the bettter of her. She has seriously slipped into cray cray mode. She sees her bloody hands, and laps at her own blood. Neil is very turned off at the sight. The three hear the new arrivals, and find Susie and Dean. Neil tells them they're in hell, but I'm sure Dean has seen worse, I mean he has been in the actual hell.

Jody and Sam look for clues at Susie's, neighbors only saw a blue light, and Sam tells her that Dean crossed someone off his bucketlist, seeing Susie's porn video. Jody has a clue who's taking virgins, a Roman goddess Vesta. Apparently Vesta didn't give Dean more than a passing pat down, and he whips out his spare phone. If he can just get a signal down in the hole he can call in the cavalry. Luckily he's not in my cellphone black hole house, and he finds one, but Sam can barely understand him. He does hear a whistle and at least its some small clue, Sammy just needs to use taht big moose brain to figure out where dean and the others are as Neil plots against Honor. Apparently Vesta is picking off the weakest members, and Neil thinks Sprain ankle out weighs batshit crazy but Dean won't hear it, they need to unite.

No trains nearby, but Sam and Jody see that there's an old farm nearby, that just may have what they're looking for. An oak stained with virgin blood is what Jody comes up with to defeat Vesta. They go to Tammy for the blood, but sh's not exactly willing to help, thinking they're some sort of  crazy pagans. No nonsense Jody pops her good, giving her a nosebleed. They have they're blood, and they're on their way. They find where everyone is being held underground, and Sam tries to break his brother and the rest out, but he's knocked out. Jody comes to help, but Bonnie/Vesta captures her easily, hushing her with her flamey finger. The goddess is a little pissed that Rome let her flame go out, that she's resorted to killing these born again virgins. Bad guy rant, all self entitled and deserving of worship monologue. Before she can kill Jody, Sam smacks her good, and she drives the stake into Jody as she goes down. Jody pulls the stake from her own body, as Vesta wonders how Sam is alive. She's been feeding of her vicitm's livers, the only clean part of them, but she tells Sam that he's dead inside, all duck taped together. Jody stakes her, and it works to kill her. Thank goodness too, I was worried Jody's blood outweighed the virgins. Dean breaks his way free.

The next morning, Jody all patched up, tells the boys goodbye, Sam wonders if there is something really wrong with him. He tells Dean that Vesta said that he was dead inside, Sam wonders if he will ever be alright, or that's just the way he is. Dean is at the breaking point, its confession time. Dean gets ready to tell him the truth, and Zeke comes forward, telling him that Sam isn't ready, but they won't have to hide it for much longer. I'm not sure that Zeke can fix him, or if he's really trying but he convinces Dean to wait a little longer. Dean tells Sam to have some faith, even though the truth is killing him. Something is fishy with Zeke, and he'll betray the boys soon enough, its only a question of big a wedge this withhold of information will cause between them


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E9 - "Repairs" Recap

In Batsville, Utah, a woman attempts to buy some things at a store and the shopkeeper gives her a hard time, apparently blaming her for someone's death. She was in charge of a lab that blew up, killing the man's friend. The man is attacked by cans flying off shelves and eventually, a whole shelf falls on him. He is able to get out of the store, but then the gasoline begins leaking from the petrol pumps and he is killed in an explosion while the woman stays inside, highly distraught.

May gets dressed in her hotel room and Ward emerges from the bathroom, glistening from his shower. Thank you for that. Ward suggests they take separate routes to work to avoid being caught but May leaves without saying anything. He doesn't seem bothered by it, though. Clearly this relationship is purely physical.

Coulson debriefs the team on their new assignment, which is of course the possible telekinetic we just saw. Her name is Hannah Hutchins. When the team reaches Hannah's place, there is a mob gathering outside. They throw things, shout at her, and suddenly a police car inexplicably drives up, nearly hitting one of the men that had been particularly vicious. May makes the decision to shoot her with a tranquilliser to keep things from escalating further.

FitzSimmons use Fitz's bots to scope out the factory where the accident took place. They then decide they want to pull pranks on Skye, as they were never able to do so at the academy as a result of graduating early. Back on the Bus, Hannah has been placed in the holding room. Coulson and May head in to speak with her. She tells them that she was not angry at the people who were in the mob and that she feels guilty, blaming herself for the accident and the deaths they caused.

When FitzSimmons learn that Skye does not know the meaning behind May's nickname, "The Cavalry," they decide to take that opportunity to prank her by spinning some long tale of her taking out hundreds of armed men all on her own, whilst riding in on a horse, naturally. Fitz also yells at her for touching a hologram, which Simmons high-fives him for. Back in the holding cell, Hannah says that there was a loose bolt that she had had replaced, and checked multiple times, but clearly she must have missed something otherwise the accident would have happened. When Coulson tells her that they believe she has acquired some sort of telekinetic ability, she insists that she isn't the one causing the accidents surrounding her. She believes god is punishing her and that she is being haunted by demons.

Skye wants to talk to Hannah, but Coulson tells her it's too dangerous. But when she demonstrates a strong understanding of Hannah's behaviour and motivations, Coulson appears intrigued by her ability to understand her, though he doesn't change his mind. Also, an object that was apparently glued down in Coulson's office falls over. Strange.

Skye then talks with Ward, who dispels the false story FitzSimmons told her about May. It turns out it was only 20 trained assassins and she had just one pistol and no horse was involved. There was a "gifted individual" who established a cult and May had to save the followers. Also, Ward's knife goes missing. More strangeness happens as Hannah hears banging and pleads for forgiveness and to be left alone.

