"Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor" - S5E3 Recap

The gang is regrouping on how to proceed following the loss of the 20 kilos in exchange for the counterfeit million. They still have 2,000 pounds of cocaine minus a few because of Pam, who is still ferociously addicted to cocaine, devouring mass quantities of it as much as she can. Cyril points out that the counterfeit bills aren't good enough to put into a bank, but good enough to use on the streets. Mallory states that they need a big-ticket item and Archer proposes Cadillacs - he wants to open a dealership but this foolish idea is shot down by the group. Cyril proposes they buy guns since  the government seized the ISIS weapons and all they have is one of Sterling's guns, and Lana's ammo-less supply.

The group realises none of them locked up the money and find that Pam has used all the money to buy amphetamines from some Yakuza members she used to drift-race with. The Yakuza come to hunt her down and retrieve the pills upon realising the bills are counterfeit. The group is prepared to return the pills but also learn that they also want to cut Pam's head off. They can't call the police because of all the cocaine on the premises. Carol is furious about the commotion when she is trying to compose a smash country hit and attempts to buy them off. However, they won't accept a bribe because it is a "debt of honour." Luckily, Carol has a massive stock of old, loaded rifles and the group makes plans to defend themselves, till Ron is shot. Carol reveals that the house has loads of secret tunnels due to her ancestor wanting to recapture runaway slaves from the "underground railroad" and return them to their owners. Archer makes it out, holds the head of the Yakuza captive and enjoys the booze supply in his limo. He is warned that the Yakuza will never forget the debt of honour even if he kills this leader. Archer argues that since his step-father is shot, the "blood" has been paid. The Yakuza insists on sweetening the deal so they are given 5 million dollars worth of cocaine.

Also, throughout the episode, we see that Woodhouse is trapped beneath a medicine ball in the mansion gym and Ray is drunk/eventually passed out in his wheelchair wearing nothing but briefs. At the end of the episode, Archer laughs heartily when Woodhouse's mobile phone ends up destroyed.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10/9c.


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