"Banshee" Delivers Small-Town Action!

Upon being released from a 15-year prison sentence, an unnamed criminal travels to a small town named Banshee in search of his long-lost love(r) and partner-in-crime, Anastacia. Not long after his arrival, he finds himself in a scuffle and assumes the identity of Lucas Hood, who was set to be the town's new sheriff before being accidentally killed. Though he initially takes up the position as a way of more easily integrating himself into the town while continuing his pursuits of his former lady love, he quickly finds that he is well suited to the job. Given the hardening he underwent during his time in prison, he has a no-nonsense attitude that keeps him from being bought by the the town's "Big Bad": a man named Kai Proctor, who abandoned his Amish life to become a crime lord.

Lucas' approach to being a sheriff may be likened to Doctor House's approach to being a doctor. They are quick to make their own rules, which can seriously anger those that they work with... until those people see that their roguish ways yield strong results. They also have a propensity for reckless behaviour. While Dr. House's vice was Vicodin, Lucas Hood has a propensity for casual sex with strangers. (I state this as being risky since it's unclear as to whether or not he ever uses protection).

Through the assumption of this identity, "Lucas Hood" goes on a journey of redemption. By being in a small town, as well as having a ferociously fierce transvestite hacker ally, he is able to become the town's hulking badass sheriff. While Lucas Hood builds a new life for himself, Anastacia must cope with the ghosts of her past colliding with the life she has created and her new family. Lead actors Antony Starr and Ivana Miličević deliver gripping performances that get viewers invested in the stories of Lucas and Anastacia, be they separate or intertwined.

"Banshee" is jam-packed with action, though the violence is not quite so theatrical as premium fan-favourite, "Spartacus". The show has a gritty feel, similar to the Statham-led "Death Race," but with more substance. The show airs on Cinemax, so it's of little surprise to those familiar with that network's reputation that the show has an abundance of sexually explicit content. "Banshee" was co-created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler, and co-produced by Alan Ball ("True Blood," "Six Feet Under," "American Beauty") and Greg Yaitanes ("House," "Lost," "Prison Break"). If you are a fan of premium channel shows (the ones that don't censor to the same extent as basic cable), then now is the time to give "Banshee" your undivided attention. Season 2 will being airing on January 10, 2014!

"Banshee" airs on Cinemax, beginning Friday, January 10 at 10/9 c.


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