Helix S1E5 - "The White Room" Recap

Balleseros pours gasoline over the frozen monkeys and sets them aflame. He uses his communication device to inform his superiors that he has completed him mission and they tell him to find a Dr. Hvit. He then hears what sounds like screaming monkeys. Were they alive that whole time?

Alan manipulates Duchamp's cure to try to make it work. He's able to add some elements that make it take longer to degrade. Duchamp is excited about the progress and wants to help by running tests on rats. Alan wants to bring Doreen in and while looking for her, Daniel pesters him about cheking in more often.

The sick woman in Sarah's room is doing worse. Sarah promises to go get more morphine and helps her find a coping mechanism. The woman says the worst part is the waiting and Sarah tells her that everyone is waiting to die but some, including herself, simply have less time. Balleseros searches the database for Dr. Hvit but is unable to find someone with that name. Daniel comes in and is angry about Balleseros sitting in Hatake's chair in his office. Balleseros tries to make Daniel question his own loyalty to Hatake, making it seem that Hatake is just using him and would kill him if he tried to defy him. He orders Balleseros out.

Hatake deliberately injured himself - no doubt it's all part of some secret plan. Julia begins coughing and her health seems to be deteriorating. She bangs on the doors, trying to get the quarantined staff to let her and Jaye back in. Julia has yet to figure out why her initials were on the wall and Jaye tries to calm her down and calls her Jules. Julia is surprised since only a few people call her that but Jaye plays it off. It's then that Hatake shows up, asking for help with his injury.

Alan finds Doreen's body and it's quite a gruesome sight. Daniel speculates that perhaps she had a heart attack, accidentally stumbled with the shelves and then the rats went to work. Alan insists that she was in good health and that if she had a heart condition, she would not have come on the mission. Alan insists that there's no way it was an accident and the virus is no longer their biggest problem. Daniel promises to review the surveillance footage and Alan insists on being present.

Hatake reacts oddly when Julia introduces Jaye and he asks for help.

Daniel and Alan go through the surveillance footage and find that the time they need to look at has been corrupted, as has the back-up. Daniel says that only he and Hatake could have accessed this file. Alan leaves to perform an autopsy on Doreen and Daniel then sees Balleseros currently heading into Duchamp's lab. Balleseros asks Duchamp about Dr. Hvit and is told that Hvit is in the "white room" because of an immune deficiency. He asks where the white room is and is told that "we're all in the white room." When Balleseros leaves the lab, Daniel confronts him about Doreen's death and tells him he had better hope he covered his tracks, since an autopsy is being performed.

Sarah returns to her room and her patient is gone. She goes out into the hall and finds the woman dancing for Tony (her ex-boyfriend who she is hallucinating). Sarah tries to help the woman but she then goes a bit vector and tries to kiss her with the goop of death. The woman snaps out of it and become emotional, not remembering exactly what had happened but knowing it can't be good.

Julia, Hatake, and Jaye walk in a tunnel and they find that they are walking on broken glass. They realise that someone deliberately busted up the lights. Balleseros comes in while Alan is performing the autopsy and Alan discovers the puncture wound behind her ear. The sick woman begs Sarah to perform an assisted suicide. First, Sarah gives herself a small injection to ease her tremors. Alan knocks on her door and Sarah comes out. Alan tells her about Doreen's murder and informs her that the autopsy reveals that the person knew what they were doing in trying to make it look like an embolism. Sarah's not doing too well and Alan hugs her, reassuring her that he won't let anything happen to her. Sarah begins kissing him but he stops it. He then asks if she's high after noticing her pupils, and she says she took something because of migraines. He is furious and tells her to sleep it off.

Hatake tells Julia he needs a moment to rest because of his injury. Julia checks his wound and spots some scars all over his back. Some rats come running past them and then a vector shows up. They run and Jaye gets grabbed in the chaos. Julia and Hatake get into a room and lock the door.

Alan and Balleseros examine Doreen's lab and Balleseros mentions the monkeys. Alan doesn't understand where she would've gotten the sample from and Balleseros says it was from a Dr. Hvit. Alan says that he will find this Dr. Hvit to shed some light on the situation. He heads to Daniel and asks about Dr. Hvit and Daniel is exasperated upon learning of Balleseros' involvement. He points out that he doesn't know Balleseros and he is trusting him even though he has no reason to trust him more than any of the other people on the base.

Julia asks Hatake about his scars and he says that he tried to save his daughter back in Kyoto during a house fire. They talk about his daughter briefly and when they notice that the noise has quieted, they exit the room and carry on their journey. Sarah changes her mind and carries out the assisted suicide, crying upon its completion.

Daniel and Alan search Balleseros' room and find proof that he exploded the dish and has been able to communicate without it. They also find Doreen's research on his communication device and the last transimission reads, "found Hvit in white room, evac 1500." Alan looks up and finds Daniel has run off. Daniel heads outside and in the snow and Balleseros follows after him.

Alan visits Duchamp in his lab and asks about the white room. Duchamp reveals that it's a joke - the arctic is the white room. Alan realises that the men are outside. Daniel presses a button and heads in glass containers rise from the ground, including Dr. Hvit's. Balleseros then sneaks up, knocks Daniel in the head, and takes Hvit's head. Hatake and Julia encounter a Vector and it chases after them. They run into a room and Jaye, who is apparently still alive, smashes the Vector's head with a fire extinguisher. Alan heads outside after Daniel and Balleseros.

Julia stitches up Hatake's wound while he is passed out. Jaye is not angry that they left her and she says she managed to get away just fine. She says that Hatake will now tell more lies about his daughter and Julia questions how she could have known that when she wasn't there to hear the story. This is when she realises that Jaye is merely a hallucination.

Alan gets outside and follows the guide line that Daniel and Balleseros used. He encounters Balleseros and and confronts him about Doreen and the communication device. Balleseros doesn't deny it and easily knocks Alan down. He unhooks him from the guideline and kicks him out into the snow. The storm settles down and Alan is able to find the line and get back inside, where he tells Duchamp what happened.

Still outside, Daniel sneaks up on Balleseros and stabs him with a pick axe. He removes Balleseros' jacket and gloves and takes the head back, leaving Balleseros to freeze or bleed to death. Admittedly, it seems silly to remove the clothes only to leave them a few feet from his body - even if he is badly injured.

Sarah patches Alan up and they make up after their spat. She sticks to the story about the migraines and says that when they happen, she can't think, work, or do anything. She says that she took some morphine from the drug stock room, thinking that a small dose would help her get back to work. She says she had never done anything like that and he says it's okay, saying they've all lost themselves a little bit there.

Alan visits vegetable-Peter and speaks to him about their relationship, their childhood, what's happening at the base... it's a touching scene, but then Peter begins to show brain activity. That can't be good...

Helix airs on Fridays on Syfy at 10PM.


Banshee S2E4 - "Bloodlines" Recap

Carrie dreams of her release from prison. She returns home and reunites with her children. Lucas appears and asks where Anastacia is and her children ask the same thing. Anastacia walks out of her house and she and Lucas smile at each other before Carrie wakes, still in prison.

We see the Native Americans walking and singing for Lana's funeral. Lucas formally introduces himself to Nola and they discuss Tommy Littlestone, with Lucas saying that he was only questioned, and the fact that Chayton is still locked up as a suspect for Lana's murder. Nola says that Chayton is a killer but is a purist and would therefore never have killed Lana. Lucas remains skeptical of his innocence. He asks if she has any more information but he does not.

Back at the jail cell, Chayton scolds Deputy Yawners for being a disgrace to his race (Deputy Yawners is African-American), stating that whites tore his ancestors from his land yet now he wears their uniform. Yawners replies that he lives with himself just fine by getting scum like Chayton off the street. Lucas returns to the station and he and the other deputies discuss further plans for the investigation. Meanwhile, Nola scolds her brother for looking weak.

