American Horror Story Recap: The Sacred Taking

Queenie takes a walk on the wild side, and kills her would be rapist in the name of voodoo. Zoe and Madison try to get her to come back to the coven, but Marie’s promised her more powers and Queenie wants to be on the winning side of the war that’s coming.

Fiona’s cancer gets progressively worse, and Cordelia took it all too well, if not bitterly because it wouldn’t be sooner. Only the axeman will more Fiona, as he makes lavish plans for the future, none of which Fiona wants, but she also refuses to end it all. She plans to find the rising Supreme and kill her.

Luke’s mother continues to hate the girls next door, even though they saved him. She plans on cleaning him inside and out, and it seems like Kyle’s mom wasn’t the only dirty one as she orders him to drop his drawers and step into the tub. Nan hears his cries, but she cannot do anything about it, as Cordelia calls a pow wow to destroy Fiona. They only have one shot to get it done. Misty comes a banging on their door, something has been chasing her. Her burnt up witch, Myrtle Snow, has crawled her way free, healed, and something is in the woods hunting Misty. Cordelia looks at Misty’s past, and offers her sanctuary. Misty didn’t come alone she brought Myrtle with her. Myrtle proclaims Misty the next Supreme, and that does not bring any joy to Cordelia.

Kyle wants a little cuddle time with Zoe, but she’s busy. Zoe sets him up with some educational shows, thinking that he’ll be able to rejoin society later while the girls are missing. The girls prepare to start the ceremony to make Misty the next supreme. Misty doesn’t want the job, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. The sacred taking ceremony has only been done three times in their history, and it requires the death of the current supreme as the ultimate sacrifice, which they plan on pushing her to. Fiona is feeling less than well, when she gets a visit from Madison, dancing around and being extra bitchy. Madison claims she brought herself back, and that she is the next supreme. Fiona tells her to leave, but her powers barely open the door. Madison gives her an ultimatium, she either burns at the stake and makes one heck of a weenie roast or she takes some pills and perishes in her sleep. Fiona chooses neither, but she has another visitor, Myrtle, who is spouting the same Supreme story. Fiona isn’t ready for death yet, and Myrtle paints the picture of her bleak future even if they don’t burn her at the stake, totally and utterly alone. Madison fills the girls on their progress to kill Fiona, and hurt Nan’s feelings when none of them think she could be the next supreme. She goes to find Luke, and finds him bound and gagged in a closet.

Fiona prepares for her end, getting all prettied up, and dressing in her furs, before she downs Madison’s pills. Myrtle steals all of Fiona’s jewelry before leaving, and Fiona awakens to Spaulding, Spaulding that died. These two reunited cannot be a good thing for the rest of the witches. Spaulding tries to help her expel the poison, death has brought him clarity, but Fiona doesn’t want it. She’s trying to do something right for once, but Spaulding blows apart the ruse and spoon feeds her his medicine. She expels the pills from her body, and bitch is back, and hell bent on some revenge.

Queenie pays Delphine a visit, and offers the poor prisoner some food. For some reason Queenie is surprised they’re not feeding her. And Delphine asks her to free her, for only a minute so she can stretch her legs. Marie catches her, and Delphine finds her voice, taunting Marie. Delphine is done cowering to this woman. She can’t die, and she no longer fears the box, but Marie has something else in mind. Marie takes Delphine’s out stretched hand, literally.

Nan and Luke try to make a getaway, but his mother has other plans, moving to stop them. Hank opens fire, killing Luke’s mother and injuring Luke, and all Nan can do is weep. She doesn’t have the power to heal him.

Myrtle plays depressing music, thinking its fitting, not realizing that Fiona is far from gone. Fiona makes her appearance wanting to see Misty, who’s next door at Luke’s house. He’s taken away in an ambulance, and Fiona makes Misty’s acquaintance. She wants to test Misty’s skill, and the death gives her the chance. Cordelia sees what no one else can outside, perhaps that it was her husband behind the killings? She finds a billet and she sees the killing, but not who as Misty brings back the mother. Misty falls to the ground, and Fiona rolls her eyes. Zoe is on edge with the witches under attack, which only makes FrankenKyle jumpy, and he tells her he loves her. She loves him too. How sweet.

Fiona carries on like everything is normal. Cordelia is ready for Fiona’s strike, but Fiona claims to be filled with hope for the future after their little coup, proud of Cordelia’s duplicity. The bullet is blessed and silver, from witch hunters. And the day just keeps getting better, the witches receive a package. It’s Delphine’s head. But she’s still alive. Well that’s way more fun than the head in the Sevin box.


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