Once Upon A Time Recap: The New Neverland

Belle takes Ariel to find her Prince Eric. He's a fisherman, and their reunion goes smashingly. He greets her with a kiss, asGold, Hook and the rest return to storybrook. The returning heroes are greeted with much fanfare, but Regina is left out of the celebrations. Snow tells everyone that they have Regina to thank for the success.

Regina ruined Snow's wedding in the past, and she wanted to go to battle over it, though Charming told her its not a battle one can wage war against. He convinces her that the best way to send a message to her is to go on their honeymoon. Happy and Snow herself think otherwise, and make plans to take Regina out permanently

Gold tells the other that none can free the shadow except Pan, and he's still in the box they think. "Henry" has Felix punished, and he watches as Gold stores the box away with his magic. Belle ties Gold's tie, and wonders about the future. For the first time, Gold is optimistic about the future.

Emma gives Henry back his book, but he hardly recognizes it and it sends up warning signs. Hook watches on, but tells Neil he'll not pursue Emma, willing to wait for him to abandon her again. Regina goes to the Blue fairy for Tink's wings, but she can't give them back because she doesn't believe in herself. Neil invites Emma to go on a date with him. And the Charmings encourage it.

Past, Snow and Charming go on their honeymoon, to Snow's old family castle. She asks him to take it slow, but she has ulterior motives. Prince Charming goes to stable the horses, as Snow arms up, but he catches her as she sneaks out the castle window. Snow's poker face sucks, and Snow spills the beans about the Medusa plan. They go hunting.

Emma goes to put Henry to bed, but Henry opts to go home with Regina instead. Snow tries to ease the blow, but telling Emma Henry just wants to spend the night in his old room, but she's not exactly buying it.

Henry scouts out his room, and Regina finds him. he asks about her vault and her powers, because of the threat of Pan, but she assures him that the vault is locked away, and that she'll protect him. Assured, she puts him into bed, but he doesn't stay there long. He has plan that involves magic and his shadow is free.

Snow wonders if Charming knows what he's in for, and he reminds her that he fell in love with her after she robbed him. He wonders why she's driving so hard to destroy Regina when she was the one that halted Regina's execution. Now, Charming and Snow enjoy some of Granny's lasagna, as Gold delivers the cure for Charrming. They worry over the payment, but he tells them that they're family now, and if he ever needs a favor, he's sure they'll help him. Snow notices that Emma didn't take her advice, and she stood up Neil. Charming goes to find Emma. She tells him that she's worried about Henry, that he's not himself. He tells her she can't wait for the next dangerous moment, that she has to enjoy the good moments that make life worth living. Emma wonders if Charming is pushing her towards Neil to keep her from Hook.

Hook bumps into Tink, and offers her a drink. She sees through his ruse, and refuses to play second fiddle. A scream brings them running towards it, they bump into Emma and Charming, and she questions what he and Tink were doing together. Hook goads her jealously just a little, when theres another scream. The Blue Fairy is brought down but the shadow, and only one person controls the shadow.

Past, Snow and Charming hunt the Gorgon. Snow cautions Charming not to look into her eyes when he goes to draw her out. The plan works perfectly, but Snow's blade breaks. The two regroup and go to retreat. Medusa grabs Snow, and Charming springs to save her, frisbeeing a shield at her. She gets away, but Charming isn't so lucky. He looks deep into Medusa's eyes.

Regina and Henry come to find that the Blue Fairy is dead. Neil and Hook go to get the candle to trap the shadow, and Henry clings to Regina. Emma cautions Regina about Henry, and Regina takes offense. She takes Henry to her vault for safety. He promises not to touch anything, but when has Pan really kept his promises?

Charming makes a mighty fine statue, and Snow vows to not leave him. Regina sends her a shieldgram, taunting her for ruining her own happiness, and it gives her an idea. The queen communicates through mirrors, and she uses the shine of the shield to defeat the Gorgon, freeing Charming.

Snow, Charming, and Emma go to Gold for Pan's box. They tell him that Pan is somehow controlling the shadow from the inside, and wish to destroy him once and for all. They take the box to the edge of Storybrook, where he would have no magic and be helpless. Gold releases Pan, he calls Emma mom, throwing them all off. She puts him to test, and he passes them all with flying colors, telling her things that only Henry could know.

The real Pan sits safely with an unsuspecting Regina, she promises to be the mother he always wanted her to be, and he gases her, all too easily.

Charming apologizes for not finding away to defeat Regina, even if she doesn't know why. Snow did have a reason, she wants a family, and fears bringing something good into the world where Regina is tryign to destroy them. But she's decided that there will never be a good time, if they don't make one, and they get to making that moment.

Emma and the crew cannot get a hold of Regina, and when they meet the others are Regina's vault they haven't been able to gain entry. Not even Gold can get in, yet. The Charmings continue to be the little cheerleaders as always, and Emma continues to doubt herself, but she sees it as being different,that  her magic comes at a price. Gold gets the vault open, but its too late, Pan is gone. Gold awakens Regina, and she's upset she fell for Pan's tricks so easily. Henry reassures her, and can I just say I love Robbie Kay as Henry. he's not insufferable! Gold finds what Pan was after. A curse. The Curse. Pan thinks it will give them everything they always wanted. Everyone will forget, time will stand still, and Emma would not be able to break it this time around. Pan would get his new Neverland.


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