Back in prison, Carrie calls her husband but he ignores her call. She leaves a voicemail asking for forgiveness and says that she will not survive losing him and the children. Lucas spots Deva out with some misfits and the concern he has for his daughter is apparent. He heads to the motel where Jason Hood is staying. He brings Job and informs him about Jason needing a new identity.

Alex Longshadow meets with Proctor and the meeting is understandably tense. Proctor advises Alex that the way to be a successful leader is to be feared but Alex dismisses this. Alex says that they'll find his nephew and Proctor makes a threat against anyone who harms Solomon. When Proctor insults Alex by stating that his sister is tougher than him, Alex attacks him. They fight in the middle of the restaurant before Alex holds a shuriken to his throat. The manager of the establishment threatens to call the sheriff so they stand down.

Lucas follows up on a lead by visiting a runaway Amish boy named Daniel Moses. He tries to run, thinking that they want to take him back to the Amish community. Daniel didn't know that Solomon was missing and he brings Lucas to the place he is staying at. He has several books and Lucas learns that he wasn't allowed to read on the farm. He would sneak books back and hide them in a crawl space. Danny tells Lucas that a teacher brutally attacked him when he caught him reading "Lord of the Flies." The scene goes back and forth with Rebecca visiting her Amish friend that she was supposed to meet in the woods in the previous episode. She questions her about what it was she was going to tell her and she tells Rebecca about the same teacher Daniel is telling Lucas about, whose name is Jonah.

Lucas visits Jonah and learns that he lives alone, after his wife died. They never had any children. Lucas questions him about Solomon and when he asks about his hitting any of the children he speaks, he denies it until Lucas mentions Danny. He claims that Danny attacked him and that he is sorry for his actions, telling him to relay the message to Danny that he should come home. Lucas questions Jonah about a leg injury and Jonah claims it is an old wound, but when he points out that it's still bleeding, Jonah attacks him. They fight and Rebecca comes in, and helps Lucas during his fight though she is struck in the process. Rebecca getting slapped has happened way too many times on this show, to the extent that viewers are likely to become desensitised to violence towards her. She's a girl, not a punching bag. Procter shows up as Lucas is repeatedly burning Jonah, trying to get answers from him. Procter asks to be left alone with Jonah in order to question him.

Job speaks with Bates about Jason. Job thinks the best course of action would be to kill Jason in order to cover their tracks but Bates believes that Jason is just a young boy looking to start over. Job threatens Jason, telling him that the help they are giving him is not to be exploited, nor is the enormity of creating a new identity to be taken lightly. He tells him that if he screws up this gift and shows up again asking for another handout, he will personally shoot him between the eyes.

Proctor brutally tortures Jonah while Lucas and Rebecca stand uncomfortably outside on the porch, hearing Jonah's screams. When Procter comes back, he tells them about a piece of property that Jonah has in which Solomon is locked away.  The three of them head off to the property and find Solomon bloody, battered, and tied up. We flash back from the point of view of Solomon and see Jonah walk up and kill Lana before attacking Solomon and taking him away. It looks like Jonah is an even more vicious, Amish version of Chayton. Members of the Amish community arrive and Solomon is reunited with his parents. The reunion is also slightly awkward since they refuse to speak to Rebecca. Procter argues with his father, stating that their praying and cowering did not yield results. His father states that God brought Solomon back to them, but Procter tells him to go see what he did to Jonah and that God had nothing to do with Solomon being found. Solomon hugs his sister goodbye and she tells him he is going to be okay.

Deputy Yawners and Deputy Kelly have Chayton in the back of their squad car and set off for Jefferson County, where Chayton is being transferred to. During the ride, Chayton begins to chant and begins headbutting and eventually kicking the barrier between him and the Deputies. One kick hits Deputy Yawners in the head, and as he is the driver, he crashes and the car flips repeatedly.

Carrie calls Deva but she does not answer as she is getting high. She says that she loves her and promises that when she returns, Deva can ask her anything and she will answer honestly. She just wants another chance.

In the bar, Jason tries to hit on Rebecca, who is nursing her grief with a drink. She states that any other night, she would have told him to get lost. They end up having sex and during the act, she flashes back to the day she was shunned. Lucas is congratulated on his win for finding Jonah's killer. It would appear that no one is going to bother him for the clearly excessive wounds on Jonah. Deputy Lotus informs Lucas that no one has heard from Yawners and Kelly. At the crash site, Chayton tells Kelly to tell Lucas that he will see him soon. It's a powerful scene, as he asks, "What is it with white people and chains?" It calls back to the weight of all the countless crimes inflicted on Native Americans for the entirety of American history. Chayton smears his blood across her cheeks and is met by an armed motorcycle squad of Natives. They all raise their weapons and warn Yawners to drop his weapon when  he raises it against Chayton, who leaves with them but not before tossing his chains at Yawners.

Lucas shows up to where Deva is with other teenagers getting high. He tells them all to go home but takes Deva out for lemonade. They speak briefly and it's a sweet scene between the two. Job listens in on the conversation and immediately deduces that Deva is Lucas' daughter. He warns Lucas that it is dangerous for him to stay put, as he is putting his loved ones in danger, including Deva. Lucas tells Job to sell the diamonds, implying that soon he will leave. He then spots Kelly outside and meets her, concerned about her being cut up and bloodied. He puts his arm around her and says that he will take her home.

Procter visits Alex and brings him Jonah's teeth that he removed from Jonah as a peace offering. This is also the first time Alex and Nola hear about Lana's murderer being found and reprimanded. After he leaves, Nola says that this doesn't change anything but Alex would rather have peace for the time being, believing it to be better for the good of the tribe. Nola is furious and they argue. Alex sadly tells her that she does not belong with the tribe after "what she went through," and she solemnly agrees. Afterwards, she sneaks into the sheriff's station and murders Jonah, staying long enough to watch him die. On the way out, she and Job pass each other and they compliment each other's outfits - seriously.

In prison, Carrie is told she has a visitor and it's none other than Rabbit. He is in a wheelchair and hooked up to an oxygen tank. Carrie states that she is not surprised to see him and Rabbit says that being hard to kill is a family trait of theirs. Rabbit says that he sees her mother in Carrie and speaks about how he courted her away from another man when they first met. He claims that love is insanity and that this is the last time the two of them will see each other.

In a post-credits scene, we see Rabbit sitting in a limousine, breathing deeply into his oxygen mask before stopping, crumpling the mask in his hand, looking to his right, and smiling sinisterly. It's a safe bet that it definitely won't be the last viewers will see of Rabbit!

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10/9c.


Community welcomes Nathan Fillion - S5E6 "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking" Recap

The Save Greendale Committee is meeting and Annie welcomes Chang, their newest member. Each member receives a massive packet of Greendale's latest emergencies and Britta is angry about so much paper being wasted. They begin talking about "Bloodlines of Conquest," an HBO medieval fantasy series based on a book series (this is clearly a parody of Game of Thrones). Britta is mad about he mention of dragons because she does want spoilers, stating that she only begins watching shows when they are so popular that it no longer makes a statement. When Abed mentions the death of a character, Britta becomes angry, threatening to go ahead and read the books thereby spoiling the show's plot. Abed retorts that that is something an insane person would do. Annie assigned Abed and Britta to update the student census. Annie asks who wants to be on the decorating committee for the midterm dance happening that night. No one is interested until Annie assigns the task to herself, after which everyone offers to join in on the task. She asks everyone if they are only volunteering because they think she will do all the work and everyone lies and says no, except for Professor Buzz Hicky, whose honesty is rewarded with a seemingly easy task: re-hanging a bulletin board that fell down. The meeting is adjourned and Annie states that for every completed task, a star will be posted on the task wall. She goes to put the first task "Have a productive meeting," on the wall but her hand goes through the wall and a bird flies out. Roll opening credits.