Simmons learns that the explosion tore open a portal to a hell-like dimension and she is then attacked by  a spectral figure who disappears from the lab before Coulson comes in. He smashes the power which forces May to land the plane. The man is some sort of ghost of Tobias, one of the factory workers, but the team won't make that connection just yet. Also, Fitz has been locked into a supply closet. He manages to get out but finds Ward's missing knife from earlier was used to jam the door shut. He is then reunited with Ward and Skye.

Coulson tries to radio out for help but Tobias smashes that, too. Skye speaks with Hannah from the other side of the door. Hannah asks Skye if she believes in god and Skye says she doesn't. When Hannah says that god is punishing her and that she deserves it, Skye tells her that she doesn't. Skye shares the fact that some nuns tried to scare her and other children with stories like that when she was growing up. She said the only thing that seemed to ring true was that "god is love, that thing that holds us together." She says that god would forgive a mistake and May listens in on the conversation before stepping in to say that she'll stand guard now while Skye will go help Coulson.

Simmons says that she believes the world is an alien one, similar to the portals seen in Thor: The Dark World (oh how we love the crossovers!) FitzSimmons end up locked up (together this time) while Ward fights Tobias, when Tobias isn't too busy disappearing. He manages to knock Ward out and put him in the locked space with FitzSimmons.

Coulson tells Skye the real version of May's "Cavalry" origins. They were the "welcome wagon" for a gifted individual but it went south. She didn't have a gun and neither did the rest of the team. Many were killed by May. A civilian girl and some agents were being held by the followers (cult members) of this gifted individual. She took it upon herself to get them out and she went in and crossed off the enemy force. She didn't say how but the only person she lost in there was herself. Before then, she was quiet and warm, fearless in a different way, getting in trouble, pulling pranks... much like Skye. But after walking out of that building, it was like that part of her was gone. She wouldn't share with Coulson what happened. The two of them are then locked in by Tobias who demands to either be let into the cage or for her to be let out.

Fitz radios May to tell her that Tobias is disappearing and each time he returns, a little less of him seems present. When May learns that he is after Hannah, she decides to lure him away from the Bus and the team. She takes Hannah off the Bus and leads her out into the woods, saying she is going to "fix the problem."

Coulson and Skye manage to make contact with a freshly woken up Ward and FitzSimmons using a communicator. May tells Hannah that she doesn't mean to scare her but just needs to use her as bait to lure this guy out and "away from my people." May tells her she will do whatever she has to. FitzSimmons are able to advise Coulson and Skye on how to blow their way out and they're all able to get free. They're able to piece together the fact that this non-corporeal threat is Tobias Ford. When a previously set up prank involving a mop goes off, leading Simmons to call Fitz childish, Skye begins to piece things together.

Tobias shows up at the barn and May beings to get into one hell of a brawl with him. Skye realises that Tobias had filed complaints when nothing was wrong just to get Hannah's attention. He wanted to spend time with her and in his own messed up way, he is trying to protect Hannah because he "likes" her. FitzSimmons deploy some trackers to find May and Hannah. Hannah begs Tobias to stop fighting and May tells him they believe he's trapped between two worlds. He believes he is being dragged to hell for what he did. He confesses to Hannah that he would loosen a few bolts and then she would visit; "it was the best part of my day." He tells her he was trying to protect her and atone for his sins. She tells him only god can forgive him. May tells him clinging to this life is hell and he is dragging Hannah down with her. May tells him to let go if he truly cares for Hannah. He finally does and then he disappears one last time.

The team arrives right as this is happening and Coulson asks May what she said to him. She replies, "The same words you said to me in Bahrain." Back on the Bus, Skye tells Coulson that May is not a lost cause and that if anyone can bring her around, it's him. Coulson then tells Skye that she knows what makes people tick, as demonstrated by her being a friend to Hannah, wanting to get into May's head, and figuring Tobias out without even trying. He basically tells her that she has great potential with that particular ability.

Skye then heads to the cockpit and asks May if she can keep her company. May doesn't respond, but they sit together and it's clear there's a better understanding between the two characters.

Finally, we see the team gathered around playing Scrabble. Ward is annoyed when Simmons uses her "Britishness" to do well and use an obscure word, "aglet." Fitz comes in with cream on both his hand and face and the team laughs at him. He tries to figure out who did it but none of the people present will take credit for it. In the cockpit, we see May listening in on the conversation and smirk. May's got jokes, people!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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Sleepy Hollow S1E9 - "Sanctuary" Recap

A girl named Lena drives up to an old home apparently part of her family. She's wealthy and seemingly important, as demonstrated by her bodyguard. The bodyguard, Sam, comments that the place looks haunted but she ignores him and heads inside. He follows close behind her and when he opens a closet, she finds a large amount of vines in it. Suddenly, they spring to life and begin grabbing hold of her.

It's nearly Thanksgiving and both Ichabod and Abbie don't have much family to spend it with. Ichabod pokes holes in the inaccuracies of the modern Thanksgiving practices. They then get news about Lena's abduction and when Ichabod learns that she is a billionaire, he is astounded that such a large sum of money could exist. Interestingly enough, Katrina's name is signed on a piece of paper on Lena's desk and after Abbie does some research on her ancestry, Ichabod realises who her ancestors were and knows where she would have went. They visit the house that we saw her visit and find her car still out front.

Flashback to Katrina and Ichabod visiting the estate. At the time, it was safe haven for slaves and those that went there would work by choice since they were treated better there. Back to the present, Ichabod and Abbie enter the home. They find the body guard dead on a chair. Abbie says it looks like an animal attack. They try to leave the house but then all the doors begins to shut them in. Abbie asks, "Are we in a damn haunted house?"

