Supernatural Recap S9E09: Holy Terror

Wyoming, Melody Ministry Glee Club arrives at a biker bar. Not the normal place for these girls, and the patrons take issue of them, but they aren't what they seem, its an all out angel war. The Glee girls win and leave carnage in their wake.

Zeke gives Dean an update on Sam. He says that he's better, but still not fully healed. Dean can't wait for the healing to be done, but Zeke is concerned about them chasing angels. Dean is a bit concerned about the eavesdropping, but Zeke pops out. Sam continues jabbering until he realizes that he lost time. Dean continues to do a big brush off. The boys show up at the scene, but someone's beaten them too it. Agent Castiel is already working the crime scene. The boys are concerned because it is an angel situation, but this time Castiel isn't willing to sit back, which does not please Zeke at all, he's about to go all rogue, all that nostril flaring, clear warning sign.

Bartholomew's people meet with Malachi, who are none to pleased that the big man didn't show up. There's trouble in angel's camp. Malachi wants to team up to take down Metatron, but Bartholomew doesn't negotiate with street thugs, and Malachi takes the name calling personally, and skewers some suits.

Castiel relishes some beverages with the boys. And Dean's words of advice come back to bite him in the butt. They go over what little info they have. Ava, the reaper Ca banged a few episodes back told him that Bartholomew wants to take Metatron back. When Cas goes for another round, a ruffled up Zeke comes out. He feels Castiel is bringing trouble, and he acts like a bitter, jealous girlfriend. Sam/Zeke goes to the car from some fresh air and runs straight into Metatron.

Castiel and Dean sit awkwardly, and its heart to heart time. Dean semi-spills the beans on just how rough Sam's condition is, alluding to the fact that they have to keep their distance for Sam's sake.

Ezekiel is not Ezekiel at all, but Gadriel. Seems Gadrey, was a very bad boy, who had but one job to keep the serpent out of heaven. He of course failed miserably. Metatron reveals that he's behind his freeing. Metatron isn't nearly as happy on Earth as he thought he would be. Heaven's gates will be reopened, with a chosen few allowed entry.

Sam and Dean recon in their bunker, Cas-less. Sam goes over all of the victim profiles. All of the bikers were born-again. They were Boyle's Boys. So Boyle isn't the only one setting people up to be meat suits, and the upcomer is likely gonna be worse. Of course, they have no idea how bad, or the angel war that's started. Malachi's Angelic Glee club is readying more sheep to the slaughter, when Bartholomew's suited angelic freaks come and do some slaughtering of their own.

Metatron meets again with Gadrey. They commiserate together. Metatron offers Gadrey freedom, but he knows that freedom does not come without a price. He sees thar Metatron is setting himself up as the new God, even if Metatron claims otherwise. He's offering shared power, but Metatron isn't one to really share all of his secrets, is he.

Castiel finds that prayer is much harder than he thought, but he gets the job done and an angel, Muriel, answers him. When she recognizes him, she tries to leave, speaking to him is forbidden but he begs her for some information.

Kevin cannot fully decipher the tablet, even with Crowley's pointers. The tablet is written in Metatron code, to ensure that prophets could not read it. Dean fills in Sam on another angel crime. The church girls are linked with the biker bar are now dead.

Muriel and Cas chitchat. She feigns carelessness, valuing her own skin too much but he isn't asking for much, he just needs to know who is leading the faction against Bartholomew. Loyalty is at a premium, each side is playing for keeps, and it doesn't matter who wins, it'll be hell either way, Muriel reveals that Malachi is the opposing faction, and speak of the devil, they have company. Malachi roughs both of them up, but Castiel gives them the low down: he knew nothing of Metatron's betrayal, of his end game. Malachi thinks he's hiding Metatron's weakness, but he truly knows nothing. When inflicting pain upon Castiel doesn't work they turn their attention to Muriel. With nothing to give them, Castiel has to watch as they kill her. Malachi tells him of all the angels who died when they fell, and guess who's on that list, none other than Ezekiel. Castiel prepares for the chopping block, but the knife wielding angel doesn't kill him, instead he asks for Castiel to appeal to metatron, to ask for a place in his army in Heaven. Malachi is crazy, and this angel, Theo, wants nothing to do with it. Castiel plays to Theo's weakness. Theo frees him, and with some quick viper moves Cas takes his grace. Holy shit, the angel is back. He dispatches Theo with the quickness. Malachi doesn't stand a chance.

Kevin tells Dean that Sam went out and comments about his frequent leavings. Castiel calls, and updates Dean on the latest. That Malachi is the opposition, that he has to stay away, that he has grace once more, and the biggest bomb that Ezekiel is dead. Dean does not like the sound of that at all. He goes to Kevin for a spell immediately to disable Zeke/Gadrey's eavesdropping ability, using the whole not for me but my friend scenario.

Gadriel chooses to join Metatron, but of course Metatron needs a token gesture to prove loyalty. Metatron gives him a hit list.

Kevin shows off his sigil, but Kevin knows that he's not telling him the whole truth. Sam's returned after a long beer run, and there's no time like the present to test out Kevin's work. Dean ignites the sigils and spills the beans, he tells Sam how bad the trials really messed him up, how he let a angel use him as a meat suit. Sam is more than a little pissed, and Dean is willing to take the punishment he deserves, but its worse he tells Sam. Dean tells him that he has to eject the angel, but he doesn't, and knocks Dean with a rocking punch instead. Oh geez, Gadrey is free. He goes after Kevin, and burns him out and Dean can't stop him. Gadrey played him for a fool the entire time. Kevin was Metatron's first hit, and just like that Dean has lost everything.

What a way to end the midseason finale! Goodbye Kevin, we will miss you!


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