Do You Have Plans for NYE? Walking Dead Has You Covered.

What better way to end 2013 than with Zombies? AMC is ringing in the new year with a full-series marathon of The Walking DeadBeginning with the Pilot, “Days Gone Bye” on Tue., Dec. 31, at 9AM/8c, episodes will air back-to-back in chronological order leading up to the Season 4 Mid-Season Finale, “Too Far Gone” at 5AM/4c on Thu., Jan. 2, 2014. 

So whether you've seen the whole series and want to relive it, or even play a little catch up you can stay snuggled in your bed, and watch the series from the start. And if you're craving even more Walking Dead action they've even got an '8 Ways to Get Ready for The Walking Dead New Years Eve and Marathon.'


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