Abbie sees the ghost of a woman walk by and Ichabod doesn't know what she saw. He assures her after all they have faced, they should be able to handles this. Abbie feels that this has crossed the line of what she can handle. Ichabod finds a copy of Gulliver's Travels identical to one that Katrina had. When he opens it, he finds a letter he wrote to Katrina on the day he faced the Horseman. They encounter some birds and hear some creepy laughter. Ichabod has a theory that the home was also a sanctuary against supernatural evils.

They follow a blood trail and find Lena in a closet. Ichabod tries to cut her free from the branches and the branch begins to bleed. Then, a tree outside comes to life and begins walking to the house. Ichabbie finally manage to get Lena free and Ichabod is able to calm her down.

Jenny visits Irving and returns a gun she stole from him. She invites him over for a dinner that she's throwing to thank Abbie for taking her in. Irving is then visited by his ex-wife and daughter.

Lena tells Ichabod that Katrina Crane was the last person recorded to have come to the house for sanctuary. Lena wanted to find out what happened to her great great granddad and says there was a rumour that her ancestor was involved in witchcraft. Ichabod speculates that perhaps he was in Katrina's coven. The tree monster has gotten inside and begins stalking them. They find a hidden door inside the walls. Ichabod and Lena find themselves separated from Abbie. When he thinks she's right behind them and they get out of the walls, he reaches back to give her a hand out but it's the tree monster. Oops. Abbie manages to smash her way out of the wall elsewhere in the house. She encounters a ghost of a woman who worked at the house when Katrina and Ichabod visited.

Macy, Irving's daughter, chats with Jenny about the unpleasantness of growing up with her dad and that it's easier now that she's more so with her mum. Jenny tells her to give her dad a chance, saying he's not a completely terrible person. Irving's ex-wife speaks with him about how this current arrangement isn't working, saying that he's working now more than ever than he did when he was in the city. The precinct is smaller than the place he last worked but he hasn't spent much time with his daughter. She warns him that she will file for full custody if he doesn't shape up his parenting. We also learn that Macy wasn't born paraplegic, but became so in an accident.

Abbie has a vision of the ghost during her life tending to Katrina as she gave birth to a baby boy. Katrina had a baby after Ichabod "died," say what??? Abbie is reunited with Ichabod who tells her that the tree creature took Lena away. She tells him about her vision and that Ichabod is in denial at first. In a flashback, we see Katrina arriving at the house and Abbie talks him through the logic. The protective hex on the property would have been hopefully kept Katrina and her baby safe. Ichabod learns that the baby was a boy. Abbie then tells him the rest of her vision. Immediately after the birth, ravens begin slamming against the window. The tree creature then rose, sent by Moloch, and the evil attacked as soon as the baby was born. Ichabod asks what happened to his son and Abbie says she doesn't know.

They hear a scream coming from the basement and they head down in search of it. They find Lena and the tree creature grabs hold of her. Ichabod realises that the roots that had previously held Lena captive are a source of pain for the creature. Abbie shoots at them and Lena is able to get to Ichabod. The ghost guides Abbie to an exit through the wall. Ichabod and Lena follow her and they're able to get out of the house. They get to Abbie's car and Ichabod retrieve an axe from the trunk. Ichabod is determined to go after it, since it went after his son, and ignores Abbie's pleas for him to not go back inside. Ichabod tells her not to follow him.

Inside, Ichabod lights up two flairs and is eventually attacked by the creature. He begins hacking at roots and shouts at the creature for going after his wife and son. He tells the creature to give Moloch his regards and delivers the final fatal blow to the tree monster. Ichabod heads back outside covered in tree blood and tells Abbie he would like to go home now.

Abbie brings Ichabod various items for Thanksgiving, including his favourite rum. They have one of their heart-to-hearts as they discuss Thanksgiving and their lives. Ichabod then shows her a box that arrived for her and it is from Lena. Inside is all the research Lena had gathered. Upon looking at a family tree, they find that Grace Dixon, the ghost that Abbie had been guided by was her ancestor. As it turns out, Abbie's ancestor is the one that helped to bring Ichabod's son into the world. Talk about fate. They then toast to family for Thanksgiving.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


Beauty and the Beast S2E8 - "Man or Beast?" Recap

Picking up where last week's episode left off, Vincent has found Tori at the penthouse. He tells her he can't step off the pad without the bomb going off and she must turn beast in order to help them both. She beasts out, breaks free from her chains and they leap towards one another as the bomb goes off.

Cat, Gabe, and Tess head to Tori's penthouse following the explosion. There's no sign of Vincent or Tori and Cat does not believe that they are dead, despite what Gabe or Tess have to say. Reynolds' henchman calls to say that both Vincent and Tori are dead but Reynolds doesn't believe him entirely since there are no bodies. The man tells him the bodies were vaporised, having overcorrected following his previous failure.

Cat returns home and finds Vincent there, very much alive. She tearfully hugs him, telling him she thought he was dead. He then shows her Tori who is unconscious on the sofa. Vincent tells Cat that their beast powers were amplified together and they were able to get out. Vincent is determined to go after Reynolds and kill him but Cat tells him can't kill him or he will lose his humanity. She knows Reynolds has done terrible things but she can't have Vincent cross that line. She tells him they will find another way to bring Reynolds down.

Cat and Tess visit Gabe, whose plan is to get Reynolds to incriminate himself by confessing to his crimes. First, they need JT to get Zach's body from the morgue to blackmail Reynolds. Reynolds is planning to head to Geneva the next day and they want to nab him before then. Vincent helps Tori focus on finding and identifying Reynolds' accomplice since she watched him rig the explosives. Reynolds receives an encrypted e-mail saying, "I know where the bodies are."

