American Horror Story Recap: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

Marie Laveau gets comfort from Fiona. Her kindness has finally touched her soul, which after 300 years surprises her. The women have a lot to talk about, but not tonight. Fiona leaves her. In the dark a man appears, her master, Papa Legba, calls. Its time to pay the piper, he wants his payment, no matter how hard her day has been. He asks why she’s come to the white witches home, and she tells him that she’s looking for a lasting truce. He still doesn’t let her off the hook for what’s owed to him. Laveau heads to a nursery and steals a baby. Some police try to stop her, but she warns them not to mess with her, they don’t heed her warnings and she uses some crazy power against them, forcing them to turn their guns on each other.

Hank hits the news. Cordelia blames herself for Hank’s actions. Laveau tells her that this isn’t over, that Hank was a witch hunter. She paints an unflattering picture of him. She tells them that she hired him, but he did try to protect them from her. Fiona slaps her for her stupidity, and explains to both of them that witch hunters don’t work alone, they come from a long lineage that hunts both black and white witches.

Misty spins around, dancing in the mirror. She doesn’t trust Fiona one bit, and she shouldn’t. She tells Fiona that she has a plan to bring herself back if she tries to kill her. Fiona tells her that she’s the only one worth her magic, that one day she will rule the world. Misty is taken in by her words, and Fiona introduces Misty to her friend, who just happens to be Misty’s hero Stevie Nicks. Misty faints upon meeting her, which is just what Fiona expected.

Madison, Nan and Zoe are looking for Queenie. Nan and Zoe think she’s dead, Madison thinks shes stuffing herself somewhere.

Stevie sings an offkey version of one of her songs. The girls listen, and Fiona tells Madison that she isn’t the next supreme, but Madison isn’t giving up. Madison asks about the seven wonders, but Fiona is sure she will pass. Misty delights over Stevie, worried about her shawl spinning. Stevie gives Misty her own shawl, and wishes her good luck in her tests.

Madison isn’t happy about the lack of attention on her. Nan tells the girls that she could be the next supreme that her powers are growing, and uses a delightful little display on Madison to prove it. Zoe points out that Madison’s heart murmur knocks her out of the running for supreme, but the little trip to the afterlife fixed that problem.

Cordelia discovers her father in law, head of the Delphi Trust. Hank had no real customers, just a closet of lies. His name really was Henry Reynard, and their corporate headquarters are just a hop skip and jump away. Fiona plans a strategy to cut them off of their resources, but she refuses to let Cordelia help her with the magic. Laveau helps with her rat maze spell, and the Delphi trus finds themselves in trouble with the law. Fiona asks for strength, but finds hers gone.

Zoe fears Madison’s reign as supreme, Nan says she would use her powers for good. They go to visit Luke, but the nurse tells them that he died, and his body has already been taken.

Laveau cleanses Fiona’s room of evil spirits, but Fiona tells her that it isn’t spirits that is causing her illness, but the rising supreme. Fiona asks for the key to immortality, but Laveau tells her that she cannot give it to her. She sold her soul to Papa Legba for eternal life, and she made a deal she was not expecting. The price was high, and unexpected. She begged him to take the spell back, but he took her baby’s soul instead. He comes once a year still. She tells her that if she wants him bad enough he will come to her, but that she should forget him, not something she’s likely to do any time soon.

There’s a funeral parade and Madison and Misty take up the rear. Madison dishes out some hard facts, cynical as always, but Misty isn’t buying it exactly. Madison asks her to let her change her opinion. Madison goes to a grave to show Misty she’s just as powerful. First she puts two grave diggers in a trance, then she resurrects a body from the grave, proving that they’re bother powerful, and that Madison doesn’t want anything from her but friendship. Madison tells her to lose the shawl, to drop it into the casket, and let go of the illusion, be a butterfly. Misty is a dumb bumpkin. She prepares to drop the shawl, before she can change her mind and realize what Madison is really up to Madison bashes her over the head with a brick and tosses her in the grave. She releases the gravediggers to get back to work and dances off with Stevie’s shawl.

Nan and Zoe head over to Luke’s house to pay their respects and to get information on where his body is. Luke’s mother had him cremated, and Nan sees what she’s done. Nan loses her shit, and cleanses her.

Myrtle’s playing breaks Cordelia’s concentration. Her eerie playing soothes her soul. Cordelia breaks down, believing Fiona’s words that she has nothing to offer the coven. Myrtle tells her to buck up, but the more she talks the worst Cordelia feels. She makes a mess of her lab, and Myrtle goes back to playing.

The Delphi Trust lost their asses in a matter of minutes, but no one is willing to bail them out. They know there’s nothing natural about what’s happened, and focus their attention to dealing with the witches.

Fiona cuts up some coke, uses it as an offering in her cast. That crazy with is summoning Papa Legba, and he can’t resist her blow. She tells him that she doesn’t want to die, and he tells her he doesn’t care about her title, only her soul. He’s willing to negotiate with her, and she defines her terms. He has terms of his own, and she agrees to them all. He goes to seal the deal with a kiss, but calls it off when he sees she has no soul. The Axeman comes to her, ready to take down the rising supreme. But little miss soulless wants to take down all of them.

Zoe tries to cheer Nan but praising her power. Nan hears something, and finds the baby Laveau stole. Laveau isn’t happy to see the baby in Nan’s arms, and when she tries to take the baby Nan threatens to kill her like she did the neighbor. Fiona forces Nan to give the baby back, and tells her to leave. Laveau tells her that Nan is dangerous, and Fiona agrees. Laveau also warns her that her deal with Papa Legba will only get harder, and suggests that they kill two birds with one stone. They drown Nan to pay Papa Legba, although its not what he asked for, he accepts their offering. Nan isn’t upset over her death, just her wardrobe for the every after, but she happily goes with him. So I guess Nan won’t be the supreme.

Fiona pours herself and Stevie a nightcap as Stevie plays the piano, and there’s more singing. Is no one worried about Misty? Has no one realized that she’s gone?


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