Britta has begun reading the books and attempts to spoil the plot for Abed but is unable to do so since he is wearing some serious sound-blocking headphones. Hicky visits the janitor to obtain a drill, a few screws, and a bulletin board but the janitor only tells him that if he wants to hang a bulletin board, he will have to get a work order. Abed approaches a girl to fill out the census but tells her not to speak since he can't hear (because of his headphones). She signs back to him that she can't hear either. He asks if she is deaf and reading lips and she signs back that she is. He spouts some gibberish and tells her she is good since she couldn't understand it. He also signs gibberish to her and the girl smiles and walks off. Britta asks if he is going to have another intense burst of compatibility with a girl that they'll end up never seeing again and he replies that he can't hear her and signs "Banana."

Annie tries to come up with a theme and no one appears interested in helping with suggestions except for Chang, but Annie snaps that his last idea was "murder." Hicky comes in to tell Annie that the bulletin board is a no-go, and she gently taunts his inability to get the simple task done. He states that he knows when to walk away after a life-time of experience with red tape. The taunting continues and Hicky dares her to get it done. She accepts the challenge and slides her massive book of ideas across the table, saying that she is now on bulletin board duty. Everyone else is now in charge of the dance.

Annie and Hicky go down to visit the custodians and charms them with her knowledge of their names and facts about their lives. One puts a work order in for her and states that it should be ready within three to six months. But when she tries to bump up her placement, she insults them by not knowing the difference between janitors and custodians. Hicky tells her he expects she'll give up before being able to get the bulletin board up and she tells him game on.

Abed spots Britta spying on him as he approaches his locker. He goes to open the locker and immediately steps away as a banner drops out with a spoiler written on it. Britta is angry by her foiled plan. He signs "Nice try" to her and she tells him it isn't over. He then signs, "Sandals. Sandals," as she walks away.

Annie visits a custodian party but is turned away despite her attempt to use her knowledge of facts on one custodian's family. Hicky manages to get them in by noting that one of their possessions is not up to code. They are introduced to head custodian, Bob Waite, played by the legendary Nathan Fillion! Waite knows that they're there about the bulletin board and Waite tells them they want their porn sites unblocked at work. Annie remains determined but Hicky doesn't think it'll be worth it.

Abed meets the deaf girl again and signs, "I learned how to say this in sign language." She signs back that he learns quick and that he shouldn't forget that she can read lips but he replies each time with the same and only phrase he knows how to sign.

In the cafeteria, the rest of the gang is still trying to come up with a theme for the dance. Chang suggests the play on words: "Bear down for midterms." The gang is confused and not at all keen on the silly idea but Chang become insistent and eventually emotional, stating that he has paid for his crimes and wants to be taken seriously. He also asks if their dismissal is "a racial thing," to which they all insist that it isn't. To cease his hysterics, they agree to use his theme. They begin making decorations and despite the idea being terrible, they keep at it to keep Chang from getting emotional yet again.

Annie and Hicky meet with a woman in the IT department, and try to bribe her to unblock the porn sites for the custodians. She asks for better parking and Annie tells her that if they do this, everything must get through. When she asks what she means by everything, Annie roars back, "EVERYTHING!" They meet with a parking guy and he wants control over all the bulletin boards from the Dean. Annie and Hicky meet with the Dean who agrees to the idea on the condition that Hicky say the phrase, "Easy peasy lemon squeezy." Hicky refuses to compromise and gets in a fight with Annie. He thinks that she is compromising her integrity and she begins to feel guilty.

Abed and the deaf girl sign to each other a conversation about what Ewoks sound like.

A fellow delivers some sodas is horrified by the dance theme, telling them that a bear broke loose that morning at a kid's birthday party in Wisconsin, mauling several people. Apparently the story has been all over the news. Jeff, Shirley, and Professor are embarrassed and Chang tells them that that must have been where he got the theme from. Later, Annie joins the group to find the theme, "Fat Dog For Midterms." In an effort to salvage their mistakes, they have put bigger ears on all the bears to transform them into dogs. When she expresses confusion over the theme, the gang all employs the same tactics Change had previously used on them, including the "racial thing." She agrees to go along with the idea.

At the dance, Abed and the deaf girl are still hanging out. He signs that their day together has been great. She agrees and continues on to sign that sometimes good days can turn ugly. She compares it to a massacre that takes place on "Bloodlines of Conquest," (the massacre being an obvious parody of the infamous "Red Wedding"). In the Community-verse, this plot bunny is how the last book ends. Britta comes over and thanks her, incorrectly signing "Sugar," and gives her some cash. Abed is deeply saddened and removes his headphones. Britta gloats but then feels guilty after seeing how truly upset Abed is. Abed leaves the dance and sees the same coat check girl, Rachel, he once had a fling with. He apologises for not calling and when she asks him out to lunch, he says no and that he would rather go out for dinner with her right then. They leave together.

A montage of various characters begins. Annie looks sadly at the empty space for the bulletin board. Hicky sulks and looks at his own bulletin board on which there are several documents including a parking ticket, a restraining order, and a newspaper clipping about him being a disgraced cop. Waite tries to access a porn site and is frustrated by its still being blocked. The IT lady researches buying a bike as a solution to her poor parking dilemma. Abed and Rachel eat popcorn and watch television together. Hicky removes all documents from his bulletin board and heads to the dance. He puts it up and drills it to the board. Annie looks on in admiration and when the Dean brings security in to reprimand him, Annie attacks them. The Dean decides against pushing forward with disciplinary action and Hicky thanks Annie for defending him. The dance continues with Chang teaching a Fat Dog dance that he insist isn't made up. One student accidentally knocks the dog ears off one of the decorations and screams that it's a Bear Dance.

In the final scene, we see Professor Duncan runs out of staples and attempts to call a hotline for more. He accidentally initiates Arcadia before getting flustered and hanging up. He hears jet planes fly overhead before finding more staples on his desk.

Community airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8/7c.


Reign Recap S1E10: Sacrifice

Poor Bash, he gets the girl, and gets his butt tossed around by his new sword master. He’s failed to do his royal duties. Mary reminds him of his duties, that the nobles may not be on his side, but that she is in his corner. Mary apologizes for getting him into this mess, but he willingly accepted.

 Bash listens to the peasants problems, and there’s a murmur over his judgment. He’s being flippant on the throne, and Mary reminds him of the importance of his job. Lord Hugo presents the next case, a thievery one involving a very pregnant girl, which brings about Bash’s interest. He seems to know the girl. He makes no immediate rule, but allows the guards to search the house, and orders the girl to stay as that is done. A woman comes forward wanting to get a closer look at the handsome regent, but she’s got a knife up her sleeve. Before she can get to Bash, his sword master intervenes and gets him to safety.

Mary comes to visit the former Queen, Catherine, who is set up in high fashion, which Mary is not pleased about. Mary tells her that someone tried to kill Bash, but she reveals nothing. Mary cannot marry Francis for fear of his life. The Queen warns her that she does not attempt to do anything, she does it, but Mary isn’t playing. She has everything removed from the Queens room, ooh she is not pleased.

Mary tells Bash that she visited the Queen, and the swordsman, Alec was wounded, which is why Catherine was so interested in knowing if Bash was injured. The blade was poisoned, but Alec says that the poultice he has should take care of it. Bash reveals that the thief girl is kin of his. And that his uncle, her father was a traitor, if that information was revealed he could never be king.

Alec bribed a guard to release Isabelle. The guards searching her home will find a link to her father’s treason, and then torture her until she gives him up. He plans to get her to safety. Mary doesn’t like the plan but agrees, and she plans to hide her. As Mary’s ladies in waiting dress Isabelle, Mary sees that she’s about to give birth soon. Mary comes up with an alternative plan that Mary and Isabelle will leave in a carriage, and Bash will ride in the opposite direction, leading the dogs off their scent. Mary leaves her ladies in charge of keeping Catherine cut off.