JT and Tess are at the morgue searching for Zach's body and bicker about text messages and their somewhat stalled love connection. They find Zach's body and then leave. Cat and Gabe visit Reynolds at his office. They tell him someone knows about the beast killings and that Zach's body is missing. Cat cries to play on Reynolds' emotions, saying Zach was one of Vincent's friends and Muirfield experimented on him. They pose the idea that the handler is working with an accomplice and that this accomplice is now blackmailing the handler. Reynolds says the idea makes sense and Cat and Gabe head out.

Tori and Vincent find the accomplice. She kills him and Vincent angrily tells her that they needed him alive. When they deliver the bad news to Cat, she ends up arguing with Tori. Tori would rather kill Reynolds but Vincent has become more sold on the idea of justice. Tori tells Vincent he has made her feel free and wants him to feel the same, suggesting that they take down Reynolds together.

Gabe suggests they text Reynolds using the accomplice's phone. Cat thinks it's too dangerous but Gabe is set on helping them. They send him a text with a message setting up a meet, along with a photo of Zach's body. Reynolds calls Cat and asks her to meet him for coffee. He tells her that he is leaving that night for an assignment and wanted to say goodbye. Reynolds goes to meet Gabe and Cat listens in on the interaction. Gabe pops the trunk and shows Reynolds Zach's body. He tells Gabe he should have killed him when he was a beast and that's all the evidence Cat needs.

Reynolds has Gabe switch cars with him and drives off. Cat takes off in her car and intercepts Reynolds. She arrests him and puts him in the backseat. He tells her he had to kill all the beasts to make amends for helping to make them in the first place. Beast-Vincent then jumps on the hood of the car, causing it to crash. Vincent fights with Reynolds, though it's highly one-sided. Vincent prepares to kill Reynolds and Cat pulls her gun on Vincent, saying she can't let him do this. Vincent says it will never be over as long as Reynolds is alive. Cat tearfully pleads with him to not do this and save their relationship but when Vincent moves to kill Reynolds, Cat non-fatally shoots Vincent.

Cat brings Reynolds in and he is locked up at the police station. He tells her he will confess to everything except beasts, only because he doesn't want anyone coming to her for answers. He hopes that it will end for her. He says it doesn't matter if she doesn't believe him but he did everything he could to protect her. He tells her all he wanted was for her to have a normal life. Cat leaves and breaks down crying and Gabe comforts her. Vincent tends to his gunshot wound and Cat heads home.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


Almost Human S1E3 - "Are You Receiving?" Recap

Kennex wakes and removes his synthetic limb from the charger. After putting it on, he finds that it is squeaking so he uses some olive oil to lube it up and quiet it.

A security guard named James is show by an intruder who leads his team into the building's server room where they appear to have planted a bomb before heading out.

Dorian complains to Kennex about his picking him up late. They then answer a call about a homicide and they head to the building seen previously. They learn that the incident happened in the last twenty minutes and the security cameras have been damaged, though Dorian is still able to access some archive footage. They find the intruders went up to the 25th floor and Kennex orders other officers to begin evacuating the building, as the perps are still in the building. Kennex and Dorian have to take the stairs since the elevator has been compromised.

In an office, the gunmen have taken a crew of people hostage. The lead gunman finds a woman hiding under her desk, who identifies herself as Jenna (Miller), and brings her out into the main room to join the rest of the hostages. He then activates the bomb which creates a hole through several floors and ceilings leading down the main lobby.

Kennex and Dorian continue up the stairs, telling Captain Maldonado to jam signals coming in and out of the building. She tells him not to continue the ascent and focus on getting everyone out. He pretends not to be able to hear her and hangs up on her. Maldonado jams the signal, preventing the gunmen (and officers) from being able to communicate in or out of the building. The lead gunman says that this move is predictable.

Dorian begins taking phone calls from the people that can't get out of the building. One of the calls comes from Paige, Jenna's sister, who is hiding in a utility closet on the 25th floor. From her hideout spot, she can see the gunmen and hostages. She then witnesses a gunman kill one of the men before dragging his body out. The body is then thrown through a window, down to the low enforcement below, with a note taped to his shirt that says, "No cops, stay out."

Maldonado has a drone sent up with a communicator on it so they can begin negotiating. The lead gunman demands that the snipers and cops outside be removed, along with three vehicles and a fission igniter-military-grade technology that she doesn't have the authority to authorise. He gives her 43 minutes to meet his needs. Facial recognition technology identifies him as Lucas Vincent of the Holy Reclamation Army.

Kennex asks Paige how many hostages and gunmen there are. She is distraught, blaming herself for her sister's captivity. He talks her into staying calm, assuring her everything will be okay. Maldonado is worried because she can't get them a fission igniter. Rudy tells her he can make a convincing fake and that the only problem will be if they try to use it right away. Stahl explains that the Holy Reclamation Army is made up of anti-western terrorists aren't afraid to kill or die to get what they want.

Kennex and Dorian are at the 14th floor stairwell and one of the gunmen begins shooting at them. They return fire and follow after the man to the 15th floor. Kennex is eventually able to use his smarts to shoot the shooter, though he's still alive at first. Dorian is able to take out another shooter but gets shot in the head. He takes the bullet and finds the word "start" on it. Dorian identifies the man as a member of the HRA but then finds that the man is actually wearing a face-maker that altered his appearance. The man is actually a low-level criminal. Dorian then tells Kennex that the damage he suffered means he won't be able to walk in five minutes.

