Walking Dead Recap S4E8: Too Far Gone

The Governor delivers his do or die speech to rally the troops. He needs to instill them with fear so that they’re willing to kill, because after seeing everyone so happy in the prison he cannot let it lie. The prison is a picturesque setting, if they’re willing to take it from them. He claims that he’d captured two, Hershel and Michonne, tells his people that they can take the prison without taking a shot, but that they have to be prepared. If anyone believes him they deserve the death he’s marching them into. The Governor tells them that the prison people aren’t all bad, but the ones in charge are, that they took everything away from him, mutilated him, killed his daughter. He sprinkles the truth with lies, and leaves out a whole lot, but he’s convinced them. They’re in. Lily isn’t pleased, and wonders what type of man he is. He tells her all he cares about is this new little family he’s made, that he loves her, but her illusion is shattered.

The Governor checks on his prisoners, who aren’t exactly happy to see him. He tells them that no one is going to hurt them, but Hershel doesn’t believe him. The Governor tells him that it isn’t personal, he tells Michonne that he knows that his daughter was dead now, that he needs the prison. Michonne threatens him, but the Governor shushes her. Hershel, the voice of reason, tells him that they can live side by side. Hershel sees the change in the Governor, and tells him that Rick has changed too, but the Governor knows that they cannot coexist. Hershel brings up the innocents in the prison, his daughter, but he can kill them because they aren’t his. This is not gonna end well for the Governor, it can’t.

The Governor sets up camp near the water, thinking that it’s safe enough for now. Lily wonders what her daughter will grow into in this world, and the Governor assures her that taking the prison is the right thing to do, because she’ll be safe. He gets one last hug from Megan before leaving, and although I dislike that little girl she shows what kind of man the Governor could be.

Glenn is on the mend after his bout with the killer flu and he and Maggie share some happy memories. Maggie came so close to losing him, and now all she wants to do is baby him, thankful for his recovery.

Daryl isn’t taking Carol’s banishment well. Rick set her up well before sending her out, but Daryl still isn’t happy, believing she is innocent. Rick tells him that Carol killed the two and felt no remorse. They plan to care for the girls that Carol had to leave behind, and the boys head to break the news to Tyrese.

Bob deals with his inner demons, and Sasha thanks him for what he and Hershel did for her. He tells her that it was all Hershel, but she won’t let him out of her thanks.

The men find Tyrese, but before they can break the news to him, he shows them a dissected rat body. He thinks that they’re connected to the killings, and rats at the gates, but the guys tell him that he doesn’t think they’re connected. Before they can say more, they see they have company. It’s the Governor, tank and all. Although I love that the comics and the show are not the same, the Governor showing up with the tank is iconic, and needed to be included, happy to see it. The Governor calls out Rick, but Rick insists that it’s counsel ruled now. Rick doesn’t want to budge, but the Governor needs a showdown, and he brings out his prisoners.

With his friends held hostage, Rick has no choice but to head out. Daryl makes a plan just in case things go bad. Rick is in full negotiation mode, but the Governor isn’t willing to release his hostages. He gives everyone until sundown to leave, or the hostages dies. Ultimatum issued, the Governor tells him its not about the past, but the future. But the Governor plays the we have a Hulk card, in the face of Rick’s there are sick children plea. Daryl covertly arms Bob and others, getting ready to strike back at the Governor.

At the Governor’s riverside camp, Lily watches the water, seriously, the water, not her child. She sees a walker on the other side of the river stumble across the water, as her daughter calls for help. Where are her spider senses? And why is she so worried about the far away threat? The walker is swept away by the water, and Megan finds a flash flood sign. Lily never even foes to check on her child, and a walker comes crawling up out of the dirt. Before she can get down to Megan, she is bitten. Lily pulls the trigger, and kills the zombie, but the damage is done.

The Governor kills a few walkers, drawing more towards them, making their escape harder. Carl wants to go all gung ho and kill the walkers, but Daryl cautions him, believing in Rick. The girls make way with baby Judith to get her to safety, but Carol’s little girls want to fight. Time keeps on ticking. Rick pleads with the Governor, telling him that there’s enough room for everyone, but the Governor wants all or nothing. Rick wants everyone to coexist, but if that isn’t an option, he’s willing to fight. The Governor holds the Katana at Hershel’s throat, and Rick tries to appeal to the Governor’s people, offering them a place without war, tells them they get to come back, that they aren’t too far gone. Hershel has quite the proud papa look on his face, but the Governor doesn’t believe Rick, and kills Hershel, which starts the war. Like Rick said if they can’t coexist, then no one will have the prision. Michonne manages to get away while the Governor finishes beheading Hershel. Not everyone with the Governor is ready for all the death, and Miss Pigtails can’t fight. During the firefight, Lily comes with Megan’s body. The Governor shoots her before she can change, and issues the order “Kill them all.”

The tanks pull down the fences, and the trucks drive wild. I seem to remember them doing something similar in the past, The fences can be repaired, the tank’s destruction on the other hand is different. Maggie, and Beth separate, as Maggie tells her to save people, and she goes after Glenn. The Governor and Rick exchange blows. The firefight is intense, and Maggie manages to get Glenn to the bus, but Beth isn’t there. Daryl is almost munched by a walker, but manages to use him as a shield, and delivers a grenade. Pigtails has had enough of the firefight, and hides. Tyrese finds himself in a rough place and the little girls save him. The Governor gets the best of Rick, and tries to choke him out, but gets a taste of his own medicine. Michonne delivers a katana to the heart. Rick stumbles off to search for Carl, and Michonne is left alone with the governor.

The tank continues to cause destruction, until Daryl proves once again that he’s a bad ass, and destroys the tank. Beth finds him, and tells him that she’s been looking for the kids. Rick stumbles around looking for Carl, and finally finds him, but he doesn’t have the baby. They find a bloody car seat instead. Rick takes a trip to Crazytown, and Carl takes out his pain on a zombie. The two men, broken stumble away.

Michonne didn’t finish the Governor, but Lily does with a quick shot to the head. She lost everything because of him, it’s only fitting that she be his end.

And that brings us to our midseason finale. What do you guys think? Will it be a long wait until February? Did anyone not see the end of the Governor? Were you suprised Hershel? And what of the fate of little Asskicker? Hershel surprised me, but the Governor has been on borrowed time for a long time. I think Carol came back for the baby, or someone took her. We haven't seen the last of her, I'm sure. I'm also sure February cannot come soon enough for me!


  1. Hershel's death was surprising to me, I honestly thought it was going to be Glenn. The Governor's death wasn't so shocking, I was just upset that Michonne didn't do the final kill herself. I mean, that's all she'd been waiting for. It will be interesting how the show continues in February. Hopefully it won't be as slow moving as this part of the season was. But I will say, for all the slowness, last night's mid-season finale really made up for it action-wise. I also thought that we'd be seeing Carol again by now, so I was a little surprised that she wasn't in the episode either. I think she'll be back though. I don't think she burned those two bodies, I think that crazy little girl did and she was covering for her.

  2. Ooooh that's a good thought. Never even crossed my mind that the crazy little girl could have done it, which would make total sense. She's probably also behind the dissection, and feeding the zombies!


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