Catherine is not taking captivity well. As she calls the castle down, Lord Hugo comes to calm her. She asks why her attempt did not work, and Hugo reveals all. She offers Hugo big rewards, but he’s not likely to receive them. She tells him that they have to make sure that Bash’s body is found with his dead whore’s, and they expect he’ll make a run with her soon. The Queen asks that the next time Hugo comes to her he brings her some decent food, but he promises to deliver her crown.

Mary’s carriage leaves the castle, Bash rides off with them. The woman who made the attempt on Bash is missing, and the ladies plot how to get evidence against the Queen. The swords master stops to rest the horses. Bash and Mary go for a walk, and he tells her the relations between he and Isabelle. He’s been like a brother to her.  They see that guards are close behind, and their trajectory changes, they’re going through the Bloodwoods.

The girls further take away Catherine’s table to punish her. They tell her that their faces are the only ones they’ll see. The Queen tries to intimidate the girls, but Lola doesn’t fall prey to her threats and sees that she did in fact have a hand in the attempt on Bash.

Isabelle goes into labor when they hit the Bloodwoods. There’s no way that they can continue until she has the baby. So they’ll stop just long enough for her to give birth, and then continue no matter the time of day or night. Her labor is progressing, but she’s very thirsty. Mary sends Bash off to get her water, and Isabelle has a chance to speak alone with Mary. Mary isn’t how she thought she would be, she thought royals were far meaner.

Catherine tries to be “friendly” with Kenna, her current guard. She tells Kenna she’s not smart enough for court, but she is pretty enough to land a good husband. Catherine thinks that Bash is good and gone, and reveals far more than she intends. Kenna thanks her and leaves.

Mary leaves Isabelle in Alec’s and Bash’s hands during labor to get more water, and she sees signs of the pagans. She’s almost in hysterics as she tells them that she took the symbols down, thinking that they were marking them for sacrifice. Alec extinguishes the lights, and the pagans close in. Alec and Bash chant to keep the pagans away. They kill something outside of the tent. They slaughtered one of the horses, and left them in peace. Mary thinks they’re all pagans, but Bash doesn’t deny them. He tells her that he’s catholic just as she is, Alec and Isabelle are pagan, but that doesn’t make them the enemy. They just see something different when they see God. The ones that slaughtered the horse are from a different sect of the pagan religion that worship something in the woods that crave blood. Alec comes to tell them that the baby is coming. Mary delivers to Isabelle a healthy baby, and seeing that beautiful baby changes something in Mary when she looks at Bash.

Lola comes to visit Catherine. Lola thanks Catherine for her slip up. Her taunting of Kenna gave her an idea, they needed a letter from Catherine’s hand. And Greer did the rest. Lola has a very incriminating letter that frames the Queen, and one that will make the King investigate if he sees it. Another letter throws Bash quite the coming out. Catherine wonders why Lola is doing what she is, and she reveals that Catherine had her love put to death, and she wants nothing more than to see Catherine lose everything.

Mary apologizes for what she said last night, but Bash blows it off as fear. But Mary isn’t done. She knows that Bash is noble and kind and would do anything for his family, and getting the crown will only make things worse for him. Mary wants him to have a choice whether he wants this or not. Alec tells them that something is wrong with Isabelle, she’s still bleeding. She dies but not before she has Bash vow to care for her child as he has her.

If Mary foesn’t melt seeing the baby in Bash’s arms nothing will. They give the baby away to keep her safe. Mary notices the baby’s foot was marked.

Lord Hugo asks after Bash, and he tells him that he found her when he was out hunting. Hugo tried to fish, to get Bash to reveal something but he reveals nothing. Hugo tells him that they found that she was the daughter of a traitor, but nothing that links Bash to her. Hugo also mentions that he doesn’t think that she should have a proper burial, and Bash nearly loses it. He calls Hugo out for the puppet that he really is.

Bash buries Isabelle, and Mary brings out flowers. He tells her that they don’t lay down flowers on graves in Isabelle’s beliefs. She asks what they do to make graves. He cuts his palm and lets the blood drip down, they give the most valuable thing they have, their own life force. Mary cuts the hand as well and gives her offering, she’s trying to be as open minded as possible. Bash tells her that he has done some thinking. He never wanted the crown, but when they are married he will not be like Francis living for his country. She will be his family and he will be hers. Aww, now if everyone isn’t on Team Bash what the heck is wrong with them.


CINEMAX Renews EMMY®-WINNING Hit Action Series BANSHEE For Third Season

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2014 – CINEMAX has renewed the Emmy®-winning hit action series BANSHEE for a third season, scheduled to debut in 2015, it was announced today by Kary Antholis, president, HBO Miniseries and CINEMAX Programming. The show is currently in its second season, with episodes debuting Fridays at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

Executive produced by Jonathan Tropper, David Schickler, Peter Macdissi, Alan Ball and Greg Yaitanes, BANSHEE stars Antony Starr (“Rush”) as Lucas Hood and Ivana Milicevic (“Charlie’s Angels,” HBO’s “Mind of the Married Man”) as Carrie Hopewell. The series tells the story of Hood, an ex-con and master thief who tracks down Hopewell, his former lover and partner in crime, who has reinvented herself as the wife of the Banshee, Pa. prosecutor. In Banshee, Hood assumes the identity of the town’s sheriff and continues his criminal activities, even as he’s hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier.

In Sept. 2013, BANSHEE received a Primetime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role. The series has been hailed by the Hollywood Reporter as “taut, entertaining and smart,” while TV Guide called it “addictively entertaining.”Also starring in season two are: Ulrich Thomsen (“The Celebration”), Frankie Faison (“The Good Wife,” HBO’s “The Wire”), Hoon Lee (“Premium Rush”), Rus Blackwell (“Burn Notice,” HBO’s “Recount”), Matt Servitto (HBO’s “The Sopranos”), Demetrius Grosse (“Justified”), Trieste Kelly Dunn (“Brothers and Sisters”), Ryann Shane (“Blue Bloods”), Anthony Ruivivar (“Southland,” “Third Watch”), Lili Simmons (“Fat Kid Rules the World”), Odette Annable (“House M.D.,” “Cloverfield”) and Ben Cross (“Star Trek,” “Ben-Hur”).

Guest stars for season two include Zeljko Ivanek (“Damages,” “Seven Psychopaths,” HBO’s “True Blood”), Tatanka Means (“The Host,” “Tiger Eyes”) and Julian Sands (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “24”).

Other upcoming drama series on CINEMAX include: “The Knick,” directed by Academy Award® and Emmy® winner Steven Soderbergh and starring Academy Award® and Emmy® nominee Clive Owen, which debuts this summer; and “Strike Back,” the hit action series currently filming its final season.

BANSHEE was created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler; executive producers, Alan Ball, Greg Yaitanes, Jonathan Tropper, David Schickler, Peter Macdissi; producer, Robert F. Phillips.


The Big Bang Theory S7E14 - "The Convention Conundrum" Recap

The boys are all sitting together in the living room with their laptops out, tense as they wait for something. Penny comes in and asks what's going on. Leonard tells her that they're waiting for Comic Con badges to go on sale and begins to explain how quickly they've been selling out but Sheldon scolds him for getting distracted. He also tells Raj off when he says he has to go to the bathroom, saying he should have worn a diaper. Raj shouts that he can't do so because he gets diaper rash. The countdown ends and the site goes lives. The boys begin obsessively refreshing the page as Penny looks on judgementally. She quips that her cup isn't going to be enough coffee to deal with this. Roll opening credits.

The boys are still refreshing but the boys are doing so half-heartedly. It's been over ten minutes but Leonard finally gets in to the queue. The other boys gather around to watch but are alarmed when they find that his queue number is in the 50-thousand range. They find that only Sunday badges are left and Sheldon talks about how poor of a day Sunday is at Comic Con. When those badges sell out too, Sheldon whines that he loves Sunday. The boys are sad that it's run out and that they won't be able to wear their Hulk costumes, having planned to go as different actor reincarnations of the character.

