American Horror Story: Protect The Coven

Past, Lalaurie arrives in New Orleans. As normal, she talks down to her slaves, and feels displeasure by everyone around her. Bouquita isn’t use to killing her meals, and in their finery Lalaurie separates the chicken from its head. As the blood spills over her hands, she relishes in its feel. She finds one of her slaves injured, and is fascinated by his blood. Her daughter asks if she should find the doctor, but Lalaurie has other plans. She gives him a rag to stop the bleeding as a distraction as she knocks him out. After torturing him, and spilling all sorts of blood, she finally sees the potential New Orleans has to offer.

The witches gather for Nan’s funeral. Myrtle wishes that Misty was there to bring Nan back. Queenie is back, and she’s not happy. She comes with Lalaurie in tow. Cordelia is just glad that Queenie is safe, but Fiona knows that they’re not safe at all, and leads everyone back hpme.

The Delphi Trust cover Hanks ties with them. Harrison Reynard isn’t happy that his son will not be remembered, but for now he knows that he needs the witches to set their company right, and then they’ll make them pay.

Fiona and Laveau plot against the Delphi Trust. Madison is her usual charming self non flushing of commodes, and Myrtle loses her shit over some soup. Lalaurie muses how she has fallen far in life as she tends to the witches. Fiona is getting weaker. Cordelia tries to regain her powers. And Lalaurie realizes what’s missing in her life, blood. The gardner comes with a cut hand, and Lalaurie  tends to him, tying him up, and clipping off his toes. She is really one twisted lady.

Zoe casts a spell where Nan died to see who killed her, while Kyle watches and she sees everything. Madison walks in on them, but she doesn’t care about Nan. She’s unhappy that Zoe has fallen in love with Kyle, and when he spurns her affections she throws a fit, letting her powers flare. Kyle has fallen in love with Zoe too. Myrtle comes to see what all the fuss is about, and Madison tells her she plans to bring the witches out of the shadows. Crotchless panties for everyone! And she leaves Kyle with a threat, she’s gonna pull him apart when she’s Supreme.

Fiona enjoys another dresses after another romp with the Axeman, while he plays for her. He makes summer plans, plans for their future. She can’t imagine herself on a farm though. But he wants to make her happy, and knows they need to kill the rising Supreme first and foremost. Fiona agrees to his deal.

Lalaurie bloodies up the gardner real good, when Spaulding appears to her. He appreciates her artistry. He wants to see her life with purpose again, and she sees the mess she’s made. He offers her release. Laveau is close at hand, and if she were to die she would be free. She asks why he cares, and he tells her that his loyalties lie to the coven, and even though Fiona may be under her spell, he knows she is poison. He tells her he can provide Lalaurie with the means to kill Laveau, but she has to retrieve something for him first.

Cordelia finds Queenie clearing out her closet. Although Cordelia is happy to see her back, Queenie doesn’t return the sentiment. She’s upset over every precievable wrong against her. Queenie too has picked up some new powers she tells Cordelia as she reveals how she killed Hank. She throws Cordelia out of her room, telling her maybe its time to let someone else lead the coven.

Cordelia goes back to her plants, trying to regain her second sight. She rubs the juice of the plants around her eyes, and then stabs out her own eyes. Oh my gosh, I really hope that helps her to regain her gifts otherwise that was such a waste!

Fiona heads to her daughter’s side but finds Myrtle in her path. She tells her that she took her eyes to protect the coven. Fiona claims that the only threat is from the outside and that she will handle them, but Myrtle knows different, she sees through the lies and is disappointed that she’s not crafting better ones. Fiona decides not to see her daughter afterall.

Lalaurie gets Spaulding the item he asked for a vintage doll. She finds his appetites for dolls unsavory and I have to agree with her. His rooms creeps me the hell out. Spaulding gives LaLaurie what she needs to disable Laveau, Benedryl. Oooh, someone has been played.

Myrtle gives Zoe a very special, very expensive necklace. She tells her to hock it in case of emergency. She tells her to take Kyle and leave the coven, but Zoe has no such plans. Myrtle had a love like hers before, but she lost hers. She tells Zoe that if she stays she will die. But Zoe is committed to the coven, even after Myrtle reminds her that she burned for her commitment, and that if she is the next Supreme its all the more reason to leave. She slaps some sense into the girl.

Fiona and Laveau arrive to meet with the Delphi Trust. The men ask if the ladies would like to search them, but neither show the least bit of fear. They have the upper hand and they know it. The Delphi Trust offer a hundred year peace treaty with the witches, but Fiona is playing hard ball asking for luxuries as  they’re locked in. Fiona turns down the offer, and the Axeman kills all of the members except Harrison. He applauds her coup. He tells her that killing them won’t put an end to the war, and she puts an end to Harrison herself. Back home, Fiona and Laveau celebrate, but Fiona leaves to celebrate with her man. Laveau has had a little too much to drink, and Lalaurie drives a knife through her. With Spaulding’s drugs in her system, she gives chase before passing out. Spaulding tells her that Laveau isn’t dead, she can’t die, but that she should bury her where she can’t dig her way out. With Laveau gone, he takes her pilfered baby as his new baby doll.

Zoe tries to pack up Kyle, but he’s stalling. He’s afraid that he’ll hurt Zoe or someone else. Zoe tells him that she’s not scared of him, and urges him to get ready to leave. The two of them make a break for it, and make their bus. That bus is so getting flipped when Madison realizes they’re getting away.


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