Dorian is able to detect seven more facemakers in the building. Kennex gathers some supplies to try to fix Dorian. Kennex cuts something in Dorian's head, making him go offline.  Kennex continues to try to fix Dorian and talks to Paige whilst doing so. Dorian comes back online and it's then that the shot gunman comes into the room of the gunmen, telling them about the two cops.

Vincent calls Maldonado and says he's killed two cops downstairs. Stahl tells Maldonado that he is bluffing so she bluffs back, saying she doesn't know who he killed but they weren't her men. Paige tells Kennex that she will reveal herself and join her sister, saying if they're going to die, they should die together. She says she will leave her phone open but will come out quietly, blending in so the terrorists don't notice her. She's able to get out and sit next to her sister without the terrorists noticing she wasn't there the whole time.

The fake fission igniter is sent up on a drone. Paige tells the gunman she needs to use the restroom and he gives her thirty seconds. She puts her still connected phone on top of the pile of confiscated phones that are on a desk. Kennex and Dorian approach the 25th floor. Kennex hears Vincent tell his men to alert the other crew, leading he and Dorian to realise the men have set up a point-to-point communication system that allows them to talk with another team regardless of the jamming.

One of the men talks about the possibility of a tracker in the igniter and Vincent says it doesn't matter because they won't be bringing it with them anyway. Kennex and Dorian realise that the hostage situation is a diversion for another team performing a heist at a nearby facility of precious metals. The gunmen set up another "light bomb," like the one seen earlier. They also decide to take three hostages each as insurance while the rest will be left in the room with the bomb.

Dorian plans to go through the elevator shafts. Kennex objects but Dorian insists that this is what he was designed for. Dorian makes it to the 25th floor and gets into the vent above the light bomb. He's able to identify the faces displayed by the face-makers. Dorian jumps down and takes out several of the gunmen. Vincent is about to kill him but then Kennex arrives wearing a face-maker of the dead gunman from downstairs and takes out the last two gunmen. Dorian deactivates the light bomb and Kennex tells Maldonado to turn the jammer off. This reactivates the alarm and stops the palladium heist in its tracks, locking the criminals inside the vault.

Later, outside the building, Paige meets Kennex and they thank each other for their help. Maldonado tells Kennex that there will be a ton of paperwork and Rudy is angry at him for using chewing gum to fix Dorian. Kennex takes Dorian out for noodles, even though Dorian doesn't eat, and Dorian admits in the car that he was terrified of dying when he had the gun pointed at his head.

Almost Human airs on Mondays on FOX at 8PM.


Ripper Street S2E5 - "Threads of Silk and Gold" Recap

A pair of telegraph boys, David and Vincent make extra money on the side as gay prostitutes. They are lovers and are involved in a blackmailing scheme to collect enough money to be able to run away together. A different telegraph boy, Otto, who works for the same company is tasked with delivering a telegram to a hotel room and when he arrives, he is murdered by a man who believes him to be David.

Inspector Reid and the rest of his team on H Division is brought on to investigate the death of the telegraph boy. Jackson collects some money from a loan he previously lent. Reid pays a visit with Drake to the telegram company to question the man in charge and begins looking through the records. He also is suspicious of David and Vincent, as it was David's route that Otto was covering when murdered. The murderer visits the telegram company and questions the boss on the whereabouts of David. Meanwhile, David is having reservations about the blackmailing and Vincent encourages him to stick to the plan. They realise that the murderer doesn't know his face but Vincent still insists that David take his knife to use for protection.

Vincent speaks with the reporter Fred Best, about Otto's death. Best points out that Detective Flight is in the same pub as them, and when Vincent goes to look, he spots the would-be killer with a knife. Vincent sends Best out before turning himself in to Flight for being a homosexual to get away from the knife-wielding man. (At this time in history, homosexuality is a crime). But once he is at the station, he claims to have been drunk and retracts his station. When Reid tries to get information out of him, Vincent points out the hypocrisy in the fact that they are trying to make him feel guilty for the death of a gay prostitute that would have been punished under the laws in place. They have no choice but to let Vincent go.

Reid brings in the man in charge of the telegram company and demands to know the names of the clients who seek out the company of the gay prostitutes working as telegram boys. This leads them to question a man named Solomon Quint, an investment consultant for one of London's largest banks. Quint's name has been mentioned several times in the private conversations between David and Vincent; he is the one they have been blackmailing. When Reid arrives, he is met by Franklin Stone, Quint's previous employer. Stone admits that Quint's work suffered from his (implied to be gay) extramarital affairs.

Quint is shown to be suffering after the boys have decided to double their demands. The murderous man is paying him a visit and they are discussing the blackmailing and Vincent's friendship with Best. Quint admits that he did and still does love Fred and would have given him anything he wanted. The murder-man also is shown to be an employee of Stone.

Jackson presents Susan with the money and she confesses that Silas Duggan is squeezing more money out of her than she is capable of producing. Jackson wants to invest their money into a risky business deal but Susan is not fond of the idea. Jackson loses his temper and decides to go after Duggan himself. When he attempts to threaten him, Duggan unleashes one hell of a beatdown without even breaking a sweat.

Reid and Drake go to Quinn's home residence but when they get to his study, they find a gun in his hand and his brain splattered on the wall behind him. There is a suicide note on his desk in which he confesses to murdering Otto. Reid shares a drink with Drake and gets philosophical, not understanding what use the laws against homosexuality have. The laws do not appear to protect anyone and instead make human love criminal. Drake has an outing with his wife and admits that the philosophical train of thought is giving him a headache. She asks him whether he would sit by if the law made his ability to love her a crime. He tells her he would gladly be a criminal. A "working girl" recognises Bella but she's spooked by the encounter and hurries Drake away, not wanting to elaborate on who that was.