Later at lunch, Sheldon tells the others that he plans to start his own con. Leonard wants to buy scalped tickets but Sheldon says that this is against the rules and will get them in trouble with the "comic Con police." Sheldon calls Robert Downey Jr.'s agent who turns him down and Sheldon states that after he sat through Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr. owes him two hours of his time. Burn. Though this is merely one of several failures he's had in his efforts to get celebrity guests for his con, he announces that he will soon have James Earl Jones, as he has deduced where he will be from a tweet and an interview from four years ago. Leonard warns him that he could get in trouble for being a stalker, and it won't be his first time doing so.

The scalper is running late and the other boys begin to wonder whether it was a good idea to meet with a stranger. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette dress up and go out to tea in an attempt to feel grown up but when they get there, a large number of the guests are little girls with their parents.

Sheldon finds James Early Jones and at first, Jones asks if he is one of "those guys" who likes Star Wars and seems angry about being approached, he then cheerfully says that he likes Star Wars, too, and invites him to join him. When Sheldon tells him that his friend Leonard warned him that approaching Jones while he was eating would make him look like a stalker, Jones tells him that his friend Leonard sounds like a weenie.

Raj reads that someone who was caught with a scalped Comic Con badge was charged with petty theft. They begin to think that maybe they should back out but Leonard remains against the idea.

Jones tells Sheldon that upon reading the Empire Strikes Back script, he though Darth Vader was lying lying about being Luke's father and Sheldon eagerly says that he did too. The girls go out to a bar and lament how they still don't feel grown up despite having grown up responsibilities. Back at the apartment, the scalper calls and says that he's headed up but the guys have decided that they don't want to do this. They're frightened and turn out the lights and hide while the scalper bangs on the door.

Jones and Sheldon eat ice cream, and Sheldon reminisces about various factoids on Jones. They're having tremendous fun together. They then go to an amusement park where they ride the ferris wheel together and then they sing karaoke where they sing "In The Jungle." Sheldon even says, "Take it away, Mufasa!" Next, they go to Carrie Fisher's house where Jones plays Ding-dong-ditch. Carrie Fisher comes out with a bat and screams at Jones that it's not funny anymore. He shouts back, "Then why am I still laughing?" Finally, they end up in a steam room where Sheldon finally asks him about coming to the con he wants to start. Jones instead offers to have the boys come to Comic Con with him and says that it's close to his favourite city, Tijuana. Jones says he'll be taking Sheldon there every night. Sheldon appears exhausted from Jones' never-ending supply of energy.

In the final scene, we see Jones telling a story about a crazy time with Marlon Brando and Angie Dickinson. Sheldon is falling asleep but Jones tells him to wake up. As Jones continues his story, Sheldon asks who Angie Dickinson is.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8/7c.


KILL YOUR DARLINGS arrives on Blu-ray & DVD March 18th

"Daniel Radcliffe is full of vitality. Dane DeHaan is hot and dangerous."
- Entertainment Weekly

A True Story of Obsession & Murder

Featuring an Ensemble Cast Led by Daniel Radcliffe, Including Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall, Jack Huston, Jennifer Jason Leigh & Elizabeth Olsen

Available March 18 on Blu-ray™*Combo Pack & Digital
CULVER CITY, Calif. (Jan. 30, 2014) – The provocative, untold true story of a murder involving three great poets – Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William S. Boroughs – unfolds when Sony Pictures Classics’ KILL YOUR DARLINGS becomes available March 18 on Bluray™* Combo Pack and Digital from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Directed by John Krokidas in his feature film debut, KILL YOUR DARLINGS premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival as Grand Jury Prize nominee.  The film was also the official selection of the Toronto and Venice Film Festivals, taking home the Venice Days International Award. A true story of friendship, love and murder,KILL YOUR DARLINGS recounts the pivotal year that changed Allen Ginsberg’s life forever and provided thespark to start his creative revolution.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter film franchise) as Ginsberg, the thriller features an ensemble cast, including some of today’s hottest up-and-coming talent, such as Dane DeHaan (upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Ben Foster (upcoming Lone Survivor), Michael C. Hall (TV’s “Dexter”), Jack Huston (TV’s “Boardwalk Empire”), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Spectacular Now) and Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene).

Exclusively available on the KILL YOUR DARLINGS Blu-ray Combo Pack is a special “On The Red Carpet” featurette, showcasing the film’s talent at the Toronto Film Festival. The Blu-ray Combo Pack also includes never-before-seen deleted scenes and the featurette “In Coversation with Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan.”  Fans can learn even more about the film with a Q&A session with Director/Co-Writer Krokidas and Co-Writer Austin Bunn, as well as a commentary featuring Radcliffe, DeHaan, Krokidas and Bunn.

When Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), is accepted at Columbia, he finds stuffy tradition clashing with daringly modern ideas and attitudes—embodied by Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan). Lucien is an object of fascination for shy, unsophisticated Allen, and soon he is drawn into Lucien’s hard-drinking, jazz-clubbing circle of friends, including William Burroughs (Ben Foster), the dissolute scion of a wealthy family, and David Kammerer (Michael C. Hall), an older hanger-on who clearly resents Allen’s position as Lucien’s new sidekick. A true story of friendship, love and murder, Kill Your Darlings recounts the pivotal year that changed Allen Ginsberg's life forever and provided the spark for him to start his creative revolution.

Blu-ray & DVD Bonus Features:
  • “On the Red Carpet at the Toronto Film Festival”
  • Commentary with Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, John Krokidas and Austin Bunn
  • “In Conversation with Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan”
  • Q&A with Director/Co-Writer John Krokidas and Co-Writer Austin Bunn
  • Deleted Scenes

KILL YOUR DARLINGS has a runtime of approximately 103 minutes and is rated R for sexual content, language, drug use and brief violence. 

“Academy Award®” is the registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) is a Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television production, acquisition and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. For additional information, go to http://www.sonypictures.com.


American Horror Story Recap: The Seven Wonders

The final American Horror Story of the season opens with a Stevie Nicks music video for her song “Seven Wonders” as all the girls work on mastering their skills for their upcoming tests. All of the girls seem to be excelling, so who’s going to come out on top? My guess,is none of them.  Stevie wishes them all good luck and walks out the door. Four enter the arena, one will leave.
Mytle feed the girls as a sort of last meal. The Supreme’s final job is to appoint her successor, but Fiona skirted many of her duties, including this one. Never in the history of the coven have they ever had to test so many girls, but since Fiona instead tried to murder her successor, the girls get to prove themselves.

They start with Telekinesis, and although the Misty struggles at first, the all pass with flying colors. Next is puppet mastery. Misty makes Queenie slap herself around, and Queenie gets back at her with a little hair pulling. Madison uses Kyle as a toy to not only kiss her, but lick her boots, and Zoe also uses him as a puppet. The next is to astral project, Queenie should have an advantage she just did this last week with Papa Legba. Queenie sees her hell with chicken again and returns quickly. Madison comes back next with a bit part in the Sound of Music. Zoe has a break up loop. The only one to not return is Misty, stuck in grade school dissecting the poor frog she just brought back to life in a unending loop.
Misty doesn’t make it back by sunrise. Cordelia wants to help her, but Myrtle tells her that she has to make it back on her own. I knew the swamp witch wasn’t the supreme. Her time expires and she turns to ashes in Cordelia’s arms.

And then there were three. Cordelia wants a moment of silence, but Madison wants to hurry things along, but even Zoe agrees with her. The next task is Transmutation. The girls play a little game of tag, teleporting all over the place. Cordelia asks for caution, but none of the girls listen, and Zoe ends up skewering herself. Queenie tries to breathe life into Zoe, but cannot. Kyle is a wreck. Cordelia tells Madison to bring Zoe back taunting her, but Madison refuses unless she’s crowned Supreme. Cordelia plans to put Zoe back in the game when she’s back, but that’s not a stipulation Madison will allow. She smashes a fly in her hand, and brings it back, proving she did have the power.

