Arrow Recap S2E8: The Scientist

Some suits brace for impact, but they're no match for someone in boots.

Felicity greets Moira, but it quickly slips into awkwardness. Isabel isn't happy to see her, but I'm not sure she's ever really happy. She pulls Oliver aside, and thinks that Moira is bad for the company's image, even though she was just acquitted of all her crimes.  Digg tells Oliver of a break in.

Lance assess the situation, some speedy burglars, by his assessment. The video shows only one perp, but Lance thinks there has to have been three because of the amount of damage done to the door. Barry Allen from the CSI Unit says that it's just one guy, one guy with super strength, and the guards neck proves it. Barry thinks that the centrifuge was what was stolen.  His theory and knowledge is enough to impress Felicity. Lance suggests that Felicity contact Arrow about the robbery.

Past, Slade, Shado Sara and Ollie deal with their escape. Shado isn't sure that she holds the key to some savior submarine. She also questions Oliver about Sara, and is just a touch jealous.

The centrifuge is the only thing missing, and Felicity finds further footage proof that it was indeed one guy who did the job. Barry sets up shop at Felicity's suggestion, and although Oliver is leery, its not just Barry that he's worried about. Are the centrifuge and the submarine from Ollie's past connected? I think they must be.

Oliver apologizes to his mother for the office reception earlier, and he's got an idea how to get things normal: a party, because that's what the Queen's are known for. Thea can't agree more. Oliver promises to take care of everything, the boy does know how to throw a party after all.

Barry puts his CSI skills to use, and finds some clues the burglar tracked in. His thoughts soon go onto the Vigilante, and he's overly interested in him. Felicity's guard goes up, and Barry reveals his tragic background. The info comes back from the shoes, sugar.

Roy and Thea answers Sin call, she's looking for Arrow's help, but Thea offers up Roy's, she'll be his sidekick though.

Merlin is a little upset about his lack of invite, but Moira's more worried about their secret love child. Thea is all he has left, Tommy being dead and all, and he urges her to tell Thea the truth soon.

Their robber just robbed a blood bank, and his crimes mimic another of their "cases". Barry continues to worry Oliver, and he sets Digg to look into the kid further, while Digg wonders what Oliver is hiding about his past.

Meanwhile Arrow goes into action after their super strong burglar. He manages to catch up with the guy, only to be thrown from the speeding truck with nothing to show for his trouble.

While Felicity patches up Oliver, he finally spills about the connections. On the island he came across many people like one he was up against tonight, but they all died, and Oliver thought that he destroyed the drug behind the transformation and everything in a lab on the island. The last component they need to make super soldiers is a sedative. Oliver gives her one of his arrows with the burglar's blood on it. It's seen better days, all dented up, but it still has his DNA on it, and more importantly will reveal the sedative their using. Felicity takes it to Barry so they can analyze it and figure out where the next hit will be. After a little misunderstanding of Felicity's and Oliver's relationship, Felicity invites Barry to be her plus one to Oliver's party.

Sin takes Thea and Roy to Max's house so they can check it for clues on his disappearance. Someone is watching Max's apartment.

Past, the group finally finds the submarine.

Oliver busts Barry. He is a CSI but his bosses have no clue he's in Starling City. Barry finishes the story he started earlier with Felicity. His mother was killed, but not by his father, like the authorities thought. At age 11, Barry watched his father fight some blurred figure, and he got caught up in it, only Barry ended up 20 blocks away from the fight. No one believed his story about his father, thinking it was a cover. Since that crime, he's looked into the cases that no one believes could happen. Barry leaves in shame over his lies.

The Queen's make an appearance at their party, and Felicity pulls Oliver aside, telling him that he has more than just her to apologize to. Moira's party is a bust, there is barely anyone in attendance. Sin calls Roy, Max has been found and he makes excuses to leave without Thea. Oliver asks Felicity for a dance, but not for himself,  for Barry. He's made amends and made Felicity happy in the process. Summer, always a bright spot, does a basic I told you so to Oliver. Moira and Summer barely sheath their claws when faced.

Past, the group gets Slade on the ship as they look for the drug. They find what they're looking for, but they're missing the sedative, and without it Sara is sure Slade would die.

Moira thanks her son for his efforts, glad that her children believe her. Oliver leaves for the office, and Moira can't bring herself to tell Thea the truth about her paternity.

Barry gets the shakedown from his boss, and has to go back home in a flash. He tells Felicity that the sedative is ketamine, and the two say goodbye.

Sin nearly gets hauled away by the police. Max's body has been found, the cops told her that it was an OD, though Sin knows that he never touched drugs, as a frequent blood donor. Roy manages to snap a picture of the body before the two get away.

Felicity tracks down the likely source of the Ketamine, but she cautions Oliver about going upagainst their burglar again. His muscle density is too much for Oliver's arrows, but Oliver is sure he can prevail, having done so before.

Past, they prepare to  inject Slade, without any other options. he's gonna die if they do nothing, and if he's injected he has a small chance. Injection it is, but it looks like a very painful process.

Roy takes his concerns about Max's OD to Arrow. Arrow cautions him to stay away, but Roy refuses, and Oliver is forced to slow him down with a quick arrow to the leg.

Merlin gets past all of Moira's security guards. He's ready to claim his daughter, but Moira isn't ready to roll over. She has someone up her sleeve Ras Al Ghul, the league of shadows was very happy to hear that Malcolm was still alive. Seems Grul wants to kill him himself. Such a small slip of the tongue got Merlin into a heap of trouble, and he's forced to run.

Arrow comes face to face with the burglar who's been gathering up supplies, and he is one beast of a man, tossing poor Oliver around like a ragdoll. He gets a double shot of the some vials. Past, Slade's body rejects the change, and he bleeds out of his eyes. Digg and Felicity find Oliver, his pupils are dilated, and they have no way of knowing what he was injected with, the vials are coded.

Barry misses his train, and gets abducted at the train station. He awakens in Arrow's batcave, with a passed out Oliver still in Arrow gear on the slab next to him. felicity asks him to save Oliver. Well, that's one way to initiate him into the club.


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