Susan finds Jackson drunk and she is unsympathetic to his ramblings. He gets sentimental about their relationship before descending into his drunken moping. His pride has been wounded over his inability to protect her and she has no time to indulge his self-pity.

Best is shown to be meeting with one of the telegraph boys, Harry. Unbeknownst to him, the owner of the establishment has been bribed by murder-man, who snaps compromising photos of the couple through a hole in the wall.

Jackson's examination of Quint's body shows that the suicide was faked and he was forced to write the suicide note. When Reid questions Quint's wife, she informs him that Quint and Stone had a falling out and there was some sort of shady business with Argentina and a missing folio. She also knows about Quint's affair but she tells Reid that she was never lied to and that her marriage was a loving companionship.

Vincent is stressed upon learning of Quint's death but this time, David is the one to get him back on track. David visits the station to speak with Reid and tells him that Quint was afraid of Stone and mentions the same Argentina deal that Quint's wife had informed Reid of. Reid re-questions Stone, who uses a technicality involving jurisdictions to avoid showing Reid the documents of Quint's work. After Reid leaves, Quint asks murder-man to "get me more time."

Best meets with Vincent in an alleyway who tells him if anything should happen to him, he should take the missing folio and publish it. Before Vincent can reveal the location, murder-man comes charging after Vincent. Drake comes across Best, who implores Drake to help Vincent. By the time Drake catches up, murder-man has fatally stabbed Vincent. Drake manages to beat down murder-man but Vincent has hurried back to his apartment, where he dies with a devastated David. Drake reaches the apartment after Vincent dies.

Reid questions murder-man, who confesses to the murders but won't admit that Stone is the one calling the shots. When he dies, there is an insurance policy that will go to his son, hence his readiness to be hanged. David tells Reid that he and Vincent would steal from rich clients and ransom it back since "money was nothing to them." They took Quint's folio and Vincent knew that it was different. He surrenders Quint's folio to Reid, who finds that Argentina has run out of gold and is about to go bankrupt. Jackson is horrified, as this was the business deal he wanted to turn a profit from to help Susan out of her debts with Duggan.

Reid confronts Stone, who won't admit to anything. There's not enough proof to put Stone behind bars and his bank will be lent money to cover the debts he created. Stone will not have to face justice for the crimes he committed but Reid is determined to expose his shady business dealings. Reid presents Quint's folio to Best, who states that he will publish them.

Jackson informs Susan that he has lost all of her money. He wants her to vent her anger at him but she tells him, "I'll never give you a scrap of feeling ever again." He has betrayed her and she sends him out, thus ending their relationship.

Best destroys the story he would have published, as he is has now been blackmailed with the photos of his affair.

Reid visits Jane Cobden. He begins by admitting that he failed his wife, but is now tired of the darkness and asks her to help him know the sun. She teases him for launching into a sonnet, before telling him that she will not be his mistress and that their relationship will not be some secret, hidden affair. He agrees and kisses her.

David visits Stone and slashes his throat as an act of vengeance for Vincent.

Ripper Street airs on Mondays on BBC One at 9PM.


Masters of Sex S1E9 - "Involuntary" Recap

Bill decides that the external bodily reactions should be filmed, as it will be more effective than simply describing them. Bill has Virginia ask Jane to submit herself to be filmed, as her face would be out of the footage at all times. They hire a filmmaker named Lester to film Jane masturbating.

Ethan reveals to Vivian the fact that he is non-practicing Jewish and it spurs her on to insist that their wedding be Christian. He agrees to convert to Christianity but later grows conflicted about doing so, leading him to break up with her.

Virginia earns the top marks in her class and it causes the other (male) students who aren't doing anywhere near as well to ask her to join their study group.

Estabrooks, Bill's mother, figures out that Libby is pregnant. Libby insists that she not say anything because she doesn't want to "tempt fate." Bill tells his mother about his study, expecting to shock her, but she is not bothered and also notes that his father had had an affair with his secretary for several years.

Libby reveals to Estabrooks that her father had abandoned her after her mother died. Bill doesn't know this because she tells everyone that he is dead. Now having a family of her own means everything to her because she wanted her own happy ending.

Estabrooks has dinner with Bill, Virginia, Jane, and Lester. She learns more about their study and their findings. She also picks up on the fact that something is going on between Bill and Virginia. She later confronts him about this at his office. She begins by expressing regret at never speaking up against Bill's father abusing him. She transitions into comparing his father's affair to the one he is currently having. He becomes angry but she tells him to resolve the problems in his marriage. Bill goes home where Libby reveals her pregnancy. He is upset at her going behind his back to get help getting pregnant but she also confronts him about his lying to her about her being the one with fertility problems. She also points out that even though his work is important, there is no life and love in the clinical logistics of sex.

Jane watches the footage of herself from the masturbation study and becomes uncomfortable by seeing it from the outside. She rescinds her permission for Virginia and Bill to use the footage. Virginia then decides to be the one filmed masturbating while Bill operates the camera. Bill decides it would be better for him to try to distance himself from Virginia because of his growing feelings for her so he attempts to pay her like any other participant in the study. She is offended by the gesture and decides she should try to distance herself from Bill emotionally as well. She then rekindles her friendship with Ethan.

Masters of Sex airs on Sundays on Showtime at 10PM.


LadyJenevia's 2013 Britannia Awards Experience!