Cordelia wonders how the coven has crumbled so much under her care, and how Madison would be an awful Supreme. Kyle mourns over Zoe. Cordelia sees that it was Madison this whole time and that Fiona saw it. But Myrtle finally sees that it was Cordelia this whole time, and tells her that she needs to perform the seven wonders.

Madison thingks its all a ploy to get her to fisinh the seven wonders, but its more than that. Cordelia lights her candle, makes Queenie dance,  and lifts the piano with no effort. She goes to astral project, I wonder what her hell is. Her mother? She returns home after experiencing trying to get her mothers approval. That was a pretty weak hell. She also passes transmutation. Madison joins the competition. Cordelia divines the location of her object quickly, but Madison at first refuses to do the task. She eventually does, threatening to take down the coven with the media. She goes to pack and leave, but Kyle finds her first and he’s not happy that she let Zoe die. He strangles her, knowing what she condemned Zoe to. She pleads with him, that she did it for them because she loves him, but he tells her that she’s not that good of an actress and moves to finish the job, all the while Cordelia is working to revive Zoe. She revives Zoe, but collapses. Kyle looks over Madison’s corpse, and Spaulding is checking out his new toy.

When Cordelia awakens she has her eyes back. She is truly the Supreme. I’m kinda disappointed. She opens up her house to an interview to talk about witches. Well, that’s one way to get new students in her school. Cordelia promises any girl who thinks she’s a witch a place to call home.

The applications come pouring in and Cordelia can’t be happier, but Myrtle tells her that now is the time a hard decision must be made, one to get the council on her side immediately. She has to burn Myrtle at the stake for her crimes against the other witches, the ones she de-eyed with a melon baller. Cordelia doesn’t want to put to death the only woman who has ever been a mother to her, but Myrtle wants her life to be given for something. Cordelia finally agrees.

In high style Myrtle leads the pack in red, the other witches in their usual black. Cordelia sentences her to death, and Myrtle says how proud she is of Cordelia before she gets torched.

Girls line up down the block all in their best black. Cordelia gives Queenie and Zoe a little pep talk, and she tells them that she wants them at her side as counsel in this new age of a more powerful coven. There’s one last thing she needs to do before she opens her doors to the new girls, deal with her mother.

Her mother didn’t actually die. She drugged the Ax Man and made him think that he killed her. She needed to know who the rising Supreme was, and the easiest way to do that was to force Cordelia’s hand with the testing, by making her think she was dead. It worked perfectly, but she never thought it would be Cordelia. She wants Cordelia to kill her to claim her rightful position. Cordelia embraces her powerless mother, but she tells her that she has to do it alone. Cordelia won’t kill her. Fiona lets it all go, and dies in Cordelia’s arms. Fiona awakens in the Ax man’s home as she promised to go, and she is not happy to learn that she died, and will be with him at the country house for all eternity. He’s done playing nice, when she slaps him, he slaps her back. He tries to get her to enjoy the fresh air, but she everything about the house upsets her. She’s stuck there with the Ax Man for all eternity. Papa Legba gets the last laugh.

Cordelia opens the door to a plethora of new girls. The house is once again full, and its not longer just surviving, but now thriving.



Meet The Legendary Stan Lee At Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con

Spider-Man. The Hulk. X-Men. The Fantastic Four. Iron Man. Thor.  These superheroes and many more are the product of the incomparable Stan Lee, who co-created these amazing characters and has been a leader in the comics industry for decades.
Lee, who turned 91 a few weeks ago, is currently the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment and is keeping as busy as ever, including a big appearance last weekend at Wizard World Portland Comic Con!
On Friday evening and Saturday, March 7-8, at the inaugural Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con, he will share stories, greet fans, pose for photo ops and take part in exclusive “meet and greet” events with a limited number of fans, so don’t miss your chance to meet this icon at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Meet Wizard World Favorite Ethan Van Sciver At Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con

Perhaps best known for his prolific work on “Green Lantern,” Ethan Van Sciver returns to Wizard World at Sacramento Comic Con, March 7-9.
Deeply in tune with fans of his work, Van Sciver was recently named the new penciler for “Batman: The Dark Knight” comic.  The Eisner Award nominee has also distinguished himself on big-name books like “Action Comics,” “Superman/Batman” and “The Flash.”
He has also created an exclusive lithograph of “Cyberfrog” only for Sacramento Comic Con fans. See this fan-friendly, outspoken star artist at his first Wizard World appearance of 2014 at the Sacramento Convention Center.


Arrow Recap S2E12: Tremors

Bronze Tiger gets a visitor, someone who smuggled something in. Ewww. He slides the tiger’s blades from under his flesh. Tiger is about to go on a rampage!

Roy gets tired of slapping at a bowl of water, but there’s a method to the madness. Arrow is trying to teach him control, which Roy is severally lacking. Arrow tells him a cautionary tale, which resulted in Slade losing his eye.

Past. Oliver and Sarah continue to look for Slade. He’s guilt ridden for not only what’s happened to Slade but over Shado too.

Moira gets all dressed up for her date with Walter. Thea is having Roy problems, but she isn’t looking for coddling.

Laurel is having a pity party when Lance shows up. She’s job hunting, and very bitter. But dear old dad misses her. Dinner plans are made.

Angry Salmon Laddering looks as good as any, maybe even better. He’s unhappy with Roy, and about to get even more so when Felicity tells him the Bronze Tiger is loose. Bronze Tiger gets his orders, a weapon to kill thousands.

Roy continues to fail at training. He’s too headstrong for his own good. Everything makes him anger, but he needs to learn to channel it in a positive way. Roy asks for one night in the real world fighting by Arrow’s side. He really does want to be fitted for some tights.

Moira has her dinner date, and Blood becomes a hot topic. They think Blood will bankrupt the city within a year, but Moira knows there’s no viable opposition, when she realizes the whole reason for this little meeting. They want her to run.

Lance tricks Laurel into going to an AA meeting, and she’s not exactly happy. He tells her that she needs help, but she doesn’t think that any of those people know what shes been through, but she’s not the only person who’s fallen he tries to get her to see. She’s too busy being hurt, to see how lost she is, and goes to have dinner alone.

Arrow gets some intel on the Bronze Tiger. Looks like Roy gets to suit up after all. He warns him not to engage or touch anything. Arrow knows his way around the joint, and Bronze tiger is cutting up the garage to get a prototype, Merlin’s Earthquake device. It seems like an easy job until Arrow and Roy turn up. Seeing it angers Arrow, and he and Bronze Tiger dance. Uh Roy, now is the time to get that truck. The truck gets away, and Roy pounds away on the guy. Oliver had to stop him. Too late, won the battle, lost the war.

Oliver has angry face! Roy wasn’t listening, but he took him out anyways, and it bit him in the butt. He feels like Roy is his sort of redemption for everything that went wrong with Shado and Slade. He blames himself for so much that went wrong then. With Roy he still has a chance though.

Oliver and Sarah can’t find Slade, but they uncover his plans to blow up the freighter.

Roy tells Thea to leave with her family. But she tells him that she can’t do that without a reason. He doesn’t give her the reason, and her refusal ups his anger level. He squeezes her arm a little too hard, and runs off before he can make it worse.

Laurel’s friend can’t give her the job that she wanted to. And Laurel gets even worse news, that the barr is looking to open disciplinary actions about her fitness to practice. Hearing the news Laurel runs rather than strategizing her fight like her friend suggests.

Walter talks to Moira about her potential candidacy. She’s high profile, and the perfect redemption story.  Thea actually likes the idea.

Roy is late, and Arrow is not happy when he hears that Roy tried to warn Thea. Being in the dark is making Roy even more on edge, but Arrow continues to stress control. Roy throws some wild punches, but Arrow doges them all until he taps into his rage. He’s plans to stop this thing, but he’s gonna need Arrow’s help before he’s done. Why is everyone so stubborn tonight?

