Archer Season 4 DVD Review

With Archer, the hilarious hijinks continue with season four that just came out on dvd. This season is a little less Archer-centric, but that allows the supporting characters a little more time in the spotlight, and they prove they're just as funny. The one-liners push the humor to the brink again with their shock and awe tactics.Though Archer gets less screen time, his impact is far greater.

The season opens with Archer suffering from amnesia after witnessing the horrors of his mother 's wedding and believes he's a fry cook at Bob's Burgers, which is a wink at H. Jon Benjamin's other job. He provides the voice of both Sterling Archer and Bob. From there the season continues its weirdness and hijinks continue with Archer's fear of robots, Woodhouse eating spiderwebs, a trip to the Bermuda Triangle, and a Pope assassination attempt.

If you thought Archer couldn't shock you any further, you're utterly wrong. Archer and company continue to be the crude group willing to make mean spirited  jokes at eachother's expense that we all know and love, but the caliber of writing has been kicked up a notch since the show started. There's still plenty of laughs, but the humor has been scaled back a bit so that the story is allowed a little more room for momentum.

Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Adam Reed, and Amber Nash as well as H. Jon Benjamin reprise their roles, and they're joined this year by some really great guest stars including: Timothy Olyphant, Anthony Bourdain, Nick Searcy, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Jon Hamm. Additionally, Ron Liebman has joined the cast in a more prominent role, one that leaves Sterling exasperated with his mother and a bit out-of-sorts.

If you've never given this series a shot you're missing out. Archer has more quality than much of the animated fodder out there, and the laughs as well as crass shocks are abundant. With Season 5 just premiering now is as good time as any to grab these dvds. Archer is a fast paced joy ride from beginning to end.

The new season of Archer can be found on FX, and Archer Season 4 is now available in stores.


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