Jaguar was a last-minute sponsor to the event... around the
same time that Benedict Cumberbatch was confirmed to be
attending the event. Not. A. Coincidence.
Mere days after leaving Los Angeles, which I had visited for the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere, I made yet another trip back to visit the Britannia Awards taking place on November 9. The award show is put on by BAFTA Los Angeles, a branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. This year's award recipients included Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baren Cohen, George Clooney, and Kathryn Bigelow. The event was hosted by Rob Brydon, and had several celebrity guests in attendance to present the awards and honour the recipients.

Myself and a Cumberbatch-loving friend, whom I had met at the 2013 Bay Area Sherlock con, spent the day waiting in the hotel. We saw various crew members working hard to set things up, bring in equipment, and even roll out the red carpet. We went over and took photos on the red carpet once they were finished; even those that had set it up and various hotel staff members had indulged in doing so before we had. Some time later, I spotted Rob Brydon in the lobby. I lunged across my friend's lap to get into my bag to bring out my camera. As soon as I had it, I moved over to where he was and asked if I might acquire a photo. He agreed, but before getting it taken, I had a brief chat with him. I told him that he was immensely funny on Big Fat Quiz (on which he has appeared multiple times), and that I watch it every year. He seemed flattered and surprised that someone living in the States would be familiar with him and the program. I also stated that I was sure that he would do a great job as host, and that I was waiting there with my friend primarily in the hopes of seeing Benedict  Cumberbatch. He thanked me and replied that he hoped that we would be able to meet him. We took our photo together, I thanked him for it, and wished him all the best with his hosting duties.
Sir Ben Kingsley

When it was finally time for guests to begin arriving, both celebrity and non, we stood behind a roped-off area near the main entrance of the hotel. A large crowd of hotel guests began to gather and gawk at the red carpet and nicely dressed guests. This was highly problematic for the security (many of whom seemed poorly trained for what was to come), as they created an immense amount of congestion and did not have designated roped off areas to stand behind. The worst part about the security was how lax they were. It would have been better if they had more efficiently, and perhaps aggressively, forced those people to clear off.

Skipping over the monotony of the arrival of well-dressed guests with large pocketbooks and connections to the BAFTA organisation, one of the first recognisable guests to arrive caused one of the largest frenzies of the night. When George Clooney walked in, a massive amount of people attempted to chase him into the red carpeted area. Given all the judgement that nerds/fangirls receive from "normal" mainstream folk about our going to conventions, events, premieres, etc., their amateurish, frenzied behaviour upon seeing a celebrity in person was downright laughable. Aren't ordinary people adorable? He was incredibly gracious, smiled at the massive crowd of non-guests standing inside and said, waved, and said, "Hi, guys!" Out of all the award recipients, my friend and I had been least interested in seeing him, but from what I saw that night, I dare say I had been too quick to judge him.
"Oh my gawd, it's Sigourney Weaver!"

We also saw Kathryn Bigelow arrive, as well as pass through a few more times that night. When Sir Ben Kingsley arrived, we didn't shout at him, because we didn't want to bother him, but perhaps we should have. He seemed gracious enough that he might have come over if we had truly put forth the effort. We saw Salma Hayek arrive, she walked straight in, and Kelly Rowland did the same. Sigourney Weaver came through, and no one seemed to recognise her. She had only just come through the door when I said, "Oh, it's Sigourney Weaver." Given her close proximity, she heard me and looked straight at me. As I am unfamiliar with her feelings on fan interaction, I chose to not try to call her to me, since I have a great respect for her and wanted to let her enjoy her night. My friend spotted Alice Eve when she arrived and pointed her out to me. I shouted out her name and she looked over and waved. When Dominic Cooper arrived, there was a girl who repeatedly called out his name, but he neither looked over nor acknowledged her. He was on his mobile so I wasn't going to shout at him when he very well may have been on an important call. When I commented to my friend how it was interesting to me that he didn't seem to hear her, despite her calling out his name several times, my friend and I both agreed that she was not loud enough. My friend also stated that I have "a pair of lungs on me" and am therefore better at projecting and making myself heard. (Perhaps it's a result of all the talk about the importance of using your diaphragm, having been raised by a classically trained opera singer). One other person we saw arrive that night was Burn Gorman, whose name I could not recall at the time. Of course I knew it was "Owen" from Torchwood  but I was drawing a blank on his actual name. I find calling actors by their character's name rather tacky (unless you are a small child), so I was left standing there disappointed and unable to get his attention. Though I could have looked it up on my mobile, I didn't want to be too absorbed in it to miss anyone else's arrival. But I am certain now that I'll never forget his name, so if ever I see him again, I'll have "Burn Gorman" locked, loaded, and ready to fire so that I may have my moment with him.
Dominic Cooper on his mobile

Moving on now to the more significant interactions I had that night, we'll begin with Idris Elba. As I stated earlier, I had been at the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere, but Idris Elba had not been in attendance (along with several other people, including Natalie Portman and Christopher Eccleston). One of the heads of security had been telling me that if I wanted anyone to come over, I was going to have to shout at them. This is a fairly new concept for me, and is one that I still haven't fully adjusted to, as it can feel highly rude and disrespectful if not executed properly. When I saw Idris, I alone shouted out his name repeatedly. I wasn't quite insistent enough with my calling out to him, as he didn't come over. But he did hear me, looked over, saw me waving my hand about, waved back and smiled. Let me just emphasise the fact that this man is tremendously good-looking. But more important than his looks, he is of upstanding character (he was being awarded the Humanitarian Award that evening for his charity work). I wasn't entirely sure that he had been directing his wave and smile at me, but when I expressed my uncertainty to my friend, she insisted that he had indeed been giving his attention to me. Naturally, I was flattered.

