Last Unicorn Screening with Peter S. Beagle

The Last Unicorn hit theaters in 1982 and its been a cult classic since. Heck when it came out, many of us either weren’t born, or were far too young to see it in the theater. Well if you love the Last Unicorn and never got to experience it’s magic on the big screen, you’re in luck, its making its rounds on the big screen. Recently it came through to Sacramento, and I was lucky enough to see it, and as an added bonus Peter S. Beagle, writer of the Last Unicorn was there to introduce the movie and do autographs.

If you’ve never seen the Last Unicorn a unicorn learns that she is the last of her kind free, and she ventures outside the safety of her home to find where the red bull has herded the rest. She’s soon captured and placed into a freak show, where she meets up with an incompetent magician. They escape and make their way to the seaside castle where the red bull is said to reside, but they run into trouble. The Magician tries to save her, but transforms her into a human girl with flowing hair, and a butterfly mark on her forehead where her horn once was. The Magician introduces the unicorn as his niece at the castle and soon she begins to forget her former life and fall in love with the prince. Ultimately she faces the bull and is transformed back into the unicorn.

It’s a beautiful and touching story of love, and regret, of honor and duty, and it has a pretty rocking soundtrack. The story is filled with a genuine sweetness and mystery, and the script is very well written, especially for a kids movie at this time.

The Last Unicorn has attracted fans of many generations. I know my daughter is a huge fan of the film and comic, and could not wait to see Peter when he was in town. She believes after all she has unicorn blood since she has the same mark as the human version of Amalthea. In fact she was so excited she even brought her friend along and they did plenty of “horn poses” until they got to talk to Peter. And if you see that print behind them, its a picture made out of the story of the last unicorn, pretty amazing.

The Last Unicorn will continue to make stops throughout 2014. So check The Last Unicorn Tour to see when it comes near you!


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