Once Upon A Time Recap: Going Home

Pan and Felix take their pilfered scroll to the wishing well. The town'll be slaves to the new land Pan is making, rather than death. Gold tells everyone that there is a way to stop the curse, by using the original curse, but it's all on Regina. She'll have to destroy her original curse. Pan will need a sacrifice from something first, something he loves to ignite the curse. Felix mistakens the heart needed to Gold's, but Pan reveals he never loved his son. His beloved isn't family, but a loyal servant, Felix. Gold needs something for when the two are swapped back, the black fairies wad. Pan kills Felix and casts his curse.

Past, Snow wonders what if the wardrobe fails them, but the blue fairy has faith that no matter what the savior, Snow's child, will save them in the end. She wishes Snow good luck and faith. Snow only sees what the curse will take away from her, but Charming tells her that they can still have a happy ending, just not the one they thought. Now, Snow looks at the mobile that should have been Emma's and wonders what could have been. Emma has the same regrets over Henry. Henry just wants to be back in his own body. Am I the only one that wants to see Robbie Kay stay?

Tink, Charming, Hook, and Neil head over to the blue fairies memorial to get the wand. The sisters refuse, but Pan's shadow is after it as well. The shadow sends the nuns scrambling, and Hook is injured when he blocks the shadow with his body. Past, Smee and Hook go looking for something, a dagger to end the dark one, his purpose renewed, but instead he finds a knife wielding Tink. She knocks out Smee and holds the dashing Hook at knife point, and the two make acquantices. Hook tells her what he's after but Tink can't help him in the magic department, he taunts her in his seductive manner telling her that she should be helping him find his happy ending, innuendo dripping in his very word.  Hook and Tink bond over some rum, and contemplate revenge and happy endings. He tells her he would risk his life for 2 things, love or revenge, and all he has left is revenge.

Present: Neil, Charming, Hook and Tink try to draw Pan's shadow in to trap it back in the candle, but its high above them. Charming convinces Tink to try the pixy dust, believing she can, well Believe. Tink gives it a go, and lights the candle with thought before she flies up to trap the shadow. Tink and Hook have a little more jump in their step, he sacrificed himself for more than revenge, and she believed. Even better, Blue is restored. With the shadow trapped, her shadow was returned, and she tells Tink that she's earned her wings back too. Blue gives them the black fairy's wand so they can defeat Pan.

Gold moves to block Pan's power when he's back in his own body with the box that he trapped him in. Anyone else think this is a bad idea since he got out of it before? No? Okay. Gold does the body swap, and everyone leaves to go find Henry.

Past: Henry is the typical reluctant teen, not turning in his homework and feeling all unloved. Mary Margaret tries to prove to him otherwise, showing him something he'd never known before, the storybook Henry carries around, all full of hope. She tells him they're reminders to keep hoping, that there's a happy ending for everyone. She lets him keep the book.

Granny leads the group, hot on Henry's scent. He finds them, and gives Regina the scroll. When she tries to use magic on it, it turns against her, knocking her out.

Pan awakens, amused that Gold only took him magic and didn't murder him in his sleep. Gold wanted him to see his end, to know his end was coming. Pan never was a soft heart, and he was always a step ahead. He build a aback door  into the cage, and was able to get ou t. He turns gold's shackle into himself, and she's stuck magic less, as Pan goes to as tael the towns memories and lives,

Past: Gold does his evilness, and sends Belle away. She notices a child's jacket, and assumes he's dead, Gold tells her the child is merely lost. He shows a softer side, and Belle tells him it may not be too late, but Gold knows he will not have a happy ending. Now: Gold struggles with the shackle upon himself, and prepares to cut off the limb.

Regina awakens, and they worry if she'll be able to stop the curse. She assures Henry that at the least he'll be okay, but Pan tells them that they'll be anything but. He freezes everyone, as he choses his first victim, deciding on Neil. But Gold is here, and he's finally willing to pony up. He pays the prices to give Neil hope, to tell him he loves him and goodbye. He declares his love to Belle, and tells her that she made him stronger. Gold may not have magic, but he has a shadow, and he's finally discovered how to kill Pan. They both have to die. He hugs Pan close, and Pan loses his youthful form. Pan tells him that they can still have a happy ending, they can start over, but Gold sees this as the happy ending they deserve, and keeps the danger in his back, killing both of them. They're engulfed by shadow, and disappear, releasing Pan's captives from his spell.

Belle is broken by Gold's death, while everyone else is just a little shocked. Regina picks up the scroll, and Neil remarks on his father's noble sacrifice. Pan may be gone, but his curse remains. Grumpy comes announcing the curse is coming. Emma asks about the price of the curse, but Regina tells them that the curse's price is hers to pay. She will have to say goodbye to Henry and never see him again. That once the curse is broken everyone will return from where they came from. Only Henry will remain, Emma can get around the curse and stay behind, but not Regina. Emma doesn't want to leave the family she just found, but there really is no choice. Regina thought she wanted Emma to leave so she could have her son, but now she understands that all she really wants is Henry's happiness. This is becoming a very depressing midseason finale!

Eleven years ago at Henry's birth, Emma refuses to look at her new son. We've seen this before, when she refuses to be a mother to her son. Now, The town gathers to send Emma and Henry off. Henry feels responsible for everything that has happened, because he went to get Emma. It is all his fault, but Regina softens the blow, telling him that it is her fault too, that some of them aren't able to get happy endings. Emma and Neil say goodbye, him vowing to see them again. And Hook gets his own goodbye with Emma as well. Regina has one last confession. When the curse comes through everything will be gone, including their memories. She can't give them back their memories, but she can give them new memories. She bestows upon Emma and Henry good memories, memories of the life that they always wanted. She sends them off before the curse can wash over them, and Emma looks even more torn than before as Snow kisses her goodbye, with the green fog rolling in behind them. Regina tears the scroll and releases her magic, turning the fog purple. It washes over Storybrook. In Emma's memories she changes her mind, and holds Henry.

One year later. Emma and Henry are happy playing house. He waters plants, and she makes breakfast, when there's a knock at the door. It's Hook! He tells her that her family is in danger, but she doesn't remember him at all. He tries to jog her memory with a kiss, but all he gets is a knee to his business. She shuts the door in his beautiful face.


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