American Horror Story Recap: Go To Hell

Some Creepy old Salem video on the successful passing of the seven wonders. The girl flies through all the acts, demonstrating her competence until the final one that kills her. I can’t wait to see our favorite witches perform the acts. Fiona talks to Queenie about it. Queenie thinks its all a scheme to expose the next supreme so she can kill her. She asks Fiona where Laveau is, but she doesn’t know exactly, assuming she’s off with Papa Legba. Fiona tells her that she will perform the seven wonders or die trying.

Cordelia, blind again, goes to speak to Madison about Misty. Cordelia worries that her second sight has not returned. Madison continues to manifest powers, but Cordelia warns her that witches powers tend to spike in times of need. Worried that Cordelia will see the truth, she avoids her touch, but when Cordelia questions her guilt, Madison allows her to touch her. Cordelia sees nothing.

Queenie continues to look for Laveau, but she finds nothing. She casts a spell to help her, and she finds herself the worst time of her life, but Papa Legba is there. She asks about Marie Laveau. He tells her her time is limited, she has to make it back, and she does. She wants answers after she’s shown her worth. Delphine continues to torture her. Queenie wants Laveau taken out of the equation, and proves she’s a crafty witch. Delphine takes on the role of tour guide, trying to change the opinion of her good name. Queenie pays Delphine a visit. Delphine actually believes that she’s a good person, and unworthy of the murderous title. She corrects the tour guide’s inaccuracies before wacking her over the head. Queenie offers her a second chance, to help the people she brutalized, but Delphine laughs. She refuses to be publically humiliated to right her wrongs, because its shallow and beneath her. She’s not sorry for what she’s done. Queenie was her weakness, but the world is harsh, and she will not be soft. Queenie goes with plan two, and stabs Delphine, to send her straight to hell.

Fiona sits for her Supreme portrait when she gets a sudden nose bled. Her cancer is getting worse, and when she sees her face in a reflection she wonders what she is doing here. Cordelia finds Fiona in her room, and she’s not pleased to hear that Queenie plans to do the seven wonders. Fiona cannot believe what Cordelia has done to herself, and tells her that the power is inside of her still. No one could take it away from her. She bestows something more on Cordelia, her mother’s necklace. She prepares to say goodbye, and when she places the necklace on her, Cordelia sees the future, where all of the girls are dead in one manner or another, even herself and Fiona is the only one left. Cordelia doesn’t give a clue as to what she saw.

Cordelia goes to see the Axeman. She warns him off on loving Fiona. Fiona only loves herself. She does confess to him that Fiona is going to kill all of the witches in the house. She also tells him that Fiona isn’t going to run away with him, that she plans to leave without him. Fiona hopes to regain her powers and then leave them all behind. The Axeman is brokenhearted by the news, and Cordelia tells him that’s what it feels like to get close to Fiona.

Cordelia tries to tap in further into her powers. She uses Misty’s belongings to locate her. She has Queenie help her to free Misty from the concrete tomb. Misty isn’t breathing, but Queenie breathes life into her. Oooh Madison is gonna be in trouble. Madison is at home, Myrtle tells Madison what Cordelia is up to. Zoe returns home with Kyle in tow, much to Myrtle’s dismay. They made it to Florida, enjoying their time in the sun, until a homeless man makes Kyle lose it and murder him. Zoe came back, bit because of Kyle, but because there’s no escaping what she is. Zoe revived the homeless man before leaving, and just tossed herself into the Supreme race. Misty returns home, and gives Madison quite the beatdown. Neither uses magic against eachother, but Kyle stops them from fighting when the Axeman returns to kill them all. He messed with the wrong witches. They take him down quickly before realizing that he’s covered in blood, Fiona’s blood.

Fiona went to visit the Axeman. He tells her that Cordelia paid him a visit. And he struggles with the level of betrayal she’s served him. She tries to play that Cordelia was lying, until she sees her flight printout in his hand. She confesses everything to him, he was nothing more than a distraction for her. If she kills the rising supreme, she’ll have 30 more years before the next one. He tries to prove to her that she loved him, but she proves that she felt anything but love for him, he was nothing more than a means to an ends. He hacked her up and fed her to the gators. Queenie wants to kill him, but Myrtle says that he did the coven a favor. Kyle steps in to kill him, but the girls all want their turn making him a pin cushion.

Delphine is locked in her own personal hell in her attic, which turns out to be her family hell. Her daughters are there too, and Laveau too. When she asks that one of her thirsty daughters gets a drink, Laveau slits her throat and feeds her the blood. This torture is too much for Delphine, as she has to watch her daughter’s tortured. Laveau awakens in midtorture. She refuses to hurt the girl, as she’s an innocent. Papa Legba sentences her to spend all eterenity in his hell. Laveau tells him that she cannot die, that they have a contract, but he tells her she can no longer perform her duties, and now its time to pay up. He reheats the brand, and sends her back to work. The girls hang the painting of Fiona, and they all speak shallow words of Fiona’s greatness. Cordelia cuts the crap, Fiona was a horrible supreme. She deems that since they must crown a new supreme, they will all be tested. 


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