The Ultimate Life is the perfect movie to watch this Holiday Season

THE ULTIMATE LIFE just may be the perfect reminder this time of year that there’s more to life than money and material things. The flick is not only overly sweet and heartwarming, the message is such a beautiful one. It’s the sequel/prequel to the film and bestselling novel THE ULTIMATE GIFT, the book by Jim Stovall.

 Jason Stevens’ world quickly begins unraveling when his greedy extended family sues him for the foundation that his grandfather Red Stevens. Not only is the foundation running him ragged, his would be fiancĂ© Alexandra makes the decision to leave on a mission trip to Haiti. Just when he thinks he’s at his lowest, that he has nothing, he’s taken on a journey of discovery by looking to his grandfather’s old journals.

His grandfather, Red, didn’t come a billionaire family, not even a hundred-aire family. His family had nothing, and Red vowed that he would have more. Without an education, or anything else, he left home, and ended up in Texas to go big. Between odd jobs, charming the girl of his dreams, and enlisting in the army during World War II, Red never loses sight of his dream to be a billionaire.

He eventually strikes it rich, but the happiness his wealth brings is fleeting. After a nearly tragic turn of events, Red get’s a wakeup call and sees that some things are worth far more than money.

Although the movie isn't filled with big names it does have a big message, and Austin James fairly steals the heart as young Red Stevens, doing a great job of setting up a sympathetic audience for Drew Waters, as the even more determined elder Red.

THE ULTIMATE LIFE made it’s way to blu-ray and dvd on December 10th,and it may just be a perfect movie to watch with the family this time of year.  And better yet, there’s also a digital copy, perfect for those long holiday road trips. 


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