When Alex Kingston arrived, I could have jumped for joy. Though Sherlock is undoubtedly my absolute favourite show, I am also tremendously fond of Doctor Who. When I saw her (and her glorious hair), I didn't hesitate to being shouting, "Alex! Alex!" She turned to where I was standing behind the roped off section and I called out, "Will you please come take a picture with me?" She cocked her head to one side as if pondering whether or not to come over, and my friend joined me in beckoning her over with hand movements. She then began walking straight to me, giving me her undivided attention. When she reached me, the same security guard that had been advising me on the importance of calling out to people moved to me and took my camera, stating that he would take the photo. Alex moved to my right side, put an arm around me, and I moved my arm around her waist (I think her dress was velvet), and I tried to smile without looking deranged from overexcitement as the photo was snapped. Once it was taken, I turned to her and with my voice drenched in adoration, I gushed, "Thank you so much, you're amazing." She smiled and said, "Thank you," appearing touched at how obviously elated and moved I was by her coming over and giving me a moment of her time. Once she had walked back over, I was beside myself and began babbling rather loudly and incessantly to my friend. "Oh my gawd, Alex Kingston came over and took a photo with me! I called out to her and she came over and took a photo with me!" Adrenaline was rocketing through me and I apologised to my friend for being unable to stop talking about it, stating that I was just feeling overwhelmed and amazed by what had just occurred. She insisted there was no need to apologise and that she was happy for me. Though I calmed down a bit, I kept going on about how wonderful and beautiful Alex was, gesturing in her direction as she was still chatting with some other guests. She looked over in my direction, smiled again, and gave me a little wave. I was excited all over again and also embarrassed at my unintentionally distracting her from her conversation.

Later on, Karen Gillan arrived, and I called out to her just as I had at the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere, and she waved. After that, a woman standing somewhat near me asked, "Excuse me. Who is 'Karen'?" I internally groaned (since I have little patience for people who seem to only be interested in people for being famous as opposed to the brilliance of their work), and asked her if she watched Doctor Who. (It was a rhetorical question). Not surprisingly, she replied, "No," and I said, "Then you won't know who she is." Some time after Karen had arrived, Alex brought her back over to where some Whovians (they were wearing DW t-shirts) were standing and introduced Karen by declaring, "This is my mum." (Glorious). They took photos with those fans, and were able to do so in peace, as the celebrity-interested hotel guests creating congestion were unfamiliar with the both of them.

When Ralph Fiennes arrived, several people including myself began calling out his name. He paused momentarily, before deciding to come over. As he drew near, he was scanning the crowd and not honed in on anyone in particular. Once he was reasonably close, I asked, "Ralph, can I get a photo with you?" and he moved right to me. Again, the security man took my camera and I quickly had my friend move in to my left (Ralph was on my right), so that she could squeeze in to the photos as well. I put my arm around his back and the photo was taken. I thanked him for the photo, took a photo for another person who wanted one with him, and Ralph left shortly thereafter. He did not utter a single syllable but his presence was commanding. After he was gone, my friend and I of course basked in the glory of the fact that we had just gotten a photo with Ralph "Lord Voldemort" Fiennes and joked about our luck in having survived the encounter.

When Benedict Cumberbatch finally arrived, the crowd erupted with excitement. Nearly all of the fans that were in attendance had come in the hopes of meeting him. He first went to the crowd of fans outside, and we stepped in front of the rope we had been standing behind, in anticipation of his entering the hotel. When he finally came inside, he had been prepared to move straight into the event but immediately spotted the massive crowd of people and heard us all calling out to him. He immediately changed course and walked over, stopping right in front of us (I was wearing my "Get Sherlock" shirt and my friend a Benedict shirt). He began signing things for a few folks and even took a photo with a young girl. One fan was even brash enough to ask him on a date, and he responded with nervous, uncomfortable laughter. Given the fact that he was standing only three feet in front of me, I was not only able to enjoy seeing him at close range, but have him look back at me. He was entirely beautiful, not only physically with his tailored suit and gravity-defying cheekbones, but in the way that he so graciously tried to spend as much time as he could with us before he inevitably had to remove himself from the frenzy that others were creating. He muttered something about trying to come back out later, but when the event was over, the crowd had re-formed and it was too crazy for him to even attempt it. He left promptly, without even visiting the after-party, but my friend and I were too proud of him and happy to have even had him in our presence to be upset by his quick departure. Given the fact that he was the primary reason we had made the trip to the event, we were and are plenty satisfied with the time we had with him.

One final gem of the night was that while Karen Gillan was passing through to move from the event into the after-party, another Wholockian (fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock) standing near me was able to get her attention and get a photo with her. (A bit earlier, she had also been able to get a photo with Alex Kingston and I was tremendously happy for her). This Wholockian had recognised me, and I her, since we had briefly spoken to one another at the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere. After Karen took a photo with this girl, I asked if I could get one too, and she agreed to do so. She crouched down, since she was standing over six feet tall with her heeled shoes, and I held the camera out to snap a selfie of the two of us. I thanked her, and basked in the glory of the fact that I had met and gotten a photo with yet another Who cast member.

Though the Britannia Awards may be a smaller awards show for now, its reputation seems to be growing each year. Though I would rather attend the actual BAFTAs in London, it was overall a fantastic experience, and I would like to take this moment to congratulate each of the recipients for their tremendous work, especially Benedict Cumberbatch (given the absurdity in his having to cross the Atlantic in order to finally receive a BAFTA).

To see the photos of the event that were mentioned but not included in this post, check out my videos documenting the experience:

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