Felicity runs the fingerprints, while Dig wonders what they should do about Roy. But Oliver isn’t ready to call it quits on Hunpty Dumpty Roy. He still thinks the pieces can be put back together. Thea calls Oliver, Laurel shows up to the club, and its not going to be pretty. Laurel wants liquor and olives, but Oliver suggests coffee, even Thea suggests she goes home. Laurel continues to wallow in pity. Felicity gets a hit on the fingerprint. Oliver is forced to call someone to help Laurel. It's obviously not Lance, but could it be Sarah?

Past. Oliver and Sarah catch up to Slade. He’s willing to destroy their only hope to get off the island, even if he has to shoot Oliver.

Moira pays Thea a visit. She wonders if the voters will really be open to the idea of redemption.

Arrow catches up to the guy who freed Bronze Tiger before the deal can be completed and the machine unleashed, but Bronze Tiger gets the drop on him. Those claws to the shoulder look painful. Oh no’s does that mean no more salmon ladder for awhile. Arrow doesn’t stay down, and he has backup. Roy handles Bronze Tiger, while Arrow tries to get the guy to turn off the device, but his buyer is expecting delivery and he can’t. He sets the device to go off. Arrow tries to get through to Roy, but it doesn’t work, so Oliver exposes his identity so that Roy can find his focus. Roy punches a hole in the shipping container and Oliver throws in a detonating arrow destroying the device. Roy thanks Oliver for everything he did for him last year, for giving him purpose, but Oliver isn’t done with him yet.

Felicity tends to Oliver’s wounds, and delivers his report of events. Felicity wonders if he put himself in jeopardy, but he doesn’t think he did. On the island Sarah told him that love is the most powerful emotion, and Arrow couldn’t get through to Roy to remind him of his love of Thea, but Oliver could. Oliver needed Roy’s strength, so he had no choice but to use what he had, and expose himself.

Oliver used Shado’s love to save himself, and maybe Slade too. He reminds him that if he destroys everything, especially them that Shado would have died for nothing. Slade tells him that they’re still stuck on the island, but Oliver has a plan, they’re gonna take the freighter.

Moira calls upon Walter with her decision. She’s going to run. She’s want to prove to the city that she was more than a pawn, and she owes the city. But furthermore, she’s doing it to make sure that the truth of Thea’s paternity never comes out. One little murder doesn’t seen like much to secure her candidacy.

Bronze Tiger gets a very pretty visitor, Amanda Moore, and she has an offer for him. She comes in all Nick Fury style looking to put together a unit.

Roy wonders if Oliver is going to kill him now that he knows his secret. Oliver tells him not to tell Thea, and then he introduces him to the team. Now he just needs a snazzy costume.

Laurel continues her downward spiral. She stumbles home drunk, and she has a visitor, Sarah.


Carrie DVD Review

Carrie hits the big screen again, in all her bloody glory, but while the freeze frame multi camera angle shots of the blood splatter may be visually stunning, it’s the lacks of scares that will be most memorable. It’s bloodier, the bully is meaner, and yet it still lacks a punch, but it’s not all bad.

Brian DePalma’s 1976 version of Carrie was a scrawny, big eyed misfit (Sissy Spacek), picked on and abused by her fellow classmates for that awkwardness. She was a far cry from the current Carrie (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz) who barely needed a She’s All That makeover to go from plain Jane to Head Cheerleader in the looks department. Instead 2013’s Carrie’s gawkiness is more a product of her environment, rather than her appearance. Her home life leaves much to be desired, with a mother seeing nothing but evil in her, she’s dealing with some telekinetic powers that have been blossoming at the onset of puberty, and there’s also the mean girls at school who are making her life hell. But no matter nature vs nuture, Carrie is an abused child, who feels ugly and radiates unimportance. She also seems to be the poor kid in a rich school making her a further outcast.

At birth Carrie is nearly murdered by her mother Margaret (Julianne Moore) because of the wickedness she sees in her with the same scissors she used to cut the umbilical cord. Moore’s portrayal of Margaret may be more haunting because she’s less a overbearing religious nut like the 1976 version, and more on the brink of becoming unhinged. She’s a mentally ill single mom, working two jobs who does not love herself, and cannot possibly love her child. In a way she is very childlike herself, but as far as Carrie knows, this is all normal, all she’s ever knows.

The School’s gym teacher Miss Desjardin (Judy Greer) takes the role of the only stable adult  in Carrie’s corner. When mean girl Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) uploads an embarrassing video of Carrie reacting to her first menses while the other girls throw tampons on her, its Miss Desjardin who makes sure that the culprit is caught and punished.

Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) though also involved in the tampon toss feels remorse, and has her boyfriend, Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort), ask Carrie to the Prom to make amends. Meanwhile Carrie is going full research mode about her Telekinesis. She realizes that she may have powers after shattering some lights during the Tampon fiasco, and after she cracked the wall outside the prayer closet. And the story continues to be much of the same from there with few divergences from the Book.

Carrie goes to Prom against her mother's wishes and finds that she likes it and Tommy a lot, Chris takes out her aggression on Carrie and douses her in pigs blood, this time after humiliating her by replaying her video on screen and Carrie wrecks shop on the school killing many of her fellow students, but saving Miss Desjardin, before going after Chris and killing her too.

Chris has always been mean, but her malice is far deeper here. You want to feel sorry for the neglected spoiled girl, who is been bred to believe that being pretty and privileged with a powerful lawyer daddy makes her untouchable  but she proves that pity is wasted as her revenge psychosis ups the ante. Not only does she slaughter the pig herself, she's screams for Carrie's death. Chris is so “evil” that she’s an utter caricature, and utterly shatters the realism of the rest of the movie, which leaves the more realistic characters in an awkward position.

In this version of Carrie, everything is pushed just a little bit further, like it was trying to erase the memory of the previous version, but just not far enough to make a real impression. It takes what would have been a good starting foundation, and pulls its punches in the end when everything is coming to a rapid head that the climax is almost a let down. 

Still, there's a lot to like in this remake. The characters pain and suffering both inflicted and dealt out are more deeply explored, And when Carrie does unleash the full force of her powers there’s a sort of beauty in it. Gone is that gawky exterior, and in the elegance of a dancer, using hand gestures learned from the books she’s using to find out about her powers. And the wide overhead panning camera angles give it a kid of comic book stylization, as does Carrie's additional powers, like the high pitched noise she hears when her mother nears. Carrie rises like the phoenix, reborn in blood and fire, only to perish tragically. One of the best deviations from the source material may be the alternate ending, which was far more satisfying than the theatrical one.

Carrie is now available on DVD. 


Supernatural Recap S9E12: Sharp Teeth

In Grantsburg, Wisconsin bad things are going down, and I don’t mean an ice storm. The farmer protects his cattle from some hungry thieves, when the thief gets hit by a car.

Sam comes looking for an Icabod Crane looking guy. Ha! Love the sleepy Hollow Shoutout! Garth is the John Doe, and Dean is already there. Garth has been charged with killing a cow. When he awakens all he remembers is that he was on a hunt, and he’s feeling a little nauseous. The boys catch eachother up while Garth tosses his cookies. Sam had a little grace remnant from Gadreel, and Dean got the Mark of Cain. Garth gives the boys the slip, and there’s way too many questions.

Sam goes to see the farmer. Animals have been turning up eviscerated, their organs ripped clean out. Dean hides what he’s found on the camera. Someone doesn’t want to play together. Dean is pushing Sam away as hard as he can, but Sam is a crafty one. He ambushes Dean, and tells him that they’re hunting like it or not.

They find Garth who is acting a little nutty. Garth is shacked up with a girl, who’s a werewolf, and then drops a bomb. He’s a werewolf too. Hmm that would explain the six month leave of absence. Garth tends to Bess’s wounds, and intros the boys as the big teddy bear with the gruff exterior and the insecure big guy. The werewolves eating cattle are like the vegans of the supernatural world, eating the animal rather than the human parts they desire. And looks like our girl Bess is a born werewolf, say what! Garth tells them that he’s checked out the wolf pack and everyone is a good person. “Busting in with the jawlines and the hair is very intimidating.” Garth kills me as he describes the reason why he freaked when the boys came.

