"Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor" S5E2 Recap

Archer is furious over the government seizing his penthouse and Mallory reminds him that it was ISIS property. She devises a plan to begin selling the cocaine and sends Archer and Lana off to do the deal. Pam is also brought in a body cast (filled with cocaine) and Pam become addicted after absorbing a massive quantity of it into her skin. She even attacks Archer and tries to eat the plaster cast. The buyer turns out to be Ramon, who is acting on behalf of Rudy and Charles (from Season 1's "Honeypot"). The deal goes wrong and Rudy and Charles make off with the money and the cocaine. Ramon helps the team go after them and Rudy, Charles, and Ramon all end up dead. When Lana busts in, she finds Archer kissing a dying and eventually dead Ramon. In the end, the team learns that the whole thing was a ruse in order to steal the cocaine, pay ISIS in counterfeit bills, and make the team think that the trio of buyers was dead when it actuality, they are alive and well and in possession of the 20 kilos of cocaine. Throughout the episode, we also see Cheryl begin training to fulfil her dream of becoming a country singer. The original song "40 Miles of Mountain Road" is played in the background of the episode.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10/9c.


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