Dean goes to check out the pack/family. Momma wolf invites him in, but he’s unsure of it. She promises safety and Dean crosses the threshold. It’s all very churchy in there, not exactly all crazed wolfpack. There’s certainly no booze swilling biker bar here, full of rowdy wolves looking to fight. Maybe Garth spoke some truth about this pack. Everyone seems very nice and welcoming of Dean despite him being a hunter, but not even the thought of pie for dessert eases his discomfort at the dining table. Everyone except Dean take their steaks super ultra bloody. Dean gets some more insight into the lycanthropes practices. They all wear silver bullets to remind them that life is precious and of their fragility.

Sam talks to the local police about the werewolf family. They seem to be upstanding citizens.

But after dinner is a little tense when two of the wolves find Dean poking around the fridge. Those boys are looking for trouble, and Dean doesn’t really need an excuse. Like Garth mentioned Dean could find a fight in an empty house. Garth thinks that he’s being hard on the family, but Dean isn’t drinking the koolaid. His falling off the grid probably doesn’t help Dean’s trust issues, and when Dean has to break the news of Kevin’s passing it’s a blow to both of them.

Sam and Dean compare notes. Sam doesn’t see the issue with friendly monsters, but his opinion may change. He gets a phone call about a deer evisceration, and when the boys investigate the Sherriff wolfs out. Oh man there goes the good “vegan” wolves. The boys realize that the deer was killed after they got the call and when they get up they see the Sherriff with his gun drawn on them, but Dean is faster and throws his knife. He’s wearing the same silver bullet as the rest of the vegan Cult inscriped with Ragnorak. OMG and there’s a Thor/Loki/Odin reference too! Bestill my nerdy heart! Save Garth!

Dean and Sam go looking for Garth. Dean finds some sort of Cenobite book that is full of Lycanthrope mythology. And Sam’s search comes up nil at Garth and Bess’s home. Dean finds info about their werewolf cult bent on world domination, and Sam gets his head bashed in. Dean sneaks up on papa wolf, who smells him long before he sees him. Dean asks him about the packs plan, but he seems clueless. That’s propaganda from a long ago time. He can’t believe it when Dean tells him that the Sherriff just tried to off him. But when Dean inspects his bullet he sees that its missing the inscription.

Momma wolf has been a bad bad girl and she has both Bess and Garth tied up. She plans to hurt them all. Dean goes looking for Sam. Garth begs that Momma wolf take it easy on Bess, but she’s holding a grudge against her stepdaughter and the Hunters. Sam awakens and she does  the whole super villain speech. Her husband preached peace, but when her brother was killed she could no longer be just the preacher’s wife. Man destroys what he touches, and she plans to eradicate them. Dean is busy eradicating on his own. She has her whole plan worked out. It’s almost as if she’s taunting her husband because he was bitten not born. She prepares to slice and dice Sam, but Dean comes and kills her henchman in front of her. Dean hid his scent with one of the wolves coats. He’s full of all kinds of surprises, and he blows her away.

So since Dean saved Sam and he wasn’t all signed up to be the sacrificial lamb this time, can they just kiss and make up or bro hug already. I hate it when the boys fight. With the bad seed squashed the Vegan Wolf cult is given the a-ok. Papa wolf had no clue to his wife’s nutty streak. Garth blames himself for not seeing the bad in the pack, and for Kevin’s death. Dean takes the blame on his shoulders soley, but there’s plenty to go around. Garth asks if he can hunt again, but Dean wants Garth to grab hold of his happiness and not let it go. He gives Garth a rare hug, and it’s a sad adieu.

Dean takes Sam to his car, there’s not going to be any bro hugging here. Sam offers a postcard, but Dean needs a heart to heart. He tells him the night he left he was messed up. And Sam has nothing to offer. Dean is trying to make amends, but Sam isn’t willing to take down the wall. Dean wants to get some wins and patch things up but Sam has lost all trust in him. Being family doesn’t change anything anymore, it’s going to be a slow crawl out of the hole they’re in. But Sam climbs back into the Impala, it’s a start.


Syfy Doubles Up On Fan-Favorite Series "HAVEN" Ordering 26 New Episodes First 13 Episodes To Premiere This Fall

NEW YORK – January 28, 2014 – Syfy has greenlit 26 new episodes of its hit series Haven, which posted growth in both Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 last year. The first 13 episodes of Season 5 are set to premiere this fall with the remaining 13 episodes scheduled to air in 2015.  

Tallying its best season ever in social mentions and Twitter activity, Haven’s recently wrapped fourth season was up 11% among Adults 18-34 (314,000) and up 3% year-to-year among Adults 18-49 (926,000). Overall, Haven averaged 1.1 million Adults 25-54 and 2.3 million viewers per week and ranked second in Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 among original cable series in its Friday 10PM ET/PT time slot. (All data Live +7).

Series stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour will reprise their roles of Audrey Parker, Nathan Wournos and Duke Crocker, respectively. Production on 26 all-new episodes is set to begin on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia this spring.

Haven, based on the novella, The Colorado Kid, from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets – which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past.

From leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne), Haven is co-commissioned by Shaw Media in Canada and globally via Universal Networks International (UNI).

The creative team behind Haven includes executive producers John Morayniss (Klondike, Rogue) from eOne Television and David MacLeod (Legends of the Fall, The Ray Bradbury Theater) of Big Motion Pictures, who are joined by Lloyd Segan, Shawn Piller, Scott Shepherd (Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, Greek) of Piller/Segan/Shepherd and Matt McGuinness (Journeyman, Franklin and Bash) and Gabrielle Stanton (The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy). The series was developed by Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn (Stephen King’s The Dead Zone).

Haven is produced by Entertainment One and Big Motion Pictures in association with Piller/Segan/Shepherd and airs on Syfy in the US, Showcase in Canada and internationally on UNI’s multiple Syfy channels. Entertainment One controls the worldwide distribution rights to the one-hour series.

About Entertainment One

The company’s comprehensive network extends around the globe including Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Benelux, France, Germany, Scandinavia, South Africa and South Korea. Through established Entertainment and Distribution divisions, the company provides extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production, family programming and merchandising and licensing. Its current rights library is exploited across all media formats and includes more than 35,000 film and television titles, 2,800 hours of television programming and 45,000 music tracks.  http://www.entertainmentonegroup.com/

About Universal Networks International

Universal Networks International, the international channels division of NBCUniversal, is one of the world’s premier entertainment portfolios, delivering quality content and compelling brands to over 176 territories across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The brands in the portfolio include Universal Channel, Syfy, 13th Street, Studio Universal, E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network, DIVA Universal, Telemundo and Golf Channel. These unique brands deliver a full range of entertainment experiences to local audiences across the globe. 

Universal Networks International also operates Movies 24. Further, NBCUniversal News Group, one of the most influential and respected portfolios of on-air and digital news properties in the world, operate CNBC and NBC News internationally.

About Shaw Communications Inc.

Shaw is a diversified communications and media company, providing consumers with broadband cable television, High-Speed Internet, Home Phone, telecommunications services (through Shaw Business), satellite direct-to-home services (through Shaw Direct) and engaging programming content (through Shaw Media). Shaw serves 3.3 million customers, through a reliable and extensive fibre network. Shaw Media operates one of the largest conventional television networks in Canada, Global Television, and 19 specialty networks including HGTV Canada, Food Network Canada, HISTORY® and Showcase. Shaw is traded on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges and is included in the S&P/TSX 60 Index (Symbol: TSX – SJR.B, NYSE – SJR). For more information about Shaw, please visit www.shaw.ca.

About Syfy

Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com (http://www.Syfy.com)), and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. NBCUniversal is owned by Comcast Corporation. (Syfy. Imagine greater.)


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